OMINOUS! Khamenei gives IRCG thus control over judiciary, sentences

by FG

Since June 12th, the open move toward totalitarianism has accelerated for all to see.  By no coincidence, the regime's unpopularity grows in direct proportion.   

Now the Supreme Billionaire has conclued the justice system isn't unjustice enough.  Apparently he doesn't want to take any chances that someone might not get jailed or executed on his command.  So let's make it a sure thing.

Who ever heard of a nation in which the military--in this case a "private" military, is given control over the judicial system.  It's unprecedented.  The Revolutionary Guard is already approaching full control overthe economy, parliament, the jails, the media.  Why not the courts too?  

The Revolutionary Guard is a control device much like the Nazi SS and the Soviet KGB in its limited loyalties.  Yet neither of the latter ever acquired so mjuch power over so many areas of life. 



The appointment of a top IRGC commander with a security background to the position of Adviser to the Judiciary has created concern among human rights activists who believe such action would lead to radicalization of the Judiciary and distortion of its independence.


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No doubt

by Cost-of-Progress on

These anti Iranians are getting more violent. Unfortunately, one could not expect this bunch to just leave town at high noon, so they will soon be executing innocents in the street to scare people and  get them to back off.  

On top of that, the West has little incentive to want Iran  (or any country with large oil reserves) to be free and democratic.  The road is rough and dangerous for Iranians if they insist on freedom and justice.