The Best Election Day Choices for Disgusted Voters


by FG

After two big reformist victories, Khamenei gave secret instructions in 2004 mandating rigged elections. When the degree of "fixing" required became impossible to conceal, the Islamic Republic openly became what is always had been covertly--a police state. Most people now that elections were useless, that the IRI is incapable of serious reform and that a decent future is therefore impossible so long as it continues to exist.


To vote in hopelessly rigged elections is to endorse tyranny. After stealing your votes in 2009, how many times did Khamenei count your turnout in 2009 as "proof" you trusted the regime's elections? Don't let him do so again. As a sign of non-participation, wear green and stay out where you can be seen all day long. If you fear retaliation, paint your face. Can regime thugs beat millions? Avoid demonstrations or chanting to deprive them of further opportunities. In this way you can undermine in advance any phony claims of a "high turnout."


Given sufficient power, Ahmadinejad would be as tyrannical as Khamenei. However, the best Ahmadinejad can accomplish should his faction win is to increase his power at Khamenei's expense. Feuding would continue, paralyzing a regime when it faces so many crises, both internal and external. For a majority of Iranians sick of excess, that seems the best possible outcome for now. Other reasons: Ahamadinejad opposes Saudi-zation and favors contact with the West. However when it comes to rigged elections, censorship and police state behavior, you can flip a coin.


...the Khamenei/Security Force alliance. Who is more responsible for your hardships today than Lady Farzaneh Khanoum (aka Sayyed Khamenei)? How many awful crimes did he commit prior to Ahmadinejad's first appearance? Who made Ahmadinejad what he is today? Who applauded all Mahmoud's crimes so long as reformers were targeted? Who handed most of the economy to fat security force generals in return for stomping the people?

A victory by the Khamenei-Security Force Mafia would eliminate the last open opposition within the system. Never again will any serious rival be allowed. Khamenei will continue hated policies--fomenting xenophobia, imposing cultural Saudi-zation and isolating Iranians from any real democracies lest they get "contaminated." Covert de-stabilization schemes will continue to anger neighbors. Look for a huge increase in Basilj and social police.


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What it comes down to is this

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1. Khamenei offers none of the three things most Iranians want--democracy, human rights and separation of church and state. Ahmadinejad seems to offer the third.

2. Of the two nasty factions, which would be harder to oust if it got absolute power?  The clerical-security force combo by far because it can make use of the most backward, pious segment of the population.  Ahmadinejad lacks a supporting ideology, is perceived as a Nero-like "crazy" and alienates his followers by repeatedly making fantastic promises that he can't fulfill. That's three disadvantages.

3. The only advantage to a loss by the Ahmadinejad faction is that it might trigger an uprising led by the most recently cheated but including everyone else who hates the regime.  In that case, Khamenei can't find any allies other than his generals.

4. If Ahmadinejad wins, the only way he'd ally with the mullahs is event of a pre-mature uprising by democratic forces, seen by both Bad Guys as the most potentially dangerous because it is the only faction with deep and wide popular support.  The regime needs more post-election "feuding time" without the human rights types doing anything to discourage it.  The required time neededn't be long.  It could be as short as six weeks or a few months, depending on other circumstances.