Fearing low turnout, regime pleads with Moussavi for help

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Supposedly Moussavi a regime official has visited Moussavi and asked him to be conciliatory, given "rising foreign threats".  

I agree with the Enduring America analysist who said that the real motive is fear of a low turnout and its consequences. Low turnout = Ahmadinejad's faction wins easily.

Ahmadinejad's faction has more numbers than the hated mullahs and substantial bribe capability which they show no reluctance to use. 

Except for the Guardian Council's actions, rigging this one won't be so easy this time for the mullahs.   Consider this: Which faction supplied many of the election riggers last time?


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Tehran Bureau's preview of upcoming elections

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Khamenei, "Reformers can participate." NO THANK YOU!

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Now this from Radio Zamaneh:

Iran’s Supreme Leader says reformists can participate
in the coming election if they “admit to being in error” in the last
presidential election, the head of Iran’s Assembly of Experts has

The Khabar Online website reports that in an interview,
Ayatollah Mahdavi Kani [the head of the Assembly of Experts] said:
“[Supreme Leader Ayatollah Khamenei] says anyone that comes and says I
believe in these principles, the constitution, the Revolution, Islam and
the leadership, even if they have different tastes, they should not be
churned away from the Revolution.”

Kani added that he had inquired specifically about the reformists and
the Supreme Leader had responded: “If they came and admitted that they
were in error, then it is not a problem. They can come and say at a
certain time, we made a mistake and now we understand and do not want to
repeat those errors.”

Source: Enduring America


Some remarkable quotes

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Anyone who thinks Seyed Hassan Khoumeini is "just are former, needs to be needs to recall some positions the Founder's grandson has taken.

1. "My grandfather's revolution has devoured its children and
strayed from its course." 

2. Those who have ruled since 1979 are mere "wearers of the turban," guilty of massive
abuse of power.

3."Freedom must come to Iran in ANY POSSIBLE WAY, whether through internal or external developments...I want someone to break the
prison [doors open]?  NOTE: He had been asked about his statement that
Iranians would be better off even if it took an American invasion to
free them).

4. One of his first acts would be "to make wearing the hijab (veil) optional."

5.  Khoumeini praised American
secular democracy.

6. "Strength will not be obtained through weapons and the


THE HAJIB MOVE: It amounts to throwing down the gauntlet immediately. He would possess three political assets whereas
no previous regime critic has enjoyed more than: a) popular legitimacy via an overwhelming election victory; b)
possession of the presidential office as a power base and c) the huge
advantage in being grandson of the founder. 

The Supreme Leader can respond with verbal outrage only which makes him look weak OR he can order Khomeini's arrest but will troops obey?

THE DOWNSIDE OF IRANIAN NUKES: Khoumeini saw the catch. A cold war without nukes beats a cold war with nukes.   What one country gets, the neighbor must have, especially when relations are unfriendly. The
Saudis now feel they have no choice but to do likewise.