Khamenei’s Victims May Provide Organs for Regime Supporters


by FG

Someone  in  Khamenei’s “Ministry of People Control” will spot the
gem below as a potential addition for his notorious manual, How to
Consolidate Power and Intimidate the Rabble.   

NEW YORK TIMES:  The majority of transplanted organs in China come from executed prisoners, state media reported Wednesday in a rare disclosure about an industry often criticized for being opaque and unethical.


By no coincidence the term“vermin,” Hitler’s  favorite description for troublemakers, has been expropriated by Ahmadinejad.   Why not put dead scum to practical use?   The Nazi model pulled gold teeth, cut off hair, bagged old clothes and even expropriated body fat (soap) after its phony showers.   Khamenei’s Islamic “republic” (quote marks essential) has demonstrated repeatedly it is capable of anything.  So why not?     

Khamenei has expropriated tactics from China’s regime in the past, such as forcing families of executed prisoners to pay for the bullets used.  Under Khamenei‘s rule, the fee is $3000.   No money, no body.   Rather than a quick bullet as in China,  the preferred death under Khamenei is slow torture.  Where China’s victims are ordinary criminals,  Iran’s Moral Exemplar slaughters jounalists, students and even former heroes of the 1979 revolution.   The latters' sole crime was to develop a taste for human rights and common decency.   Both are no-no‘s in the Islamic "republici".

An identical message is implicit in everything the Islamic “republic” has done recently:  “Obey us or we’ll give you the same!”   That’s the whole point behind its show trials, its torture, its raping of imprisoned boys and girls, its mass clubbing of demonstrators and  its house and dorm break-ins.   The sub message is: “We’ve got the power and can do anything we like with you!”  Here is a  regime that has culled history books and recent newspapers looking for the Best in Sadism and Intimidation.  

From Hitler and Stalin the regime stole the idea of private armies whose loyalty is to the leader, party or ideology but never to the nation or its people.  From Stalin came the idea of “show trials,” and related techniques such as false charges,  threats against the victims’ families and promises of clemency providing the accused “confessed.”  The latter promises were never kept.    
Like several dead intellectuals Saeed Hijjarian, long paralyzed reform leader, was a victim of a cherry-picked foreign idea beloved by the regime's hardliners: death squads--so popular in Latin America for years. You won't find a better example of the regime's shamelessness that the follwing description of what happened to Hajjarian in another cherry-picked import, his show trial:

TEHRAN, Iran – Saeed Hajjarian was a die-hard hero of Iran's reform movement, campaigning to reduce the power of the Islamic clerics even after being shot in the head in an assassination attempt that left him partially paralyzed.

On Tuesday, he was brought into a courtroom propped up by men who put him in the front row of defendants in Iran's biggest political trial in decades, where he proceeded to renounce his entire career as a reformist.

His speech slurred and nearly unintelligible from the 2000 attack, Hajjarian had a statement read proclaiming that Iran's supreme leader represents the rule of God on Earth and asking for forgiveness for his "incorrect" ideas.


Note the hypocritical attitude when--in the name of keeping Iran "pure"--this regime charges its victims with "cultural contamination."  Hardliners will gladly accept foreign ideas provided those ideas come from despotisms and not western democracies and providing the idea stomp the people over whom they rule.   If the public doesn't soon shut up, Khamenei may have to borrow another from Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge.  Those guys knew how to wipe a slate clean and start over.  You simply wipe out educated people or anyone who has had contact with western culture in any form.  Execute anyone who speak a foreign tongue or who sounds or looks literate or intellectual.  In Cambodia anyone who wore glasses was dead meat based on the assumption that such people could probably read and were potential intellectuals.  If Iran's hardliners were to close all higher education permanently and ban all western technolgy, Iran's people would be vastly easily to keep in line.

Day by day now Iran moves closer to George Orwell’s definition of totalitarianism: “a boot in your face forever.”   Parallels with to his famous novel, 1984, are self-evident.  Everywhere in Iran posters of the Supreme Leader peer from walls and billboards, inviting worship.   Censorship is all-pervasive to the extent possible. When Ahmadinejad cries out for a nation of 70 million “eyes” to detect traitors, one sees echos of  the “Big Brother Is Watching You?” signs found everywhere in Orwell's fiction.  Just as they symathize with Iran’s Thugs today despite all those crimes, true believers on the West's far left vilified Orwell--a socialist--as a traitor.  To anyone with an open mind, Orwell's book punctured prevailing illusions about Stalin’s Russia as a paradise for the common man.

In 1984 the dictatorship bombards its people with slogans that contradict reality (“Love is Hate,” “War Is Peace).   In Khamenei's Iran, hardliners pull a brutal coup on election day, crush anyone who protests and and then charges its unarmed victims of attempting a “soft” coup on the same election day.  Can  such a regime be beloved as it's propagandists claim?  How do you reconcile "The were so happy before westerners spoiled them" with the regime's previous brutality?  Observe how torture dens become “health spas” to explain weight loss among show trial victims.  Does anyone believe that Iran's people had zero interests in human rights or fair elections until dirty foreigners made them want such things.


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EVIDENCE: Has "harvesting" already begun?

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For the old goats who run this regime the organs of "worthless" young folks--both boys and girls--would make prime transplants.

I didn't know about the material below when I wrote the original article.  After I posted it on another forum (Current News an Anonymous Iran) a subposter quoted details from an older news item I missed.  It came from a "green brief" at the same site:

"21. The body of an unnamed protester was returned to his family 20 days
after his disappearance. His heart and kidneys were missing and
stitches could be seen on his abdomen. His badly bruised body also
lacked finger nails."

Assuming the regime is innocent in this one case, its position in similar to that of Nazi propagandists who gloated when they found the bodies of 15,000 Polish officers murdered by Stalin and dumped in mass graves at Katyn Forest.   No one believed at the time for obvious reasons.   

You can't help wonder about all those bodies the regime dumped,
apparently into at least two mass graves and on two different days. 
They've already fired the cemetary head to shut him up, just as
Khamenei closed one prison to make things difficult for investigators.
Am I alone in suspecting more mass graves?  The regime still insists "only 29 are dead" but doctors and others hace demonstrated otherwise. 

People have good reason to be supicious of everything the hardliners say and do at this point.  why?  The regime's "cover up everything and threaten anyone who says a word" attitude, its very public brutality and the understood message ("Would you like some of what he is getting?") for passerbys who ask unwanted questions.  Everymove it makes encourages further conspiracy theories--many with a solid basis in fact.

Having removed all independent sources of information, the regime now finds itself with no one other than its own hated spokesmen and one-sided media to "confirm" its own alleged innocence.