Iran to build 50,000 houses for poor Syrians, 10,000 for Venezuelans, 0 for Iranians


by FG

Because of housing shortages, inflation no jobs or months of payless paydays if you have one, most young Iranians in a country of the young can't afford to marry or raise a family.  Who cares?  Not Khamenei and the mullahs who keep pumping away a ton of oil revenues to nearby nations to satisfy the Supreme One's own imperial ambitions.  Most remaining cash is "reserved" for election bribes or to provide "gifts" to supporters like the Larinjanis and security force officers.  What a sweet system for the average Iranian!  No wonder so many "voted" for it in 2009.

NEWS ITEM:  The regime takes steps to deal with the housing Syria. The Minister of Housing has announced that Iran will construct 50,000 housing units for low-income people in Syria.  (From Enduring America)

Catmari asks in a good question at EA: "Does that mean they already
finished the job in Venezuela?"  Let's not forget the tons of money going out the door in the form of military assistance to the Syrian regime, economic and military
assistance to Al Sadr and his Al Mahdi army in Iraq and funds for
Hezbollah types in Yemen, Lebanon  and elsewhere.   To make Hezbollah popular in Lebanon, Iranians have to finance housing and charity programs there as well.  

For Venezuela story see:


People who actually live in Iran badly need to know about this housing program, especially working class Iranians whose genuine grievances the Greens pretty much ignored in the last protests which is why some prefer Ahmadinejad's demagoguery.  Since then, workers are who are gradually becoming aware of how mullah rule has shafted them and how phony Mahmoud's promises are.  IF YOU HAVE ANY CONTACTS IN IRAN: Spread the word and ask your contacts to pass on this news.  Regimes like this thrive on hiding their dirt.

You might also suggest the Iranian ask one another the following questions:

What is the mullahs' motives when Iranians themselves are so hard-pressed?    Why
do they feel confident that they can get away with such money funneling?  If Iran's people had any real say over government, and free speech and press, is it likely that such programs would have a ghost's chance of approval?  Could a regime that does such things under present conditions ever get away with it if Iran had free elections?  Do policies like this this show why election pre-vetting and rigging cannot be avoided in Khamenei's Iran--the alternative being unthinkable?


Iran State news agency IRNA appears to have fabricated a petition,
"signed by about 20 academics, journalists, political activists and
religious figures", calling on the British Government to restore
diplomatic ties with Tehran: "It is not the Iranian government which
demonstrated against British foreign policy but ordinary Iranians,
understandably enraged by decades of repressive sanctions and threats of
military strikes by Israel."

I have only two questions: 1) Does anyone thing "ordinary Iranians" were involved in the demonstration?  2) To lie in such a manner suggests what about the document's authors?


"Bad" Crimes means demanding human rights, complaining about rigged elections and or defending anyone who does. These crimes deserve harsh treatment in the "best interests of....(fill in the blank).  Such treatment may include going after
the families of such scum "pour encourager les autres." Iran's people overflow with love for the Holy Man and his Sacred Companions for extending such protection.

"Bad" Crimes deserve a soft landing since all had Khamenei's approval prior to commission. The attack on the British Embassy offers the latest example.  NEWS ITEM Almost all of those detained in the British Embasssy attack were reportedly released the day after the attack.  


--All those who "protect the people" by trashing the residences, dorms mosques of regime critics and breaking the heads of anyone found there.

--All those at a notorious prison who helped Khemenei discourage people from making "bad complaints." There was one exception--a prison doctor with a loud mouth.  Conveniently, he died.

--All those who contributed to the work of Khamenei's Death Squad. with one exception--the guy who allegedly got rid of Khoumeini's sons who repeated--and falsely--charged Khamenei with totalitarian tendences.  Fortunely, that inconvenient witness died as well.  Once Again Khamenei inflicted the usual harsh punishment where it belonged--on the journalists who publicly named death squad members and their victims, and students who protested such justified punishment.  

Khamenei has always been "Just" whatever else you can say about him.  Iranians are unanimous on that.


In a post here yesterday I included an interesting news Item from Syria Comment
about Iraq's Sunnis have formed a new organization to bomb buses carrying Al Mahdi "volunteers" to aid Assad).  That story suggests two obvious questions:

For Syrians: If Khamenei Iran encourages Al Mahdi to help Assad, why not Iran's Hezbollah or Iran's Al Quds too?  

For Iranians: What he does in Syria would Khamenei hesitate to do in Iran?  (This is a great reason to root for Assad's downfall.  Otherwise Bashir may return the favor should Iran explode in protests once more). 

