Listen to what the people are chanting these days, Mr. Khamenei


by FG

Khamenei Ghatele, velatash Batale

(Khamenei is a murderer, his rule (velayat) is null and void)


LESSON TEACHING #1--ABADAN: A year before the Revolution, Khamenei played a part in the Cinema Rex fire in Abadan in which almost 500 Iranians were burned alive after the theater doors were nailed shut and gasoline poured around the outsides. This idea of "teach others a hard lesson" isn't something that just started today with this man. It is a part of his character. The lesson in this case was "Don't watch western films or you deserve what you get." We all know how deeply Khamenei hates western culture and western political freedoms.

LESSON TEACHING #2--THE SULPHURIC ACID ATTACKS/HAJIB CAMPAIGN: Just after the revolution Khamenei participated in attacks that blinded and/or disgured dozens or hundreds of women to make "examples" of them. The goal was to break mass resistence by Iran's women when enforced hajibs were introduced. Like the use of extreme intimidation tactics, this process, known as forced "de-westernization" or "arabization," has been a trademark of Khamenei's rule.

THOUSANDS MURDERED FOR POLITICAL VIEWS ALONE: Khamenei murdered thousands of leftists merely for having the "wrong" political views. His victims included more than 5,000 teen aged girls who were raped after forced marriage to Revolutionary Guards on the night prior to their execution. Otherwise their virginity would have allowed them entry to heaven. Khamenei could not allow that.

OPPRESSION OF MINORITIES: Over two decades Khamenei has killed hundreds of minority members and banned millions from attending college or holding government positions.

PREVIOUS DEATH SQUADS: They murdered many leading reformers and--like the Basilj and IRCG thugs today--could not have operated freely without Khamenei's approval. The Iranian people see that approval in two things: 1) the way Khamenei protected the killers after journalists publicly identified them, and 2) the way he punished the press instead of thanking it for exposing such crimes--via new censorship laws aimed at coverups. (Does that sound familiar too?)

LESSON TEACHING #3: STUDENTS TARGETED PREVIOUSLY. Their sole crime was to protest Khamenei's imposition of those new censorship laws. Recall the fate of the long-haired student who appeared on the cover of Time waving a bloody shirt.

TWO RIGGED ELECTIONS. It is highly probable that Ahmadinejad's first victory was rigged (he was a virtual unknow) and it's certain in the case of June 12th. Many things suggest Khamenei approved it in advance.

THE LATEST VERSION OF KHAMENEI'S CLASSIC "LESSON TEACHING": See the beatings, torture, murders, rapes, secret mass graves, threats against family members, illegal arrests, show trials of journalists, human rights campaigners, students, peaceful demonstrators, the house and dorm break-ins in the six months since June 12th. Like the rigged election, there is no way this stuff could happen without Khamenei's enthusiastic endorsement.

A REPEAT OF COVERUPS AND DENIALS: As in the case of idenfied death squad members, Khamenei again protects those responsible responsible for the cerimes above. Indeed, many of the perps are well-known and top regime figures. They included identified members of earlier death squads. Once again witnesses are murdered and threatened. That includes threats aimed at their families.

It's clear Khamenei has no wish to "get to the bottom of things." Quite the contrary in fact. You also have to wonder how much Ahmadinejad and other have on Khamenei and his son, Mojtaba. The guy has committed too many crimes to allow reform now. He can't afford for them to be "outed" by allowing the prosecution of lesser figures.


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Damet Garm, FG.

by pedro on

The world should hear this. Very clean discription of 30 years of atrocities.

Everyone should print this article and read it once a day. A reminder of so much blood shed. The islamic regime make me sick.

This article should be published in the world major papers.


Maryam Hojjat

Khameneiee Ravanie e Doshman e Irani e!

by Maryam Hojjat on

This was a slogan which was repeated many times on Sunday 12/6/09 by Iranian American in Atlanta in front of CNN building.  the other slogan was: Kameneiee Tazi e Doshman e Irani e!