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THE IRI has been killing Americans since 1979.   This time, however, if could be a causus belli.   Blaming the USA for their capture of 48 shabiha (as if the FSA needed our assistance) the IRI has made threats.   Any attempt to carry out that threat will be a causus belli.   Iran should get no help from us in this case.  If we thought the 48 were innocent civilians, we'd be glad to provide it.   

Like everyone else, we don't believe hese hard-faced guys were pilgrims.  They look as plausible as Arnold Schwarznegger in a tutu. They resemble certain"tourists" captured in Kenya with 33 pounds of explosives and certain "vacationers" caught on video in Thailand where a screwed up car bombing left one legless and talking. We too ask: Where are the wives and families if they are pilgrims?  The regime forbid pilgrimages to Syra a few months ago.  How did these 48 get special permisson?  Aren't there safer places, even more holy, where they could pilgrimage these days?

Iran's covert assignmens always have a cover.  How any of these 48 killed Americans while on "business trips" or "pilgrimages" in Iraq and Afghanistan?   Did a comrade kill an Iranian-American girl in Texas for protesting against the regime?   I will bet most of these 48 were among people-beating, Neda-murdering torturers of 2009.   In Syria they apparently committed even more horrific crimes and then executed all victims to silence potential witnesses.   Call it "homing skills" for the next outbreak back in Iran. Indeed, I suspect that diplomatic missions dispatched to Turkey and Damascus yesterday were more concerned with conserving embarrasing secrets--present and past--than saving the lives of 48 useful policy implements.


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Sorry. Has anyone else succeeded in the download?

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If a number of people try to do so at the same time--as a result of my post--could it cause your download problem?      

From what I can determine, the author is trying to use satirical fable to criticize the Islamic Republic, a tactic used previously by George Orwell (Animal Farm) to satirize the Bolshevik behavior after the Russian revoluton.  Of course, the more you know about the latter, especially the original politburo, the more you enjoyed that book.  

I notice the author ha a facebook page and checked it out.   It says no info has been provided yet. 


it says no info has been provided yet 


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The site that you listed for downloading the book does not work. Do you know of any other site that this book can be downloaded?



Book that mocks Khemenei, Ahmadinejad is now available on line

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Book mocks Khamenei and Ahmadinejad

A book by the popular religious novelist and storyteller Seyyed Mehdi Shojaei that implicitly but unmistakably criticizes both Khamenei and Ahmadinejad can now be downloaded here. The book was originally allowed to be published in 2009, but when it became clear that it was criticizing the Supreme Leader and president, it was banned and all available copies were confiscated by the Ministry of Intelligence.

The book mocks the two leaders and others for abusing Islamic teachings for their own benefits. For example, a chapter titled "Thievery Is a Sin, Unless It Is Done for a Higher Purpose" mocks all the financial corruption in the Islamic Republic and the justifications given for it. Another chapter, "The King and God Live in the Same Neighborhood," criticizes the absolute power of Velaayat-e Faghih (the doctrine under which the Supreme Leader exercises absolute authority).

Over the years, Khamenei has invoked "the enemy" in order to warn about plots by the foreigners, mostly imaginary, against Iran, without ever naming the perceived enemy. A chapter called "The Enemy Is a Useful Thing; If You Do Not Have One, Make One," criticizes Khamenei (without naming him) and the role that "the enemy" has played during his rule. The book defines "enemy" as an entity "whom you can blame and fault for all of your mistakes and shortcomings...something that you can terrify the people with, so that they can take refuge with you...something that allows you to exaggerate what you have accomplished, and blame him if you have not."

Shojaei is very well known in Iran. Once on good terms with Khamenei, he has increasingly turned against the ayatollah and his supporters. After Ahmadinejad made baseless accusations against Mir Hossein Mousavi in their nationally televised presidential debate in June 2009, Shojaei wrote a strongly worded letter to the president, rebuking him for his attack on Mousavi and expressing his concern about the Iranian youth and what they might learn from Ahmadinejad's manner.

Tehran Bureau (source for the above) has supplied a link:




IRCG site adds its own threat

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if any of the 48 abducted Iranians in Syria are harmed, the Islamic Republic should be ready toconfront the US directly.



Tough Beans!  We have no say over how the Syrian people deal with a bunch of nasty torturers and murderers.  Nor are we obligated to intervene on behalf of the thus.  Nor woud our intervention have any impact except to foment anti-Americanism. 


Ponder this analysis

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The rebels may only have small arms and RPG's, but if they hold their nerve the advantage is with them. The regime forces have relatively old tanks and poorly armoured personell carriers that are totally unsuitable for urban fighting, particularly when they are being used to assault rather than defend. As Russian experiences in Chechenya show, poorly motivated troops will be reluctant to leave their personnel carriers, and become sitting ducks for RPG's fired at their inadequately armoured roofs.

Under these circumstances, the regime would have to resort to massive bombardment from artillery and aircraft to neutralise the rebels. And ofcourse, the people who will suffer the most will be the civilians of Aleppo.

(Source: a subpost at the Guardian)


I have two questions:


1. How do the Islamic Republic's heavy weapons compare?

2. I know the iRI's air force is vastly inferior but is it well equipped with similar helicopters or not?

Obvously Khamenei will not hesitate to employ Assad's pulverizing tactis as a fall back.  He can only do so as far as his equipment and lack of ouside intervention makes it viable.  My own suspicion is that the regime has invested much of the last three years on crackdown equipment (teargas, motorcycles, shields, sniper training and rifles) that relies extensively on Basilj, plainclothes thugs and police.  

As I've written, any armed resistance will make such tactics impossible in short order, thus making his investments so much junk.  The regime is then stuck with the task of trying to retake control from a distance for which is may not be as well equipped.  




Example of veiled threat

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Speaker of Parliament Ali Larijani, addressing the Majlis about the abduction of 48 Iranians in Syria and the reported deaths of three of them, has said that the US and "some states in the region" will "receive an answer to violence against pilgrims in due time".


Meanwhile, threats were also made against Turkey that it weil be "next" unless it ends assistance to rebels.  By contrast military and human assistance in Assad's crackdown by foreign power is clearly OK). 



Captors of Khamenei's thugs vow more action

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The Baraa Brigades, the rebel group which claims to be holding the Iranians, made more threats today. In a message on its Facebook page it said it would target Iranian interests in Syria which the regime could not defend.

A spokesman group, told AP: "The Syrian regime is responsible for anything that happens to the Iranians.

After offering Khamenei-style lies about the Prime Minister's defection ("He resigned") the regime's information minister as forced to admit what is fact. 


Meanwhile the government has assigned extra "bodyguards" to cabinet ministers to deter further embarassing defections.