Khamenei: Allah spurns prayers from all Sunnis, most Shiites


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That's what a Khamenei spokesman seems to be saying. His remarks and a link are buried in today's EA roundup.


1205 GMT: Loyalty Watch. Ayatollah Khamenei's representative Hojatoleslam Jafar Shojouni has explained that prayer, fasting and charity are invalid without a velayat (Supreme Leader) and that a soldier who is killed in a non-velayat regime is not a martyr.

What I see implied: Most people inside Iran despise the regime, they are out of luck. Ditto for over 90 percent of muslims outside Iran and not just Sunnis. After all, how many external Shiites, even Syrian Alawites, accept that Lady Farzaneh Khanoum (Sayyed Khamenei) is God's spokesman on earth--a man whose every dictate comes from Allah himself?

Will there be repercussions?: Remember the response to the Danish cartoons. Look for something similar unless remark does not circulate widely. Thus Iranians everywhere must draw attention to it on Arab forums as well as Iranian ones.

Will there be denials?: Alas, who believes any claims the regime makes these days? Of course Khamenei's spokesman is well aquainted with the Supreme Thug's views though I suspect he wasn't authorized to reveal this one so publicly. Notice the way it fits in with Khamenei's boasts, his domestic (executions for "crimes against God") and his imperial schemes.

Observation: Khameini is a six-way failure as a leader who enjoys a penchant for bad timing. This isn't the best move for an already isolated regime. Nor were the British embassy attack, the Saudi Ambassdor plot and the Bahrain Causeway Scheme.

Questions: In straw man" argument you cheat by ascribing to an opponent a ridiculous or outrageous position he'd never take. Then you attack him for "holding" it. Am I guilty here or not? Also, assuming the remarks circulate, would you expect major repercussions?


From EA's roundup: The attacks on Ahmandinejad seem to be getting close to a red line. See more public criticism of Khamenei, once taboo. The latest comes from Mohammed Khatami's brother and is razor sharp. Meanwhile, Saudization continues to target kids toys. Barbie dolls were only the first to be targeted, as the regime adds to self-parody. In the comments section, there are links that provide further details on some of those stories.


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US to to airlift all Barbie, Simpsons toys out of Iran

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Since we are in this vein.....satire is such an effective weapon.   How can regime propagandists or security force thugs counter it?  Readers should enjoy this story. 


Everything the regime does today is getting mocked.  I'm sure "Lady Farzaneh" is teeth-grindingly aware of his nickname and widespread public snickering over his recent "Cardboard Khamenei" stunt.  That came out worst than flat.  Ouch!

In Krakow I saw how effectively the Poles used biting satire in Solidarity's time to mock a regime imposed on them and not at all reflective of their will, as is the case for the IRI.


Veiled Prophet of Khorasan

Khamenei is right

by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


Because most of them pray Allah would take VF for a one way visit. Noting that it has not yet happened I must reason Allah does not listen to most.

Maybe Allah will in time and take Khamenei. Meanwhile we are stuck with him.

gitdoun ver.2.0


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So one can deduce that khamenei wants us to think he is divine ??? LOL


Wife insists the Supreme Leader is a "lousy two-timer"

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Khamenei kicked his wife out of bed and replaced her with a Cardboard Golshifeh imported from abroad.  You can see his new mistress arriving at the airport in a photo here:


Tragically Cardboard Golshifeh had a short lifespan caused by low durability. 

However, Iranians need not cry for a sadder but wiser Supreme Dictator.  Khamenei now owes a more realistic,  blown-up version of Golshifeh made of rubber.   It's held up pretty well so far, though it could use some time in the tub for stain removal. 


 Sunnis prayers are

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 Sunnis prayers are rejected with disdain according to VF?? The idiocy expunged from the mind of bunch of thugs..

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


"Cardboard Khoumeini" appears on moon landing & Great Wall

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The regime's cardboard stunt has really backfired. Now some blogger is using photoshop to place the cardboard imagine anywhere.  You gotta see this:

Cardboard Khoumeini playing Jeopardy, on the Berlin Wall, vacationing in Polynesia, in the midst of a famous Seurat impressionist painting where he is accompanied by two thugs, with Armstrong on the moon landing, etc.

One thing is sure.  No one, not even any successor, will try to create cardboard Khameneis as well--above all in an effort to promote respect or legitimacy for himself.  It's more likely Khamenei's grave will become popular as a place where dogowners or impoverished vagrants will go--a grin on their faces--when nature calls.