Khamenei's MEN tied her to a bed for days while they did WHAT?!!!


by FG

Khamenei's MEN tied her a bed for days and did WHAT?!!!

“I was arrested and transferred directly to the headquarters of Sepāh (IRGC) in Tehran in May 2009 by a number of military officials and plainclothes agents. Immediately after arrival, and before questions and answers, they started beating me. In total, I stayed 25 days in Sepāh. Twenty-two days of that time I stayed on hunger strike and suffered all types of physical and mental torture. The interrogators were male, and I was tied to a bed with handcuffs. They used their fists, feet, electric batons, and cables to beat my head, face, body, and soles of my feet. At that time I could not even understand and speak Persian. When their questions remained unanswered, they beat me again till I passed out. When the sound of noontime prayer was heard, they would leave to pray and would, according to themselves, give me time, until they returned, to let me gather my thoughts, and when they returned beatings, passing out, freezing water, and…”

“...One day I was sitting on my chair with closed eyes and was being interrogated. The interrogator put out his cigarette on my hand, or another day with his shoes he pushed so hard on my feet that my nails turned black and fell off, or he would make me stand up on my feet all day without any questions, while interrogators would sit in the room and would do a word puzzle. In short, they would do anything they could.”


How Shirin Holy’s Confessions Led to a Death Penalty: “Description of pressures put on me during my arrest”




The regime plans to martyr more Iranians.   Shinin may be the next Neda and her treatment will suprise no one who has watched the Khamenei regime in action lately. 

There is something about women who speak up that especially enrages these barbarians.  You see it in the way they are singled out for the worst beatings during demonstrations. 

No leader of ANY free and democratic country would stand a chance in reall elections if his administration or government had committed so many deeply personal and immoral crimes, stole $36 billion for himself and multi-millions for each of dozens of aides, and managed the economy so badly that people grow poorer by the day, the true unemployment rate is 47 percent and 70 percent of the remaining employed works at third-world style contract labor. 

But Khamenei and his buddies are doing fine so
everyone is satisfied.  Regime apologists pretend to believe what even they can't believe--that the Khamenei/Ahmadinejad/Yazdi/IRCG regime is still admired by all Iranians except a tiny minority.  

For that to be true Iranians would have to be totally different from the rest of human race or so stupid they were unaware of the regime's murderous brutality, larcenous greed and massive economic incompence.

No.  The Iranians don't mind any of that.  Despite all the theft, brutality and sheer incompence, despite the continued impoverishment of an entire population in what should be a rich country, people are so pious (or stupid) they believe--after seeing so much--this regime reallly stands for "defending Islam" and that the man responsible for all such crimes--the Supreme Billionaire, the biggest thief and murderer in Iranian history, speaks for Allah.

Don't bet on it.

How much are regime apologists PAID to defend such indefensible things or deny their existence?  For any decent person, no amount of money would be enough. 




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I feel sorry for your

by ThomWestley on

I feel sorry for your suffering and hope that no one will ever have to go through such treatment ever again. Do such torture and interrogatory techniques still apply today? Cause if yes, I'll never ever even get close to Iran. It's just outrageous!
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