Goodbye all! My last post on

by FG

Yesterday, I posted a blog on Six countries Iranians should keep an eye
on.  It appeared on the home page briefly and disappeared.   It took me
hours to write.

In the late evening I posted--in the news section--a very good article
from Tehran Bureau about how Khamenei has become a leading figure of
ridicule in Iran.   Hours later I find it doesn't appear on the first
page and consequently has only 28 reads.   The article certainly was
worthy of more than that.  At least it didn't take much time to prepare. 

I'm tired of this.

To put hours into an analysis post only to have it buried is
discouraging.   I may as well be writing critical articles on the regime
in Iran at this rate.    I cannot see the point in posting any more new
stories or analysis blogs if they are merely to be buried.  There's
somthing petty about this.   I could understand if the posts were
frivolous or not worth reading.  Someone at sure seems to have it in for me.  Maybe I've offended a nationalist like Amirforsecular monarchy or someone similar by disagreeing with him but if you can't take opposing opinions I'd say move back to Iran.

So that's it.   See yah!  I'll stick to Enduring America from now on,
though the comments section isn't suited to longer analysis.


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I take care of your dirty jobs

by مآمور on

 عزیزان دل خواهر و برادر در به اصلاح الهب تلپ زسیون ٍ اگر په دنپال یک مامور مزدور حقوق بگیر و جاسوس...........و خلاصه ثمام القابی که دلتان میخواهد هستید اینجانب بسیجیتر از بسیجی مامور ۳۳ رژیم با سوابق کافی و تجربه زیاد در خدمت شما عزیزان دور از وطن  به قول آقای گیلانی شلوار جین کلوین کلاین پوش ِ پر سر و صدا بی عملِِِ  چشم امید اسرائیل ........هستم.

I wear an Omega watch



by Farfromheaven2002 on

I am providing my opinion because I found you a nice conversationalist.  Please find some thoughts related to your comment below.

"Sheepishly accept it": One doesn’t have to accept it while he could improve the quality of his blog.  Lots of people are being paid to generate and post a blog in other websides.  In my opinion all websites including IC are constantly looking for good thinkers who produce excellent blogs.  This means that one gets a more considerable attention for a high quality blog from a admin.

"People announce their intention because they owe it to others":  I really don’t use “owe” in my vocabulary, but it makes sense to say people announce their intention because they want to be nice.  Good.  However, I think a thoughtful analysis of their intention is more valuable.  I am not convinced that one quits because his blog didn’t have enough exposure on the first page of IC only once.  Finally, I agree that I might not understand FG’s intention because I didn’t have any blogs.



It is sad to see valuable contributers such as FG & divaneh

by Roozbeh_Gilani on

Talk about leaving this site, yet people behind user ID's such as (and by no means limited to...) darius ,  Farfromheaven2002 , and  MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan, whose only contribution to this site seem to be vicious personal attacks upon users critical of the islamist regime are allowed to roam the site absolutely freely and create even more user ID's for more personal attacks and attempts of character assasination upon other users...

"Personal business must yield to collective interest."


Agha Groupie,

by AMIR1973 on

I guess I hit a nerve. Hilarious!


LOL Amir1973

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Whether I am Basavad or Bisavad, or an IRI groupy, it does not improve the despicable online behavor of your kind. It's there for all to read. The usual wa wa wa...

How about complaining to Admin about my IQ, savad, or whatever else criteria you think Admin should implement to keep IC "clean."

Every society has its basavads and bisavads. IC is no exception and if you think it helps your nite's sleep, I'll play the bisavad...


Dear Denmark-residing IRI Groupie

by AMIR1973 on

I have never said you're on the "IRI payroll" (I know such distinctions are difficult to grasp for the "Bi Savad" elements that vomit up IRI propaganda). But, I have called you an IRI Groupie, which is not exactly the same thing. Got it, Ey Bi Savad?


It takes one to know one chicken hawk.

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Besides. make up your mind. Am I on welfare on the IRI payroll? Or maybe both.


"I think I gonna leave this site for a whole ½ hour"

by AMIR1973 on

The approximate time it takes for a Danish welfare check to be cashed --LOOLLL


Please ignore the worthless comments by MBMB

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Wa wa Wa, Admin.

Divaneh called my comments worthless, and, and, and, (sniff, sniff) insulted my intelligence. Wa, wa, wa. I think I gonna leave this site for a whole ½ hour.

And don't anyone come and stop me. I no like play with bullies no more. Waaaaa




by Truthseeker9 on

" ... someone in admin does not play it by the rules and makes personal judgements involved when featuring the blogs … many pro-Islamists who have infilterated the admin hate it ..."

I love it! Please let the looloo-khorkhoreh in Admin own up! whooooo are you?



by oktaby on

saying what I think you are saying divaneh...

That FarFromHeaven (and company) are not far enough? and need to go to Hell?

Please clarify



i hope

by rtayebi1 on

you stay.


I second Mehraban

by vildemose on

I second Mehraban's sentiment. Your analyses, passion, and the logical style of your writings are rare and  invaluable on IC. Personally, You have taught me so much. Please don't let the pro-Islamists win. That is what they have been waiting for a long time...This is not the time to give up...Don't let them win.

Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into every blog,  your news roundup, informed and cohesive analysis . Your perspective is indispensable and many pro-Islamists who have infilterated the admin hate it.  I hope your reconsider.

A state of war only serves as an excuse for domestic tyranny.--Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn.


Dear Divaneh

by Mehrban on

That is so so nice of you to say that it would be awful to leave without saying goodbye.  I am so touched by how seriously you take your friendships on this site.  In the midst of comments containing so many degrading comments about the quality of bloggers at IC and how insignificant we all are, your comment made me very happy.   I had always thought that if one day I leave I will just leave and after a few days no one would remember that such a blogger existed.  Now I know that if I ever have to leave, I should say goodbye.   Thank you Divaneh.



by divaneh on

As you have mentioned my name I think it is important for you and anyone with that line of thinking to understand that people announce their intentions because they owe it to others. Leaving without giving a damn to let your virtual friends know is in my view an ungrateful thing to do. As you and some other may not have grasped the importance of this issue, it is about the stated rules being broken and whilst you may decide to sheepishly accept it, some of us stand for their principles. I also think that you would have had a better understanding of what FG is saying if you had submitted a blog yourself.

For your own information, people like FG are welcome anywhere whilst the IRI employees in this site will not get it as good elsewhere. I personally have too many things to do and too little time, and yes there are other sites that one can publish in.

Dear FG,

Please ignore the worthless comments by MBMB. Just view his/her contributions to get an understanding of the level of his/her intelligence.


Too many Bache Naneh on this site already

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

What is this with this Bache Nane bunch? One complains of removal of his repetitous junk, another gets thrown out for foul language, the third complains of being ignored. Wa, Wa, Wa. And then the usual suspects hurrying to give him a shoulder to cry on.


If you wanna go, then go. You don't have to write a letter like those suicide people who leave notes in hope of someone coming in the last minute to save them. 

Anyways, good riddance to anyone in anyway associated with Enduring America. 



Is this an Iranian culture? Doubt it.

by Farfromheaven2002 on

As an endless reader of I am not a fan of IC contributors who keep complaining and threatening to leaving IC for ever.  Is IC a charity website to contributors who feel less? 

We live in a world with unlimited numbers of Iranian contirbutors especially with such a large rate of Iranians choosing to live out side Iran.

“one” does nothing in this world by himself expect if he/she becomes a dictator of a country.  If you want to leave; leave. 

You should ask yourself a question in advance.  Are you able to live without contributing to IC?  Do you have many other replacement?  Is there any other Iranian websites that you could provide any sorts of comments and find some response?

Many of people at IC are so dears to me, and their comments make my day, but come on.  Every week there is a person who anounces a good-bye party.  

---My sincere apology to FG that I had to post the comment on her wall.  My comment has nothing to do with a single contributor like FG and Divaneh.  I am only brining up the trend, which has been common since IC creation.


Tell me about it FG

by divaneh on

Tell me about it. I recently quitted this site for almost exactly the same reason. I know how it feels when someone put the hours in to just see them wasted in a hidden blog. I had exactly the same feeling as you that someone in the admin was playing game with me especially because it was recurring. I think you are right someone in admin does not play it by the rules and makes personal judgements involved when featuring the blogs whilst the stated rule is that every original entry should appear in the featured blogs list.

Having said all that, I think it would be pity to lose you. I find your contributions very diversified and informative, and as you can see I am not the only one. Let's hope we can keep learning from you.


FG, looks like you have a fan club

by kazem0574 on

Its not easy doing what you do, browsing through many websites and news articles then trying to see an emerging picture or a trend. 

Really liked the grandson of Khomaini for rahbar, as I have always thought that the best way to destroy the IRI beast is from within.

Believe me I have been reading IC for years and only started commenting every now and then two year ago.  There have been so many people who have felt like you and left, but you should stay.

One negative example of a member who disappeared (got removed???) was  “SARGORD”,  he used to get on everyone’s nerve but even that was OK.

You are a very positive example though and  should stay.


And FG

by Truthseeker9 on

Dont change, there are many silent readers who appreciate writers here without commenting. You dont need approval from anybody with regards to your views and style.

The most important post here was from Admin, as they do not always respond but they chose to with you. 


Dear FG

by Siavash300 on

I don't know you,but I would like my country man inform me about events and anything relates to Iran, so please don't leave and keep on good work. My post also get burned many times but I didn't fuss on it. I Just rationalized it in a way it should have had some reasons. for example the condensation of words or some technical errors in computer.


Dear FG: I hope you stick around and continue ….

by Bavafa on

I won’t repeat what most others have already mentioned and I do realize you put a lot of time in your work.  But giving up is hardly the answer and I encourage you to stick around and perhaps try newer method.  Those mentioned by Cousin Faramarz are all good points in gaining more readership, though it only helps to divide our community even further apart.  The choice however is yours.



'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




by Mehrban on

This is absolutely the worst time for you to quit.  Your material is just beginning to get traction.  



Dear FG

by darius on

1.Your handle or ID is open to interpretation .

