Impressed by "kindness" of Revolutionary Guard, show trial defendants confessed

by FG

How stupid do ruling hardliners think people are?

I can't recall the source for this but came across this earlier today.  The original was probably in arabic, not English, so I'm handicapped there.  If anyone can help, I'd appreciate it.  Thanks. The
regime's excesses and faux pas are so abundant why would one need to
make things up?

Essentially the above "header" is how a regime apologist
rebutted widespread charges that show trial confessions were
produced by torture.  Perhaps readers will remember how a previous apologist attributed massive weight loss to spa-like diets courtesy of the regime.

Political prisoners were shunted to seven
prisons run either by the Revolutionary Guard itself or its affiliated
subbranch, the Basilj--both directly controlled by Khamenei.  That makes any rapes, torture or murdes that may have occurred hard to explain away.   Yet the regime always has an alternate explanation.   Apparently foreigners somehow got past heavy security, broke into these jails and committed all these crimes against politival prisoners.   As for motive, that's easy.  They wanted to frame the people-friendly Basilj and Republican Guard.


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