MR. X: Is the same man leading Khamenei's new death squad?


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Who is Mr. X? The regime has many willing hard asses but most don't fit. Only one man fits like a glove for the role of liason between Khamenei and the death squads. Existing evidence would make him more than Prime Suspect. It would suffice to justify arrest and warrant a trial. In post IRI Iran it would probably suffice to convict. A bit more should be available when the regime goes kaput.

Meanwhile, the Iranian public and worried IRCG generals are not hampered by trial restrictions, such as access to the defendant's past record, in reaching conclusions. Aside from any death squad connection, Mr. X is well know for his role in post election brutality. If I were the generals, I'd consider getting Mr. X before Mr. X gets them.


Choosing victims in the Khatemi Era: When reformers with scruples controlled the Majlis and the presidency, the only "safe" way to dispose of major critics was to kill them and hope no one noticed. Ironically most victims--excluding Khoumeini's son--would be much more safe in today's wide-open police state. Instead of being in the grave, the journalists and human rights spokesmen would be in Evin Prison.

Today's New Targets: Watching Syria, Khamenei knows he can't afford suspect generals. Nor can he risk an open purge. Once again the best choice is covert murder. Shooting won't do this time. The deaths must be disguised as heart attacks or accidents. A recent pattern features way to many coincidences to be natural. especially given the all-too-convenient timing. In just four days, four generals--all in their fifties--suffered "surprise" deaths against astronomical odds. A fifth, aged 51, died less than three weeks later. All had been in perfect health, just like Khomenei's son and just like a young prison doctor who spoke up. Would a regime that engages in the preventive arrests of journalists or the preventive shutdown of the internet, omit the preventive elimination of generals as a crisis looms?

Khamenei Is Clearly Involved: His tentacles have always been everywhere so how could he not know? The clincher is his reaction when , even in journalists exposed the first death squads and named names. Instead of saying "thanks" Khamenei arrested the journalists, closed down their newspapers, beat up students who protested, and protected identified death squaders with one notable exception--the one suspected in the death of Khomenei's son.

Every Hitler Needs His Himmler: Enter Mr. X. Rare is the dicator who orders massive crimes on paper or discusses them with more than one or two insiders on a "need to know" basis. Needing to keep his distance for purposes of deniability, a leader relies on one person close to him as liason and Supervisor of Essential Crimes--someone who has proven himself previously by carrying out the sort of crimes that must be concealed from the public. Ideally the man would have frequent contact with plainclothes types (Gestapo, Interior Ministry or Basilj). If he resides in Khamenei's household, all the better. For the new death squads, the same man would the best choice, especially if he had been cleverly shifted in advance to an IRCG intelligence post, the best place from which to spend a few years accumulate information on the reliability of generals, just in case preventive action becomes essential, as in the present crisis.


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Among things that stand out

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RE: Taeb was granted powers of interrogation during the Khatami Administration, and he led a purge of numerous officials considered as not loyal enough.

Yep.  A purge specialist at the time of "Death Squad #1" time.   If once, why not twice?   Especially if you've been conveniently shifted to the place where it seems to be occurring.  

RE: The development of the IRGC Intelligence Office, over which the government has no control, was accompanied by a secret purge in the Intelligence Ministry, with hundreds of intelligence agents and directors losing their jobs.

Yep, another purge with the Prime Suspect and Khamenei benefitting above all. I repeat: This guy is a specialist. 

RE: Taeb was a student of Khamenei in the early days of the 1979 revolution. 

Recall the Abadan Fire in which 400 people burned to death for watching foreign films.   Who did the mullahs blame?    Recall the "acid in the face" campaign to force women into hajib?   I'll bet Taeb was involved in the second at least.   Whether he was around for the Abandan Fire is unclear.

Given his age at the time, either would make for valuable training in whipping people into line. 






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So who has the requisite assets for the job?  As you read this bio, notice how this guy fits in every way:


Everyone keeps saying the main reason for the recent preventive arrests of so many journalists is simply to thwart coverage of upcoming demonstrations. If a secret purge of the IRCG is underway, that's a far better reason when you consider what might happen if the news got out.  This regime remembers the problems caused to its first death squad by troublesome journalists.  It also is well aware of military defections in Syria and wants to get its ducks in a row.   


He joined the IRC in 1982 and was "for some time the...coordinator with th Leader." (Wikipedia) 

The previous biography showed Taeb's close relationship with Murderous Mojtaba (AKA Little Caligula), Khameenei's son.   As most readers here surely know, both played a major role in the brutal 2009 crackdown.   I suspect the only other person close to Khamenei who knew of the death squads was Mojtaba.

During the crackdown and alleged investigation into abuses at a certain prison, some members of the Majlis apparently received a report on that investigation.  According to the report, Taeb was personally involved in the torture and even raped and murdered one female victim whose burned body was later found on a roadside. Unlike most of the ruling mullahs, Taeb is relatively young (born in 1342 (1963/4) so he is certainly was capable of such a crime.   If the otherwise unconfirmed report is true, I'm reminded of Laurentia Beria's nasty little hobbies.  Look Beria up to see what I mean.  


If I were an IRCG whose loyalty might be suspect, I could not afford not to believe in the existence of a new death squad.   That makes Taeb a personal threat.   Otherwise, Taeb--who isn't yet 50 years old--is likely to outlive the regime.  What can he expect afterwards, given all his crimes?

Speaking of bad guys getting away with crimes for now, here's another: Iran Prosecutor General Gholam Hossein Mohseni Ejei said on Monday that the prosecution of Mortazavi has been dropped.

Mortazavi was officially suspended last year from his duties for his possible role in the Kahrizak case, in which three detainees died and many others suffered abuse, but he has continued to work in the President's office.