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It's just as Syrians had long suspected and this adds credence to claims by Iranian protestors that some of the security forces and plainclothes who attacked them came from Hezbollah and probably Al Sadr's Al Mahdi Army.



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maziar 58

ya Bosniya ya k*s

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ya Bosniya

ya k*s niya

was the mssges to the sepahis from their wives back in mid 80's

As they were in sarajevo and sigheh was booming.

And now in syria that's not new.




Question for news editor

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Sometimes I find a number of reports online from various sources at different times.   I'm reluctant to post such items by themselves in the news section because it would hog up space or be discourteous to other posters.  When I add new material to be own previous posts, I don't have to worry about that.

Can news items with related links be included in a round-up post when I have several news items?  Most reports from Enduring America were themselves from roundups and not organized at all except by time of appearance.  I try to group things by category  (currency and economy for example) along with analysis for the convenience of readers. 

When posting news, I keep the original heading per your policy and whether or not that heading is ineffective in indicating what content follows or by missing a key point (I suppose that's one reason why I sometimes begin with analysis followed by a link to the news event on which the analysis is based).


News Editor

Dear FG

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Thank you for your valuable contributions.  Please post links and content from other websites in the News Section.  Thank you.


My ex-wife fell off a boat in the Baltic Sea

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"Definitely Iranians": Name of one captured iranian is incorrect

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The name
of the second person is not Ahmad Aziz Askari but Ahmad
Sohrabi-Gertabadi (from Gertabad).

Two of them hold military service
certificates (at 02:21 and 02:25) like this one // They are definitely Iranians.

--in a subpost from Arshama at Enduring America.


The arrival date in Syria has implications

by FG on

One of the captured thugs says he arrived in mid-October.  The others at scattered dates.  Note the passports which confirm their identify and stories.  Nice catch, FSA!

So how many unarmed civilians did this team alone kill since mid-October?   

The appeal to Khamenei to being back Syrian forces "so we can return home" suggests the number of forces sent there is substantial.  If so, how many teams were involved and what percentage of the 6,000 civilian Syrian deaths came at their hands. 

I'll bet it was more than 1,000 easily. As I wrote before, it must be a lot easier to target non-Iranians, which is why Khamenei needed Hezbollah's help and Palestinian "volunteers" in 2009.   Meanwhile maybe the "practice" these young Iranians are getting in Syria may harden them for later use at home.  

After this, shooting Iranian women and kids will be as easy as killing cats for a sadistic youngster armed with a new 22 and anxious to try it out. Remember, boys, opponents of dictators aren't really people.  Right?


11 male "pilgrims" from Iran have also been captured

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Hours before the footage was posted, Press TV reported, "A group of armed militants have attacked an Iranian bus on the road connecting the capital, Damascus, to the northwestern city of Aleppo."

Press TV said 11 male "pilgrims" were kidnapped and taken to an unknown destination, leaving behind the women.

The website further says, "The gunmen contacted the relatives of a
kidnapped passenger in Tehran, confirming the abduction of the Iranian
nationals and demanding a ransom."

No direct connection has subsequently been made to the claimed video.

FG asks: Why would any legitimate Iranian pilgrims be visiting Syria under the current circumstances?   Doesn't it sound fishy?   Are these part-time pilgrims much like the five armed Iranians in Syrian uniforms who would rerturn to their day jobs after killing and beating civilians on orders from the security services who can't trust most of their troops?


"We shot civilians.. women & children..."

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The captured Iranian soldiers, who belonged to a five-member special team led by Sajjad (Haider Ali) Aminan, were told such things were expected of them by Sayyed Ali Khamenei. The captured team also included Ahmad Aziz Askari. Hasan Hasani. Majid Qanbari. Kyumars Qobadi.

Supplied with instructions from Assad's security forces, they would shoot down protestors without a problem.  Since it wasn't their countrymen, I'm sure it made the job easier, as was the case for Hezbollah thugs in Iran in 2009. The Iranians would then turn to their normal (i.e., civilians) jobs until needed again.  Who gave them their Syrian uniforms by the way?  Did they just happen to find them along the roadside?

