The Media Fair assault makes Iran's Supreme Leader look like....WHAT?


by FG

In case anyone missed what happened at Iran's Media Fair, regime thugs once again showed the people who precisely are the Good Guys and the Really Bad Guys these days.  What can you expect if you beat up a recognized saint and hero?

No matter how desperately Khamenei's regime scrambles to plug holes, word of its latest outrage--like so many others--continues to spread.  As it does, the impact on public opinion multiplies.

If Karoubbi's reputation for bravery, honor and probity has become unassailable, Khamenei reputation has  solidified as well--in his case beyond redemption.  These days he enjoys as much prestige among Iranians as a child molestor thrown among convicts.

Enduring America's Scott Lucas points out the consequences of two physical attacks on Karoubbi by Khamenei's thugs.  The first time they knocked off Karoubbi's clerical turban was on July 17th:  

"Far from removing Karroubi from the political scene...the incident symbolically propelled him to the centre of it".

Khamenei's thugs "scored" again at this week's Media Fair--or did they?:   

--"the outburst of anti-regime chants overturned weeks of speculation that the Green Movement was spent."

--"Once someone swiped an arm at Karroubi’s head, they donated an injection of spirit to the Green wave. Details of plans to change the system are difficult to develop, let alone implement...But when the turban again came off Karroubi yesterday, it overtook all those details — indeed it overcame the Government surveillances, detentions, and “information” which have tried to sap the strength from opposition.

"Karroubi had made it, he had defied the authorities, and so could 'we'."


If Khamenei's regime ever carries out its horrific threats against Karoubbi (I wouldn't put it past them to poison the guy or push him out a window and blame foreigners instead), the domestic effect would be as explosive as if the Italian government were to arrest the Pope.  

Khamenei doesn't get it: Deeds, not words, demonstrate a man's worth, in the people's eyes.  Since the deeds of both men have become well known, morally Karoubbi looks like a worthy Supreme Leader and Khamenei...ah, need I complete this sentence?

You would think anyone sitting on top of a volcano would try to divert pressure.  In this case that calls for massive--not token--reforms.  Instead Khamenei's standing orders are: "Put a lid on it by any and all means."  Every new outrage and every coverup functions as a giant bellows, stoking the volcano and speeding up the pressure.  

For Lucas' report see:


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(NOTE: I sent a copy of this to the letters section at the Supreme Leader's site).


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