The Disgraceful George Romney

by FG

Democrats and all Amerticans rallied behind Bush on the morning of 9/11.

Today, before all the facts were in a deperate George Romney, a politician who has no responsibilities catered to the right-wing extremists who have seized control of the Republican Party by rushing to exploit the death of four Americans by blaming Obama.

No one was surprise. These people hate Romney. To imagine this man as president and foreign policy leadeader is unthinkable. On his trip to Europe, he played the buffoon, offending everyone. In a new pole, only five percent of Europeans rated him favorably.

What a contrast between Hillary's statement and Romney's! A subpost at the Washington Post catches the essence of these extremist whose hate for Obama, aggravated by his race and cries to "take back the White House." explains their An

1. After the mourning for American victims, Americans will turn their fury on Romney and Pastor Jones of Florida--the sort of man to whom Romney caters. It Romney wanted to condemn someone it should be Jones.

2. The fact that Pastor Jones is headquartered in Florida, combined with Romney's remarks, is likely to cost Romney that state on election time.

3. Obama and Americans won't blame Libya's government but will turn on Egypt and the Muslim Brotherhood because the latter is planning an anti-American rally for domestic reasons--to outdo the Salafis.

4. Forget Morsi's visit to Washington. Forget American tourism to Egypt. Foreign aid to Egypt. Politically the later seems impossible now. It requires a vote from Congress which can't aid a government led by a party that endorsed the attacks and murders in Libya.


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George or Mitt?

by P_T_B_A on

Wasn't George Romney the father of Willard Mitt Romney?


By George!

by John on

I assume that you mean Mitt Romney, not his father George.


I guess the consensus now

by Frashogar on

Is that the "Arab Spring" has gone down the loo! Hate to say it, but there was never an Arab Spring to begin with.


Another prediction

by FG on

The attack will boomerang on the Salafis especially in Libya where the US is popular for having helped Libyans when Khaddafi was on the ropes.

It's clear Salafis in Egypt worked hand in hand with Salafis in Libya to plan these demonstrations.

As I've noted, Egyptians won't begin to rue the day until the consequence come into play.  Egyptian tourism will take years to recover from this.   Visualize empty hotel, empty cafes, empty markets. 


Sorry for loss of paragraphs in lead post

by FG on

The problem affectr readability and seems to occur .   limits readabilty.   I wish there were a paragraph indenrtation option at the bottom of all posts.

Apparently the prioblem happens when a post includes anything copied from a subpost elsewhere such as the quote I used here.