BLASTING AWAY: Turkey's economy is second only to China in economic growth. Where is Iran?


by FG

Mohammed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood, now President of Egypt, has two superb reasons to duck Iranian courtship in favor of visits to Saudi Arabia and the USA for his first state trips.  

Motive #1: Morsi is extremely ticked off by outrageous IRI megalomanic claims that both the Brotherhood's victory in Egypt and the Arab Spring were "inspired" by the Iranian Revolution.

Motive #2: Above all Morsi fears the repercussions if Egyptians, outside investors and foreign tourists got the idea he wanted to pursue failed and historically dated Iranian model.   What sense would that make when a vastly superior and far more humane Islamist style has captured everyone's attention?  Under Khamenei's leadership the IRI has become a simple personal fief --increasingly autocratic, sadistic, corrupt, etc., with no prospect of hope.  Meanwhile Erdogan was creating the "Turkish miracle."    

No muslim can avoid noticing that in just a decade and without a single drop of oil, Erdogan accomplished a thousand times more the oil rich mullahs who had 33 years of rising oil prices to accomplish anything other than turning Iran into a mass poorhouse--a giant prison for mind and body.  By comparison Turkey is now breathtakingly prosperous, economically competent and a relative (not absolute)  treasure house of treasured personal and political freedoms.   If this were a horse race,Turkey looks like Secretariat while the IRI resembles a broken down, knock-kneed nag on its last legs. Even in Iran itself, despite all efforts at concealing facts, people express admiration for Turkey while mourning their own desperate plight.  For a perfect example see:


There is a strong connection between Khamenei's ultraconservative decision-making and Iran's dismal economy today.  Twice Khamenei--a gut-level, inborn reactionary--vetoed badly needed major reforms (in the Khatami Era and 2009) thus destroying future prospects beyond recall. Today the Iranian model is more more broke, more brutal and less inclusive than ever. Meanwhile, Moussavi--the man who almost single handedly salvaged the economy after the Iran-Iraq war is rotting away under house arrest after daring to run on a platform advocating essential reforms.  


Before the 1979 revolution Iran was #1 in the world in economic growth!  Look at her 33 years later.  In 1979  Oilless Turkey and oilless South Korea were so far behind Iran in per capita income as to be economically invisible (especially South Korea).   In 2012  South Korea's per capital income is more than 20 times that of Iran!  Well at least somebody got rich in the meantime--mullah millionaires that include Khamenei's despised offspring, Murderous Motaba--a central figure in the 2009 election rigging and subsequent horrors.   CAUTION

The growth rates we see in China and Turkey canot be sustained forever.  In an already poor Iran almost totally dependent on oil revenue, any future downturns in the world economy will have disasterous internal consequences.   After the oil runs out it may look more like Taliban Afghanistan than Erdogan's Turkey. Even so when a recession does arrive in Turkey or China look for relieved  Iranian propagandists to make the best of it.   I doubt anyone will be fooled.   


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confusing title

by مآمور on

is this blog talking about economy or Morsi or....... Muslim brotherhood's strategy??

to get the best out of your written piece, one should follow his/her thesis which would be manifested on the title!!

just quick note on Turkey economy, it comes right after Spain and Italy in term's of public debts. there is publicity and news networks talking about its situation just because the political situation in Syria and Turkey's roles as a NATO member!!

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Dear APFSM: You and I may agree on some stuff….

by Bavafa on

Respectfully, the Shah not being the puppet of US is not one of them. 


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 



Bavafa????? Turkey Independent????? Wishful thinking

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

Turkey is on the same side as the USA/France/UK directly against their own National Interest in supplying weapons to Syria for islamists and helping reported over 10,000 foreign fighters to cross into syria in the last week.  This proves they are totally subservient to the priorities of US Policy and this after the USA armed Israelis killed turkish citizens and neither the USA nor Israell did anything to mend their alliance with nowkar Turkey.  

The Model, for a Predominantly Muslim Nation, in order to not be a puppet by serving the interests of the people in the counrty is and was the late shah of iran actually, prior to the deception of the people of Iran and coordinated with the US betrayal of iranians and their king, with a gradual approach towards a parliamentary democracy as the country has the possibility to manage one by developing institutions that can withstand and counteract foreign influence, as holland, UK, Japan all did gradually. 



Moral of the story is IRI is nose diving down for 33 years and

by amirparvizforsecularmonarchy on

counting, every year adds another 1.5 million new people with no jobs and no hopes within Iran.  During each election cycle a new 6 million souls are added to the list that want the regime brought down one way or another for their own survival and to escape poverty.

Yet it is unreasonable to request that the same Iranians that were deceived in 1979 to actually learn the lessons of the past and rally around the flag & the king of iran, which was fully delivering the resources of the people of Iran to them through a rising middle class and the largest education investment in history of a country and was wrestling against USA/UK/French Intrigue against Iran.  The inabilities to independently think, for example who was the most democratic leader in Irans modern History and based on which actions (no names metioned the late shah) and the inability to identify who were Irans foreign supported populist Dictators (mosadegh and khomeini), means that the lessons from the deadly deceit of 1979 have yet to be learned.  One has to hand it to the USA/UK/France that so many Iranians have no clue what their real self declared agenda is for Iran and the region and instead ignorant people think these countries support peace, progress, human rights, democracy for the world.  Oh Brother we are in big trouble.


Turkey has proven….

by Bavafa on

One can be a predominantly Muslim nation and still democratic, prosperous and without having to be a puppet regime and independent of the big power as they showed during illegal invasion of Iraq and their stands against the criminal siege of Gaza flotilla which resulted in death nine Turkish citizen.  They are to be the model nation for all the Muslim nations in ME, from Iran to Saudi Arabia, Syria, Kuwait, Bahrain and yes Egypt.


Thanks for the great write up.


'Hambastegi' is the main key to victory 




 Excellent blog. A must

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 Excellent blog. A must read for IC's Islamic reublic apologists.


All Oppression Creates a State of War--Simone De Beauvoir

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The stats are very depressing

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It's depressing!

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