If Iran's regime covertly arms Taliban, should USA covertly arm dissidents?


by FG

There is substantial evidence that Khamenei's regime has been playing a double game in Iraq and Afghanistan, arming groups like the Al Mahdi army and the Taliban while claiming to "support" both governments. The primary goal is to target Amerivan troops.

I don't believe Iranian government denials in this case any more than I believe their claims that the last election was "the fairest ever" or that no prisoners have been raped and tortured.

The American military is tired of Republic Guard Quds units training and arms to Taliban and Al Mahdi army for attacks on US forces. Iran's regime is certainly vulnerable to the same should US forces begin to arm and covetly train dissidents.

No one is talking about a foreign invasion but merely of giving the Iranian people the means to resist endless brutality from a government that presently benefits from a total monopoly over weapons which it exploits to the fullest and without any scruples.

Perhaps Iran's government should bear in mind two old sayings:

"Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander"

"People in glass houses shouldn't throw stones."

If the US does help arm and train Iranian dissidents who have had enough, can Khamenei and Ahmadinejad, having repeatedly committed crimes of gerat magnitude against their own people, expect the public to respond favorable to calls for unity? How long would such a regime last if dissidents were armed and trained by US Seals and Green Berets, the Amerian equivalent to the IRCG's Quds battalions? If the regime shows no sign of change and continues its intimidation and other crimes, should dissidents seek such help to create a more equal playing field?

What alliegiance do Iranians owe a government that opposes all demands for human rights on the grounds that such things are"subversive" and "western" rather than universal to all men? Why should the people love a government whose sole purpose for existence is to cater exclusively to the special interests of a small clique made up of fascistly reactionary clerics, basilj militias (brownshirts), the IRCG (Khamenei's SS) and Stalinistic judicial prosecutors who run show trials of popular politicians, saintly clerics, students and human rights demonstrators--all based on confessions based on horrific torture?


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maziar 58

salam ul alaikum

by maziar 58 on

I think the American approached Iraqis a the time (the clinton era )about the return of the (remaining) chemicals provided to them in (reagan & Bush  sr.) era by American, British and Germans saying o.k this much for halabjeh,this much for khorram shahr and..

give back the rest or at least pay us back since we gave you on credit ..

under stimating the Arabic moaamele........

they sold it already to Iran and Syria.Israel destroyed the syrian pile and now is Irans' turn(oh god hope not)  good night y'all           Maziar

Ahmed from Bahrain

Are we to believe

by Ahmed from Bahrain on

whatever American tell us? All that proof about WMD that Saddam had and his unleaching nukes at Britian within 45 minutes.

American intelligence. What intelligence?

Ahmed from Bahrain


sign me up.....

by shushtari on

i'll be the first to go through training....

great article....thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!