Hundreds of soldiers disrupt political education session with coughing protest


by FG

Rah-e-Sabz claims that a recent “political education” event at an Iran army barracks had to be cancelled when hundreds of soldiers starting coughing, apparently when the speaker criticised the late Grand Ayatollah Montazeri. Commanders have asked for a list of the dissident coughers.--From Enduring America.



The troops are drawn from the same public the regime persecutes.  That can't be helped.  It is soldiers' families, friends, neighbors, acquaintences and even their clerics, if pro-reform, who become the regime's victims too.   Soldiers also had their votes stolen on June 12 by the Khamenei-Yazdi-Janatti-Taeb--Jafari plot.

Soldiers and civilians alike are finding unique ways to send the same message of scorn for this regime and its leaders.  Expect this tactic to spread as other soldiers learn about it and chuckle at the news.  The tactic is equivalent to clever things oppressed civilians do to freely express themselves (writing slogans on currency or filling walls with anti-coup graffiti).  


OPTION #1: Pro-regime officers can arrest all soldiers who do it. 

Downside: The arrested will outnumber those arresting them.

OPTION #2: Pro-regime officers can arrest a few soldiers to intimidate the rest.

Downside: This tactic hasn't worked on civilians so why should it work on the miitary?  Why shouldn't the results be similar: creating sympathy for the opposition and more contempt for the regime, radicalizing the coughers, driving opposition in the ranks underground, etc.?  The latter is especially dangerous in the case of soldiers.   Meanwhile one can always flatten an officers tires, pour sugar down a military vehicle's gas tank, etc. 

OPTION #3: Increase political reeducation further.  

Prediction: It will be no more effective than elementary school brainwashing attempts (children are de-conditioned by radicalized family members as soon as they get home) or university re-education.  

You Tube contrains plenty of examples of what happens to regime apologists wh try to tell their outrageous lies to the regime's student/victims (loud slogans, table pounding) they simply shut up and flee the room to laughter and jeers.   The sole effect is to cheer the oppressed and demoralize spokesmen assigned to defend what is inherently indepensible.  What could be more psychologically painful to a social animal than repeated doses of mass scorn that confirm one's pariah status?  That also explains why so many offspring of regime big shots and thugs often join young peers in opposition protests.   To defend the regime these days is a futile as praising a chld molestor. 


--In every university regime dullards replace qualified professors and Yazdi-style clerics or Basilj thugs become university presidents.

--In every courtroom zealous defense attorneys are sent to jail if they serously try to defend the regime's critics.  Judges with any sense of fairness or justice are displaced by millionaire Larinjani types to make certain that protestors are found guilty and given ludicrous sentences. 

--In the army and IRCG well-bribed political scumbags like Jafari) replace real and competent officers believe in serving Iran and its people.   The latter are labeled "politically unreliable" and forced into early retirement.

--Corruption, brutality and injustice are everywhere and so public that soldiers and public alike can't help noticing. Only the bribed corrupt and naive can have faith in ther Islamic Republic and its Supreme Mugabe anymore.


Everyone knows by now that Khamenei has no moral scruples and hardly represents Islam.  He'd give the population the Khmer Rouge treatment in a minute if he thought the troops would go along.   His officers have already infomed him what he can expect so he must be practical.

Iran's officer class will have good reason to fear the troops if it supports mass slaughter of the opposition.   In Vietnam, soldiers often fragged such types by tossing a gernade into their tent at night or "accidentally" shooting them full of holes during combat.   The attitude of troops toward such officers is best captured in a WW II film directed by Robert Aldrich--"Attack."  I strongly recommend it to anyone who identifies with the Iranian opposition, especially soldiers.    


If the above story contains any additional details, I wouldn't know it because my only languages are English and French (the latter partly self-taught).   I'd be particular interested in a translation of another item from Ayande News which seems to have have quite a few interesting items these days, though in Farsi and arabic script.  It is a analysis of why diffferent hard liners may be trying to bring down the regime:



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Sargord Pirouz

Hey, we're talking about

by Sargord Pirouz on

Hey, we're talking about this specific news story, nothing else. As such, judging this story as true or false has nothing to d with judging other specific news stories.By your line of reasoning, we should judge this as true just because there are many other stories in the news which offend us, which is exactly what I pointed out in my last comment. This is a totally flawed means of interpreting news stories. But like I said, if truth is only secondary, go right ahead "believing" whatever you like, in the face of something that is so obviously wrong.

And just because other news services or stories may be suspect, is no reason to accept specific news stories from other services just because they might adhere to your political beliefs. Everything should be taken with a grain of salt. Unless, of course, you're self-attracted to gullibility. If so, don't mind me, go right ahead being pleasantly misinformed.

gitdoun ver.2.0


by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

you know Sargord your right. what was i smoking. inshallah i will get my news from and and never ever again listen to the Western Lackey, Morally Corrupt and unwitting supporters of Zionism. Everything they say is kufr and full of lies. infact Sargord just for u i will be the first to make Taak'fir on them and rejoin the I.R.I.  .  But first let me make my televised confession ......


