With Mousavi dead, who will well-protected death squads target next?


by FG

RAISE YOUR HAND if you believe that an SUV loaded with six Khamenei thugs rode over Mousavi's nephew and no one else at random, given the large number of other anonymous types in a huge crowd? 

If Mousavi's death were "accidental, EXPLAIN why one the SUV's occupants stepped out of the car, stood over Mousavi's body and carefully shot him at point blank range?   In a police state out in full force and  heavy traffic everywhere how did the SUV enjoy such easy access and exit?

Why were Khamenei's Basilj thugs ALLOWED to carry off Mousavi's body if not to conceal evidence?  Why would his Basilj WARN the Mousavi family against mourning their victim?  The latter two tactics have become standard for the regime.  Where does Khamenei get off? Who gave him the right?  Is this really "islamic" behavior or just Supreme Thuggery? 

Mousavis killing was a personal warning to regime critics or anyone who fails to conform.  In a dictatorial police state no one enjoys a free hand to commit such crimes.  They never occur without pre-discussion and approval at the highest levels.  [I]The regiime has instituted a new stage.[/I] 

Is it possible that the police, who were omnipresent, could not find or stop the SUV and its occupants?  Someone gave police orders to "stand aside and twiddle your thumbs."  It always happens at key moments such as when Khamenei's thugs raided mourning ceremonies in mosques or when they smashed up homes of high Ayatollahs and hung up posters of The Master.  

Who organized the regime's "flying squad" of thugs? Who commands it since he is a party to Mousavi's murder?  Where to they plan such attacks? Who designates a specific target?  Do they laugh and joke about it afterwards? 

If Khamenei wanted these guys caught THEY'D BE IN EVIN PRISON RIGHT NOW.  Nor would we have witnessed so many awful crimes starting with the stolen election on June 12th.   

Prediction: When this regime falls, as it will, a free media and government investigators will have no trouble finding what the present regime

Several of Mousavi's killers were the group on Basilj motorcycles who attacked his uncle's car just one day earlier.  Notice how the regime "flying squad" reappears like clockwork to harass and assault top opposition leaders everytime there is a demonstration.

Assuming there are any photos of the six murderers (the regime's photographers are everywhere) you might compare them to photos of the 50 thugs who attacked Khoumenei's mosque and beat former President Khatami and unarmed mourners there.  You might compare the murderers to photos of regime thugs who knocked off Karroubi's turban on two different occasions.  You might study photos of the regime's intimidation squads who pre-filled mosques to prevent mourning and who shocked the pious by trashing the homes of top Ayatollahs guilty of too critical of Khamenei's unislamic behavior (motive, motive, motive!)

Who gains from all this if not Iran's Supreme Moral Exemplar?  Whenever Khamenei finds himself under heavy criticism, why do certain patterns re-emerge such as death death squads (1988-1998) and "witness elimination."  The latter can include useful tools who know too much and have become dangerously overexposed.  This is why Khamenei cannot allow a free press.


Under reform President Khatami journalists enjoyed far more freedom and used it to expose earlier death squads.

If the Supreme Leader were an innocent man, he'd have praised the journalists and houded the death squad membes.   Read up on what he did instead for yourself and you must conclude that strong circumstantial evidence points the finger at We All Know Who.  You can't blame Ahmadinejad because he was a nobody back then.


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