Iraq "morals police" kill 90 kids for bad haircuts, smash the skulls of homosexuals


by FG

The behavior of Iran's morals police llike the behavior of Iran's Islamic "republic and its totally immoral supreme leader once again demonstrates that democracy and religion are lousy matches especially when the religion involved is Islam.   It is also true to a less murderous extent these days of Christianity (the Tea Party-GOP fundamentalists in America ) and of Judaism (See the atrocious behavior of certain right-wing Hassidics in Israel toward women and moderarte Jews).

Here's a story form Iraqi to chill your blood, along with before-and-after photos of one boy with the "wrong" kind of  haircut--not that the Koran endorsed specific haircuts or endorsed a clerical class, yet along a ruling one.    Christ was clearly anti-clerical but some indiviuals always find a way to use religion as a device to seize power and wealth.

If I were the Sunnis or Kurds, I'd succeed from Iraq tomorrow.   This is totalitarian the influence of Iran, Al Sadr, his Al Mahdi army and similar types. 

Dozens of Iraqi teenagers stoned to death for ‘emo’ haircuts: activists


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by amirkabear4u on

This is just my view what happens in iraq is not our business. This is also explains why you do not have any responses for this blog.

Another point is why should your blog be on first page???

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Post it where it really pastes...

by پندارنیک on

In my opinion this item deserves a catagory of its own.........something like Public appreciation, congratulatory notes, thank you kinda thig.......those can we mention this piece of news without thanking George W. Bush?........Candie...........the angelic neocons...........

I hope that category will be set up by the time we recieve the similar news from Libya, and as some of us hope from Syria..................