Funny skit: "Mrs. & Mrs. Ahmadinejad" on Saturday Night Live

by FG



"Mrs. Ahmadinejad" talks about her husband:

"He farted under the sheets and blamed it on Israel."



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by yolanda on

Thank you, Cost-of-Progress

OMG, I did not know the impersonator is Iranian. Thank you for your input. From what I read, Mousavi's wife talked a lot during the campaign, but I have not heard much about AN's wife. If my memory was good, I read that the lady has a master's degree....her pictures scare me, the lady looks oppressed....... of course, she does not need to worry about how I feel about her pictures 'cause I am nobody. (LOL)

     I hope everything works out for the Iranian impersonator...... As you know, sometimes people can get offended if comedy goes too far.





LOL, funny skit

by Cost-of-Progress on

yolanda, that's the point of the skit. in true Islam, as I am sure you know, women are 2nd, actually, 5th class citizens and the skit is making fun of that. She's the one calling the shots because in real life she's an opressed "kalogh siyah" as you can see in the photo in the link you posted.

The woman in the skit is the new addition to the SNL cast. She's actually Iranian. I forgot her name. It'll be a funny season for SNL. Hope I can stay up that late........



by yolanda on

I watched the skit already, unfortunately I am not sure if it is an accurate portrayal of Mr. and Mrs. AN. In the skit, Mrs. AN was calling the shots, did all the talking, and she sounded aggressive! Is that true that Mrs. AN is pulling the strings behind the scene in real life? In this picture, the lady looked submissive:


In real life, AN is always loud and aggressive. How could he be so quiet in the skit?