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NEWS REPORT ON A WELL-PROTECTED THUG: Saeed Mortazawi, known to have played a major role at Kharizak, not only continues to walk free, but has just been appointed head of the Social Security Fund.

Mortazawi may be an Ahmadinejad aide but "The Tool" was actively carrying out similar assignments long before most Iranians ever heard of "Useful Mahmoud," another Khamenei-designed implement (even it it has malfunctioned lately).  

Two other Big Kharizak Players ("Useful Hossein Taeb" and "Useful Son Mojtaba") also remain free while victims rot in their graves and mourners are driven off with clubs.  Both tools have become billionaires in a Land of Opportunity for Scumbags.  Both tools are skintight close to the Supreme Leader.  Meanwhile the people barely scrape along while everything falls apart.

Contrary to popular opinion, eyewitnesses often make very poor evidence, being 40 percent unreliable.   The old adage, "You can't convict someone on circumstantial evidence," is dead wrong.  Otherwise, who could be convicted of homicide where only the perp and victim were present?  In fact, circumstantial evidence--especially when it comes from multiple directions--can be the strongest of all. When you ask, "Who was the driving force behind the crimes at Kharizak?" circumstantial evidence points overwhelmingly to one person. Of couse, one must ask four other questions to arrive at that conclusion.  

1. Who above all had motive, means and unhindered opportunity?

The Supreme Dictator

2. How plausible is that the Prime Suspect had no idea what was going on? 

Having approved a crackdown on demonstrators and implementation of a police state, is it plausible that Khamenei would be uninterested in a Big Move like this?  It would be totally uncharacteristic.  Secondly, note Khamenei's household closeness to parties involved in supervising events at Kharzak.

3. Does the Prime Suspect have a known history of unscupulous behavior? 

Make a list.

4. Does his subsequent behavior point to a coverup?   

Almost three years after Kharazak known perps remain free while their victims rot in the their graves and mourners are beaten when they show up.  If Khanmenei wanted the perps dead, they'd BE dead.  Like Hitler, Stalin and Milosevic, Iran's tyrant finds "tools" to enforce his personal will.  When quasi-legal instruments (the president, police, rigged elections and kangaroo courts) cannot suffice for political reasons, Khamenei always turns to covert means.   Afterwards, he must protect his chosen tools or it would be hard to find willing volunteers in the future.

When news of Kharzak first broke, Khamenei did his usual two-step, shouting, "lies!" and blaming foreigners for everything. When even his supporters started to complain, Khamenei shifted position 180 degrees.  God's alleged "representative" on Earth expressed outrage over "unislamic crimes," promising to investigate and punish.   The act was pure bullshit.  What happened to his "investigation?" In a regime famed for hair trigger executions of dissidents, why are those responsiblefor Kharizak still alive and prospering unless Khamenei wills it?  Who killed the Parliamentary investigation if not the only man with the power to do so?   

The only one to be "executed" for Kharziak was a Good Guy--the youthful prison doctor with scruples whose crime was to speak up on what he saw. He had no past history of problems but Doc suffered a convenient "heart attack" similar to recent ones suffered suffered by certain fiftyish IRCG generals known for similar qualms.  The most famous victim of these untimely  "heart attacks" was Khoumeini's youngish son, a very inconvenient critiic of growing authoritarian tendencies who could not be shut up easily by the usual means.

Khamenei counts on two things for his cover up
: control of the media (journalists know what happened to comrades who exposed Khamenei's previous death squads) and a "stall until they forget" strategy.  How many Iranians bring up Kharizak these days?  How many even know of pre-Khamenei Era crimes carried out by the same hard line clerics (the Abadan fire and the "acid in the face" campagn against women)?   Reminders like this are important, lest Iranians someday institute a "Thanksgiving Day' to honor the nothing they've gotten from Holy Scoundrels.  More likely I suspect people will squat over Khamenei's grave to take a dump.

Kharazak was the second of three instances in which Taeb seems to have assisted Khamenei in eliminating critics.  The first known case was the Khatami Era death squads who targeted journalists, scholars, intellectuals, reformists etc.   The most recent instance seems to involve a murderous purge of IRCG generals.  All hail the wondeful Islamic Republic of Iran!  All hail its esteemed Great Leader! 




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