Along with electronic and other assistance (including supplies, weapons and training),  Khamenei has been offering Assad first-hand tips on "How to crack down on your people."  I can just hear him, "Here's how we did it.  Why don't you try it?"





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I rarely post two new blogs in one day because I don't want to hog up the board.  I ask your indulgence but this news required a lead post.  It gives credibility to so many charges recently leveled against Iran both by the West and its neighbors.

I also need to draw your attention to a subpost I just finished before coming accross this blockbuster. The news from Syria tends to lend credence to several different allegations from that CIA agent and described in an earlier blog.  Note especially the subpost regarding how Khamenei provoked Saddam into war despite repeated attempts to back off.  The general who reports on that story insists the regime is repeating the same mistake today in the Gulf of Hormuz.


Today's news from Syria also gives credibility to charges that Al Quds behaved in similar behavior in Iraq, despite Khamenei's denials. Having got away with it in Iraq (and earlier in Lebanon) may have convinced Khamenei he could get away with it one more time in Syria.  Warning: If protests break out again in Iran, keep your eye out for Al Mahdi assistance to the regime.


How will the regime lie its way out of this one?   To the degree this video and the related names circulate throughout the land, the regime suffers another blow to its already tattered legitimacy.   It's ability to rally Iranians by appealing to nationalism and "self-defense" also suffers a blow.

Just as most German generals knew of Nazi atrocities in conquered territory, most Iranian generals had to know of the regime's covert schemes against neighbors.  They also had to know how the regime imported Hezbollah thugs for use against protestors.  I doubt they enjoyed watching it. Many Iranian generals know also how far Khamenei went to provoke Saddam into war.

Any real general, as distincted from political hacks (Jodl & Keitel
in Germany, Jafari and Taeb in Iran) knows a disasterous military
decision when he sees one and cannot help squirming.  Iran's armed forces surely have many generals who are fed up with this "I can't stop myself" regime for the same reason many German generals were fed up with Hitler after Dunkirk, Operation Barbarossa, the weakening of Army Group Center during the attack on Moscow, Stalingrad, D-Day.    

You can always find military stooges at the top of any army who supported every stupid military decision and play the role of "yes men."  For the umpteeth time I urge readers here to watch the German film, Downfall, which captures such divisions perfectly (die-hards vs. realists).

The ex-CIA's report of widespread discontent in the Iranian military seems increasingly plausible, so does the regime's alleged reaction (use of a death squad).   One problem in the latter case is how many "unexpected" deaths can be concealed.



With this video and these captured soldiers, how long can they continue to oppose sanctions in the UN?  If they do, an Arab Spring uprising in Russia could be the best thing to happen for Syrians and Iranians both.


I can only imagine their reaction to this piece of news and related evidence.


Assad's credibilty as a leader of Syria has suffered a major blow, especially his ability to appeal to nationalism or to claim to stand for centrism and moderation.

The news should enrage Syrians and motivate them more than ever.

Earlier reports that captured Iranian "engineers" were Al Quds and not peaceful civilians have now received credence.

When Assad falls, the Islamic Republic's behavior will be "rewarded."  Ditto for China and especially Russia.  


Toss in one more motive.  In this case, Iran's direct involvement in Syria suggests one more reason why compromise on atomic weapons can no longer suffice as a reason for not maintaining them.


I can't imagine anything that could do more to harden their positions vs. this regime.   For Obama, this is equivalent to Bush actually finding rumored weapons of mass destruction.  In Syria, the world has caught Khamenei cold.  His pants have fallen and the view is ugly indeed.


Iran has been trying to heal this breech.  I wonder how Erdogan will enjoy this video.


Just when you think Iran's isolation could not get any worse, Khamenei comes up with a new gem.  

How can Iran's regime complain of others meddling with its affairs or, should we so choose, providing military assistance within its borders considering its own behavior in neighboring states.   This regime has no end to moxie-like boldness combined with hypocrisy.