In key address, Khamenei denounces entire concept of human rights

by FG

Speaking before a cheering audience of hardline clerics and top security officials that and with his controversial son Mojtaba symbolically by his side, the Supreme Leader lashed out at the entire concept of human rights yesterday.

"The whole concept of human rights is a repulsive western idea that has no place in my Iran or in my Islam," Khamenei argued. All it does is corrupt my people."

The Supreme Leader told his cheering supporters where all troubles really started.

"My people were totally happy with the Islamic Republic until foreign spies corrupted them. Left to themselves, the people of Iran would never want freedom, human rights, prosperity or democracy in the first place. Such ideas are alien to the people's nature. For such rot we must put blame were it belongs--on the sinister influence of western media and politicians."

Khamenei then asssured his followers that the overwhelming majority of Iranians were very happy with life in the Islamic Republic but a minority was trying to change this.

"All so-called human rights leaders in Iran are witting or unwitting agents of foreign powers and are therefore subject to any and all punishment," according to Khamenei. "Any subject who demands such things is obviously guilty of treason and of crimes against God who I personally represent."

"Sometimes a father must do what is best for his child even if a child resists," he said sadly.

(This satire brought to you by F.G. but accurately reflects the Supreme Leader's position).


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Dissecting the specious logic of Peace 45, regime propagandist

by FG on

1. The argument is both illogical and diversionary.  

The issue is Khamenei's position on human rights.  The attempt here is to draw attention from that with an "everybody does it" style argument which is this case is totally inaccurate anyway.  Peace 45 commits the fallacy of degree.  Though my piece is satire the description of Khamenei's basic position toward human rights, which is hardly confined to mere words, is dead on accurate to the point of being funny.

2. Peace 45's "facts are false (intentionally), as he tries to sneak by a false premise to sustain a conclusion.  Obama HAS condemned the regime's treatment of the Iranian people.  To dwell on human rights violations too heavily would help the regime which would cite it as proof of "foreign influence" to justify further prosecution.  Hence, rather than help the opposition, it would help the regime.  Hence, any restraint there is tactical in nature.

3. Even if Obama were totally silent on the subject of human rights (hardly so) to equate silence with approval is big time sleight-of-hand trickery.

Even worse is Peace 45's attempt to to equate such silence with actually doing what Khamenei does (i.e.,  stealing elections, rigging show trials,  sending out one's thugs to beat, torture, rape, jail, etc., human rights demonstrators and any critical journalists, etc.)  What journalists and human rights demonstrators  has Obama arresten, beaten, raped, etc.?  Khamenei does nothing but such things.




Has Obama said anything about Tajbakhsh?

by peace45 on

No, because Obama really does not care about this kind of disruption and annoyance. 

Kian Tajbakhsh

Sentenced to more than 12 years in prison

AP: In this Tuesday, Aug. 25, 2009 photo released by the Iranian Labor News Agency (ILNA), Iranian-American scholar Kian Tajbakhsh hold a piece of paper as he defends himself during the trial of dozens of opposition activists and protesters in Tehran's Revolutionary Court, Iran. A special court formed after Iran's post-election unrest has convicted Tajbakhsh and sentenced him to more than 12 years in prison, state media said Tuesday, Oct. 20, 2009


Then Khamenei and Obama agree on one thing

by peace45 on

"The whole concept of human rights is a repulsive western idea"

Have you noticed that Obama never uses "human rights" words in his speeches?  His administration does not push that agenda and actually cut the funding to non-profit organization pushing for such dirty ideas as "human right".. 

 Who knew that Khamenei and Obama think alike!!!