Discriminating when it comes to the truth

by Fair on

Like "IRGC did not take part in suppressing the protestors" or mass murder and rape and torture and imprisonment without trial and representation are "law enforcement" or 3 million people in the streets saying "where is my vote" is an "undercurrent" or "vocal minority" or Neda's murder in broad daylight in cold blood for the whole world to see was a British Zionist American CIA Mossad MI6 plot.

Talk about blinders.

Waffen SS Major, you should follow Jamshid's advice and shed your dirty IRGC uniform while you can to save your pathetic mercenary self. The Iranian people will hold accountable those who murdered and raped and disappeared their sisters and brothers, as well as the accomplices of these criminals and stateless terrorists and thieves. Shame on you for betraying the Iranian people and selling out your sisters and brothers.



Sargord Pirouz


by Sargord Pirouz on

Hey, if y'all are content suspending your belief systems in order to accept anything and everything anti-IRI you read or view on the internet, so be it.

But some of us are more disciminating.

Are you really willing to accept false rumors as truth, just so that it conforms to your unrealistic desires?

I gotta say, that's an awful compromise to make. 

gitdoun ver.2.0

good blog

by gitdoun ver.2.0 on

i found this blog interesting. thanks for sharing !


Sargord Pirouz

by jamshid on

I suggest you change your ID and your avatar/photo to a civilian one. As I mentioned to you before, being or having been in the military and defending the murderous and corrupt regime in public could have unfavorable consequences for your future.

The more I read your comments, the more it looks like you are an "accomplice", or at the very least an "accessory" to the regime that is murdering and raping our youth. In a future free Iran, you won't be able to get away from this.





PoorPirouz: A rebuttal

by FG on

re: This is just another one of those false stories being propagated by the online opposition media.

False?  You mean like the "false" claim that someone other than the regime killed Neda?  Or the false claims that political prisoners, both male and female, have been tortured and raped?   Or the false claim that regime thugs ran over Mousawi's nephew than shot him at point blank range?  Or the falso claims of that the regime beat and arrested mourning mothers and even broke the bones of a 75-year-old one?  Or the false claims of mass graves or past death squads (whose names were exposed in the Iranian media by the way which is what induced Khamenei to cancel Khatami's new press freedoms.

TRUTH, by your definition is that Neda is alive and living in London, or that her finance murdered her, or that she was a prostitute and the doc who tried to save her was a pimp who murdered her, that the CIA did it.  Or was it the Israelis?  Or opposition leaders?  Your regime came up with six different stories in its own media trying to blame her death on someone else.  It even threatented her mother.   The public saw all of this, like it saw the repeated beatings in the street with elderly, children and, above all, women targeted by the regime's rhugs.  Deny as you like.  Videos circulate everywhere in Iran, arousiong people further, as they are endless on the Internet.  (I have to agree that only a privileged insider or a Lebonese Hezbollah type could defend such crimes and lies). 

Can you deny rank-and-file soldiers come from the people and share their experiences?  No, though you will deny what they've experienced. 

You can see student contempt for regime spokesmen on You Tube.   Ahmadinejad's small crowds and the regime's bussed-in ones speak for the regime's unpoularity.   It even hires prostitutes and criminals to fill 'em out.


If you think this regime isn't horrifically unpopular (and it's getting worse) why does it fear to allow free and open demonstrations and announce them in advance?

What did the Khamenei family do to EARN $67 billion NOT milion?  How about all the other multi-millionaire mullahs whose foreign accounts were disclosed recently by Malay bank sources?  They included Taeb, Larinjan, Janatti, the Yazdis and Mojtaba.  No wonder these guys love the Islamic Republic and will commit any crime to keep it going? 

Is it not true a fact that meanwhile many workers go weeks or months without pay and anyone who complains is attacked? 

Why would the regime fear a free press and free speech if it had nothing to hide or criticize. \

Why was a freed media shut down after exposing the regime's death squads and identifying its members?  (Someone on the inside spilled the beans).

When has the regime experienced such big protests both in number of protestors, in varied backgroiunds (not just students and middle class anymore) and in so many locations including the Iranian heartland, supposedly a regime stronghold?

Why does the regime rank #1 in brain drain, #3 in worthless currency and in the top 10 worldwide in corruption out of overt 150 companies?

Where is there any prospect of hope for the average Iranian so long as this regime continues?

Finally, regarding your post on earlier predictions of the regime's demise.  First, conditions weren't nearly as bad yet as they would become later.   People were still under the illusion that they'd have a happy future someday with this regime.  Who believes that now except privileged insiders?

So you visited the Soviet bloc in the late days.  Did that prevent the USSR's fall?  Did you notice how rapidly the even more unpopular regimes of the East fell the moment the USSR removed the option of force to bulwark existing regimes. 

How long would this one last now without reliance on force?  Except for the few it has enriched, is there one single reason any other Iranian would support it?


Sargord Pirouz

uh, yeah-right

by Sargord Pirouz on

And a few months ago, mid-ranking members of the Artesh signed a proclamation warning the IRGC. Remember that false story and forgery?

Yeah, we all got a good laugh at that one.

Sorry to break up the cheerleading party- again. But this is just another one of those false stories being propagated by the online opposition media.

It's too bad, too. Because the only thing these false claims do is raise false hopes in the diaspora, while at the same time further damage an already discredited reform movement.