If Khadaffi & Khamenei sought movie roles, guess who they'd play

by FG

Imagine Khadaffi and Khamenei auditioned for movie roles.  Who might they play?

Compared to his counterpart in Libya, Khamenei enjoys a crushing advantage when it comes to physical appearance.

Poor Khadaffi hasn’t aged well. With a few minor alterations and he could stand in for Bette Davis in a John Waters’ remake of “Whatever Happened to Baby Jane?” By contrast, Khamenei looks innocuous.

How are you supposed to hate a guy who could be making toys in Santa’s workshop had life turned out differently? Throw in a pair of pointy slippers with bells on top and Khamenei could join the Seven Dwarves skipping along behind Snow White (“Hi, Ho! Hi, Ho! It‘s off to work we go.”). Caution, please! Just because his real life movie role model is the clerk at the Bates Motel there's no need to spoil things by telling your kids.

Sayyed always did look a tad effeminate. Have you ever speculated about what might be under the fluffy skirts he favors?  Suppose a big gust came along (“Gone With the Wind?”).  What might we discover underneath?

My guess: pink panties complete with "kiss me" logo, matching bra stuffed with socks and topped off by the finest perfumes of Araby. That suggests possibilities in less savory corners of the film industry. (Anyone for upskirt shots?)

Study closely the photos on Khamenei’s home page. Let your eyes wander from the sissy boy of yesterday to the smiling, bearded dictator we‘ve all come to know so well since the last election.  Notice the huge grin. Here is a man in a position to fulfill his childhood fantasies--taking revenge on an entire people for bullying incurred as a child.

By the way I’ve taken the trouble to mail a copy of this post to the Supreme One himself.  Hope he enjoys it


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by hirre on

Soosan Khanoom

Or who would play

by Soosan Khanoom on

Or who would play them 

Juelz Santana plays Khadaffi 

and as you also noticed the resemblance

Santa clause  plays khameni  

: ) 



by yolanda on

Please let us know Supreme Leader's response to this blog!