Khamenei: Blame "Prophet" for all regime crimes

by FG

In a speech Monday, Mr. Khamenei once again blamed Allah for any crimes committed by the Supreme Leader, "Those who pretend Ayatollah Khamenei made a mistake in supporting Ahmadinejad are accusing the Prophet and Imam Ali of the same mistake."

Apparently Allah himself endorsed all Khamenei's crimes over the last decade.   Where is the proof of this? All we have is Mr. Khamenei's word for it. Would he make things up?   Could so many crimes have occurred without his knowledge?   Why didn't the Prophet tip him off in that case?

People can't help seeing how--whenever such crimes are exposed--Khamenei ALWAYS protects the thugs and ALWAYS goes after the victims and those who dare expose such crimes. Could he have stopped the show trials? Could he have ordered the immediate release of political prisoners? Could he have ordered the IRCG, Basilj and Hezbollah to "stand down?" Of course!. However, such crimes are exactly what the Prophet wanted. So don't blame Khamenei. He had no personal motive. It's not as if he desired power for his own sake.

As I predicted a week or so ago, Khamenei and his hardliners will soon try to sucker reformers with the same old once reliable pattern: liberalize as elections near, pre-rig the results through the Guardian Council and stuff ballots if that isn't enough, then follow up by kicking the stuiffing out of anyone who complains. Mr. Khamenei just wants a big turnout so he cite it as "proof" of the regime's popularity.


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