"Clever" Syrian security plan (leaked)


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Doesn't this excerpt from a stolen Syrian document leaked to the press sound like something Khamenei would do?  


The locations of political protests should be blocked off and civilian-clothed security agents should infiltrate the protests “in an attempt to cause a state of chaos.” (Note: Iran alread does both)

In order to further “deceive the enemy,” snipers should be concealed in the ranks of the protesters and be given the leeway to shoot some security agents or army officers, “which will further help the situation by provoking the animosity of the army against the protesters.”


IMPACT ON SECURITY FORCES AND THEIR LOYALTY: News of this tactic could fatally backfire and being down the regime   If you are worried about the loyalty of your security forces the tactic sounds like a clever idea...until it leaks out and becomes publkic knowledge.   Unfortunately copies are circulating rapidly everywhere in Syria as well as on the internet.  I suspect word will spread rapidly amongl Syria's security forces.   What then?   Who leaked the document.  Probably someone who was repelled at being asked to implement such a suggestion.  I can't think of a better way to express one's displeasure.  

THE KHAMENEI REGIME LIKELY HAS SIMILAR PLANS:  Syrian and Iranian security officials have been consulting one another about how to handle protestors.   In fact, one of the people who signed this document was Mohammed Nasif Khaybrick, CHIEF SYRIAN ADVISOR TO IRAN and one of Assad's to[p advisor.

A POTENTIAL MAJOR OPPOSITION WEAPON IF USED IN IRAN?: The Iranian opposition must circulate this document and make sure it is delivered to homes of known members of the Basilj, IRCG, police.   The information in the excerpt and item #2 above deserves special emphasis.   Rank-and-file members of the security forces come from the people Khamenei is brutalizing.  Coming on top of being ask to beat, imprison and kill friends, neighbors and acquaintances, how will they react to this.

In the story below (See link) you will otice the unmistable resemblance of many suggested "dirty tricks" in Syria to tactics presently being used in Iran. We already know Khamenei regime has no moral scruples to restrain himself.  He would no more hesitate at targeting members of its own security forces if he felt it could assure loyalty than he would hesitate at orderoing rigged elections, beatings at funeral processions, using family members of demonstrators as hostages, stealing the bodies of victims right out of their caskets, or commanding the rape and torture of imprisoned protestors, regardless of age or gender.

--Syria's proposed death squads are modeled on Khamenei's model.  Earlier death squads could never have operated opeated freely without Khamenei's protection.   Khoumeini's own son, a much too popoular criticv of Khamenei's authrotarian tendencies, appears to have been the most prominent victim, along with journalists, human rights spokesmen and intellectuals in general. 

--More recently recall the murder of a member of Mousavi's familly--run over by a car as police looked on and did nothing.  (Yo, Assad!  It worked for us.  Give it a try, brother!)  Recall the demonstrator thrown off a bridge.  Recall Neda and others.   

--Observe how the Khamenei's regime, after killing demonstrators, tried to claim that its victims were "members of the basilj" or similiar.  That claim was made primarily for the benefit of security force members who were expected to believe it so their loyalty would be reinforces.  Doesn't it resemble the proposed Syrian tactic above?

--Finally, recall the arrest and punishment of familiy members and fellow students of the deceased when, despite threats, they took great risks to publicly exposed such lives.  Again, you must always ask yourself, "Could they get away with such things without Khamenei's full approval?

Check out this article.  It's a doozy.




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Maryam Hojjat

FG, Thanks

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You are Very Right, It is khameneie 's tactics.