IF these reports from Twitter, MikVerbrugge are correct, REVOLUTION MAY HAVE BEGUN


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Numerous reports from Twitter compiled by MikVerbrugge suggest popular resistance is growing and increasingly stubbon, that the regime is having trouble finding enough thugs willing to suppress the people, and that the latter are overstretched since outbreaks of mass anger seem to be occuring everywhere in Iran.  There are rumors of widespread defections among security forces yet to be confirmed.  Keep in mind that the rank and file include many conscripts who come from the very people (neigfhbors, family, friends, respected clerics) the Khamenei regime has been brutalizing.

Especially interesting is an alleged urgent and top secret letter from the Expediency Council to the Supreme Leadere admitting as much and making major demands (no, not requests).  Verbrugge does seems to be an insider, as claimed, and he has leaked several interesting reports some of which were subsequently confirmed. 

#IranElection Msg fr Zanjan (6pm local):Clashes still on. People putting up furious fight&protests;. Right now (6pm) #IranElection Msg from Tehran: "Starting tonight, coup forces will wish they never joined. We will keep them running from point topoint all night."

clashes in entire city center.

#IranElection Msg rcvd from Najafabad road: "Gov forces had blocked road to Najafabad with tree trunks to cut us off. We moved out at midnight with tractors&trucks;, removed barriers & set tree trunks ablaze. Road was free by this morning. We still rule the town."

#IranElection great anecdote : Src: Few youngsters who were arrested in yesterday's revolt in Isfahan were brought to IRGC commander.Later in evening, commander came in and asked if they were followers of Ayatollah Montazeri. They all answered yes. At midnight,commander opened the cells&freed;them thru rear exit door.

#IranElection src: Many arrests at Imam Hossein, ppl being loaded up in police trucks by AntiRiot units

#IranElection src:Plain cloths&IRGC Anti Riot Bikers attacking ppl at Toopkhaneh

#iranelection Src:Many ppl near Montazeri's house,ppl planning big demo,masses growing by minute "smthg big is on tonight"

#iranelection Src:Governors urgent requests for more GovForces flowing to Interior ministry,little help actually coming.

Leaked : Urgent and Top Secret letter by Expediency council to SL today


Expediency council explicitly reports to SL:

- The popular uprising has started, Government & regime have nothing to counter it with.

- A massive meltdown of loyalty & trust is underway among all branches of armed forces & commanders, accelerated to catastrophic conditions among armed forces by events following Ayatollah Montazeri’s passing.

- This could lead to a total meltdown of coherence of defense capabilities at times of gravest national security threats from foreign military forces surrounding IRI entirely.

Expediency council’s demands:

- Order complete stand down of forces, transfer of coordination responsibility for national security from Sarollah IRGC Intel to Armed Forces joint intelligence task force under Expediency Council’s guidance (Rafsanjani & Rezaei.)

- Return of IRGC & Basij Resistance groups to their bases, deployment of Artesh for upholding safety of provincial areas & city police forces in cities. The suggestion to use Artesh (National Army) & City Police (Non-paramilitary) is supported by arguing that IRGC & Basij uniforms presence alone enrages masses, presence of other uniforms may not.

- No interference with people’s demonstrations & protests.

- Avoid any use of force on protesters.

- Announce immediate action plan to address people’s demands.

- Free prisoners.

- Halt persecution and prosecution.

- Create of non-partisan revision & investigation panels for election and post election events.

- Use personalities such as Khatami,Nateq Nouri,Rezaei to address people on TV to calm them down by assuring that they approve of SL’s decree & Expediency’s plan forward.

- Allocate time for opposition on nat’l media 2 make their case but in a legal&non inflamatory way,involvement of Majlis in transitional period.

- Delegate SL powers to a leadership council w/Khamenei at it’s head.   



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Niloufar Parsi


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i hope these are true. big day saturday. fingers crossed!


Thanks for all the info.

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Thanks for all the info.


Sneering at nationwide ban, reformists create HQ for mourners

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Reformist website, Jaras announced the establishment of "the headquarters for the organization of Ayatollah Montazeri's funeral and memorial services." The announcement says that the organization has been established in response to the "government's ban on memorial services for the leading Shiite cleric."   For more see:


Iran protests spread to heartland




More reports: Plans to wear and ready to die

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Most of this came just in the time I wrote the above.  For more developments as they happen, you may want to keep track at this site:



#IranElection src:Najafabadis planning to come out on Ashura wearing shrouds, ready to die. (= religious revolt in Shiism)


#IranElection Rouydad : leak : Ministry of Intel&Sepah;plan to send fake Greens on to streets during Moharam, to attack ordinary mourners, start fights, damage properties, insult Islam & Imams.



#IranElection Src: Zanjanis to hit the streets tomorrow in protest of today's attacks by Government Forces.


#IranElection Tehran Src:You shd hv seen how women,especially mourning mothers,led protest today.It was impressive&humbling(for a man.)


#IranElection From a person who was at Toopkhaneh :

"There were thousands and thousands playing cat & mouse with unnerved security forces. Clashes were mostly with Anti-riot & Basiji in hit & runs in side streets. Basiji, Plaincloths and Anti-riot looked totally unnerved, exhausted and furious but people were in great spirit. All in all it was a good show of force and it's going to continue into the night in many places with hit and run actions. No matter what anyone else might say, it was a success and we are victorious!"


#IranElection !!! 370 page report by Mousavi&Karoubi camps on election fraud (w/download link) //tinyurl.com/ygb8wlh



Those demands so sound like Rafsanjani. HOWEVER...

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They are also insufficient.  

--As Murderer in Chief and Prime Author of two decades of horrific crimes, Khamenei cannot be trusted in ANY leadership role or even as a janitor in Parliament. 

--I see no change in RG and Interior ministry leadership, especially Jafari, or in the judicial system.

--There is no demand for a free press and authors given total openness and freedom to investigate ALL regime crimes, past and present.   All investigation would be done by regime insiders.

--Taeb, Janatti, Jafari, Mohammed and Mesba Yadzi, Ahmad Khatemi, etc. just want to protect their butts as the walls collapse around them. 

In sum, the demands are totally insufficient because the people have no me ireason to trust this regime nor anyone who appears on TV saying otherwise.  There have been simply too many outrageous crimes and lies for trust now.  The people will rightly suspect hard liners are playing for time while they organize death squads, set up mass detention camps for millions and purge the military of officers considered "unreliable").