Is this guy the living embodiment of incorrigibility?

by FG

What theory best fits Khemenei's repetitive behavior?

As the whole nation of Iran, despite all its great potential, continues to suffer needlessly because of one man, I keeping asking myself:

1. Is the Supreme Leader stupidly blind and that isolated that he believes what he keeps saying?

2. Or is he a boldly calculating liar who know--or thinks he knows--exactly what he is doing?  (My choice)

If number #2, does Khamenei really imagine that anyone with half a brain believes his imposed and official lie"anymore?  

Iran's public TV has summarized Khamenei's latest speech in the northern city of Chalous.  After all that has happened, he continues to sing the same old tune:


The enemy started to throw mud and spread rumors in order to undermine
and downplay this big political victory….The enemy caused unrest in a
part of the country. We see that it is worried about the 85 percent
participation of the Iranian nation in the presidential
election….Iran’s foes are angry with progress and development of the

As Scott Lucas writes at Enduring America, "And so on and so on."  




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