(Sometimes, as in this case, I send a copy of such posts to the Supreme Leader's website for his enjoyment)


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Shazde Asdola Mirza

"Poor Syrians" is the code name for Assad Torturers

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on


"We rape the wife or daughter in front of the man"

by FG on

Freedom to die: Inside the Syrian torture chamber (which sound exactly like Khamenei's)


The menu of horrors available is extensive.

"..we deliberately deprive prisoners of water, then we give the
thirsty prisoners salty water once, twice, three times, then we’d give
them pure water so when they want to urinate we put a rubber band around
the penis to constrict it. We don’t allow them to pee, so whatever you
want they’re ready to give confessions soon enough and are ready to say
whatever you ask them. They can tell you anything on TV as long as they
can be allowed to piss. This is an old and ongoing method being followed
by the regime...”

“There are some prisoners who have strong bodies, who can tolerate
these tortures. In such cases THE WIFE IS BROUGHT IN, OR THE DAUGHTER, 
any one of his relatives, and then they too are
tortured in front of the main suspect. Sometimes we’re ready to rape the
women regardless of whether she is a wife, a mother, or daughter – and
WE RAPE HER IN FRONT OF THE MAN to get the confession. Sometimes he’s
innocent of any accusations, and he will reveal directly whatever you
want. I can say safely that the ones on television, those invented
terrorists used by the regime to justify their actions on state TV, have
suffered physical torture themselves, their relatives have been
tortured or their women raped. After they have been on TV, all of them
will be killed, and if they aren’t killed, those that survive will be
tortured to the point they become insane. Others have their TONGUES CUT OUT so they can’t talk ever again.”

COMMENT: Khamenei's torturers have done SOME  of these things, such as raping men and women, but not all of them....yet!  If demonstrations return to Iran and on a similar scale, always remember the Khamenei and his pal Assad exchange tips on "how to deal with a population that objects to tyranny."




If Iraq plans to come to Syria's rescue with foreign currency, it will
have to do so using suitcases. This might be good enough for Assad and
his immediate circle, but it would not be able to keep the Syrian
economy afloat.

// *** As effective as bullets, maybe Widening economic sanctions are beginning to bite



COULD economic collapse bring down Bashar Assad’s regime even when mass
protests have not? Pressure on the economy is mounting from every


A very near miss for Britain's diplomats in Iran



IT IS becoming clear that British diplomats had a very close shave in
Iran when student members of a regime-controlled volunteer militia, the baseej, stormed two British Embassy compounds in Tehran on November 29th.


SYRIA'S ECONOMY: A friend writes that his parents cannot find cooking gas in Aleppo. The
replacement bottles for the stove are unavailable in the market. Mazoot,
or fuel-oil, which is used to heat homes, power taxis and farm
equipment is also absent, or available at high prices. Aleppo authorities also warn that extended electric cuts are coming due to lack of power.
Syria is facing a cold winter. Older people are standing in lines to
get small containers of mazoot filled.  The Syrian pound has fallen to
54.25 to a dollar.

(from Syria Comment)

Asad's Armed Opposition: The Free Syrian Army


EXCERPT: Defectors include individuals of all ranks, from conscript to
brigadier general, and from a wide variety of combat units and
organizations, including key regime props such as the Republican Guard
and the intelligence services. Some small units have defected as a
group, and several battalion-size defections have been reported but not
confirmed. In at least some cases, the defectors took their weapons with
them. And in most cases, they appeared to join local FSA elements.

Easing the process of defection and FSA unit creation is the fact
that the personnel in question are moving from a military organization
to a fairly well organized quasi-military force. Based on available
evidence, the FSA has a chain of command, organizational and rank
structures, and named units....

A GAME CHANGER: The Asad regime cannot survive without killing, and the FSA has changed
the game from one in which the regime was free to kill its citizens at
will and without cost, to one in which it faces an armed opposition and
is suffering losses. Increased demands on government forces and further
civilian deaths will produce more defections, and these processes will
in turn escalate the fighting.  (Is this how Iran's regime will go down too?)



Last exit for Syria: Alawite coup

EXCERPT:  In the game of survival, a palace coup is increasingly likely
considering that 3.5 million minority Alawites who have ruled the
country with an iron grip for five decades do not want to face a strong
backlash from the Sunni majority who despise the Assad family
enterprise. Some in the ruling elite have realized that the only way to
avoid the wrath of the Sunnis and hang on to power at least partially is
to collaborate with the opposition by removing Assad and his family
from power. The question is whether or not there is a strong Alawite
group that can successfully mount a challenge against Assad. Many
analysts say there is.



COMMENT: I'm not so sure such a thing is possible in Iran but you'd have to see a similar level of demonstrations for anything like that to occur.