2.Listen to Tigerer Lili, get yourself some  tities.It's better to get it now before you get to heaven. 

3.Make your blogs   bloody graphic , depict thousands of Iranian  dead in street of Tehran .Make sure for every bombs that is dropped, there is a writing in it like" we never ever let it happen again, from the children of EU, children of Israel, use you rimagination for god sake.

Do whatever it takes to get attention( like  what you did this time). 


4.Make your blogs act a like a queen bee, support or condemn late Shah, Mossadegh  or Israel( I know you do not like to do the last one) or buy a place for your blogs for two times a day publication.Remember they are like late tv infomercials.Posting them at 1 am is must cheaper than day light posting.

5.Make sure your blogs always depict mash gahsem, Roozbeh gilani,Fred ,Masoud as the new leaders conferring to change the name of Iran to "Republic Of Isramika.This definitely brings all the IRI supporter to your blogs.

Do not forget Rajavi's as the new leader of Isramika and training  whomever they can get their hand on to  labor camp or execution

with their own kind of Abjis and pasdar.These are free real time characters you can use, no need to pay loyalty.

6.Use more blood, killing, disaster, fabrication,lies.

7.Keep saying the same thing again and again and again, do it twice a day( Fred 's suceess secret).This way you will be missed and the Admin will be flooded by request. 

8. I f none of the above worked, get yourself more tities and write about  how the hand of Seyed Javad Zabihi(khoda beyamorz)

looked like.Make sure you use your imgaination,like , his hand was long, hairy and smelled like golab . When he walked his face ..

whatever.It is not even crime to declare yourself from th elinage of other dynasties.

9.If you did all these and still didn't work, I think, you need to go to a better place that  ,

A.Pay for you r blogs

b.People are trained to do it and you save them bunch of money.


10.For god sakes man, write hot sexy stories,about shazdeh when he at age of 9 met his first love, she was then 25.That even makes Ari to comment on your blogs and abh bah chah chah you. 

Sex ,always sell, trust me.  

11.I don't know what else you can do, if al lfails ,may be the best solution is to say good bye and save yourself stress and have a good time watching tities picture ,travelling, socialise and realise the life does not start and ends in  

12.You see as soon as you said  you are leaving, I spend two hours of my time writing about it .


Hamasishe dar halat ghahr kardan bash 

Veiled Prophet of Khorasan


by Veiled Prophet of Khorasan on


I already post on your other blog what I think. But I will cut and paste it below for others. I also second Faramarz's idea for getting posts. And will include MEK particularly anything good about it.

It is not the fault of IC readers that your blogs are buried. None of us have any control over what gets featured and what is buried. The only input we got is to make a lot of posts and then it shows as "most discussed".

Just one thing I want to add. You showed remarkable insensitivity to Iranians over Persian Gulf. Nevertheless your blogs are some of the most informative. Maybe if you are more sensitive you get more posts and show in "most discussed". Plus just because I don't post does not mean I don't read your blogs. I do read them but as I said I was not going to post until you showed sensitivity. This is an exception I make so you don't feel ignored. It is being "sensitive" to your feeling. 

Good luck





Nicely put

by oktaby on

Faramarz. Even if you missed Trita and a few other choice characters :)

FG, I do not agree with some of your analyses but if your intent is to educate and help the common cause that is Iran, then this is just another medium. If it pisses you off as does most in round robin fashion, then it is just IC. It is a lot like homeland. It is a cluster of chaos, innuendo and regurgitation of semi-learned history and hafez. News at the end of the day has some aspect of reality at least.


Esfand Aashena

FG are you Iranian?

by Esfand Aashena on

I thought you were American, having sold your house in Texas and living and traveling in an RV.  Your last comment on the below link said so.  So are you an American or Iranian?

Mr & Mrs Ahmadinejad :0) 

Everything is sacred


Dear FG

by masoudA on

1- Please stay around..... What we need is a stage where Eyranians of all idealogies and beliefs can stand together.....remember, at this stage - standing together is far far more important than "Educating" others.  

2- Keep your comments, blogs, even articles...short and sweet and to the point.   Remember - "Harf e Hessab" travels fast amongst Eyranians.  

3- I don't know when was the last time you spent an extended time in Iran (and I mean extended time not just a few weks vacation).   but if and when you do - you will understand how ALL Iranians hate and ridicule IR and it's leaders,...even those who have to bow to the regime to earn a living.   My point is - Nobody ever took Khamenei serious to begin with.



by Faramarz on

This is not a popularity contest here and you shouldn’t look at it as such. Many of the well-written Farsi blogs hardly ever get any attention at all, but if you use the proven formula of the emotional subjects of Shah vs. Mossadegh, NIAC vs. Iranian-American Community, Israel’s Bombing Campaign, you are guaranteed to get lots of comments.

But is that what you are here for?  

p.s. You need a jazzier username and avatar, throw in a little humor, some naked breasts, a touch of poetry and some song and dance and you will be the talk of IC Town!

But is that what you are here for?



by Truthseeker9 on

I have always appreciated your contributions from long ago. Please stay as it was a misunderstanding. All a learning experience.