As Beaten Wives Love Their Husbands, So Iranians Love the Regime

by FG

Regime propagandists are a constant presence at Tehran Bureau and Enduring America (see "Manoucher" and "Mark"). Their Sisyphus-like assignment is to convince us that a majority of Iranians still "love" a system that lets Iranians choose between two unpalatable alternatives--either secular fascism or clerical fascism. Of course, Ira nians could care less that their allegedly (key word) popular rulers have "achieved" the impossible--converting a potentially rich country into both an economic poorhouse at home and a North Korea-like pariah outside its borders.

The Iranian majority-- screwed, brutalized and impoverished and humiliated by religious police at the same time--still goes gaga over the system. They are different from human beings elsewhere in not wanting political, social or civil freedoms or economic prosperity. So the world is informed. Of course, such systems always have defenders. Invariably these defenders always come from the insider clique that keeps everyone else down.

Consider the two options available to Iranians come elections. The only real difference is that the secular fascists tolerate substantial social freedoms (providing Iranians demand nothing more) while the clerical fascists even dictate what clothes you can wear or how to part your hair. In all other respects both "choices" are identical--equally murderous, corrupt, selfish and incompetent. For appearance sake, the regime may permit a a sprinking only of the most tepid reformers but ONLY a sprinking. Given such fakery and mummery, elections are as meaningless as Soviet elections in which Breshnez won 99% of the vote.

Khadaffi's Libya, Assad's Syria, Brezhnev's Russia and the hereditary communist monarchy of North Korea made the same rediculous claims of "popularity." None would have survived truely free and open election--the best way to prove popularity. Ditto for Iran. Hence don't expect to see one.


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A 4thi critic snickers at Khamenei's fascist leadership

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Grand Ayatollah Sane'i puts out his latest criticism of the Government, even as it professes religious devotion: "The 12th Imam did not fill prisons."


3 prominent Iranians take potshots at Khamenei

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Tavakoli implies Khamenei has blocked prosecution of the corrupt

While defending his credentials to sit in the newly elected Ninth Majles, deputy Ahmad Tavakoli said, "If it were not for the will of the Supreme Leader, we would be in a different situation, and those who are the root cause of corruption would be a situation completely different from their current one," seemingly implying that Khamenei has prevented the prosecution of leading corrupt figures. While Tavakoli did not name any one, based on his past statements and speeches he seemed to be referring to the inner circle of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, in particular First Vice President Mohammad Reza Rahimi, who has been accused of being involved in a major case of financial corruption. Tavakoli's website, Alef, has also repeatedly criticized the judiciary for not cracking down on Ahmadinejad's close associates.

Hadi Khamenei: We should ask Mousavi, Karroubi about 2013 election

Cleric Hadi Khamenei, half-brother of the Supreme Leader and a supporter of the reformists, said that they should ask Mir Hossein Mousavi's and Mehdi Karroubi's views about the presidential election in 2013. The two men have been under house arrest for almost 500 days. There has been much speculation about whether the reformists will participate in the election next year. Meanwhile, Grand Ayatollah Ali Mohammad Dastgheib, one of the most popular clerical supporters of the Green Movement, said that Mousavi, his wife, Dr. Zahra Rahnavard, and Karroubi, have committed no offense and must be released from house arrest.

Warning about Velaayat-e Faghih

Cleric Mohsen Gharavian, a former student of prominent reactionary cleric Mohammad Taghi Mesbah Yazdi, criticized the positions of some clerics close to Khamenei, warning that the Isalamic Republic may be transformed into something akin to Bani Umayyah, the second of the four major Islamic caliphates established after the death of the Prophet Muhammad. Shiites generally consider the dynasty as deeply corrupt and Yazid, its second ruler, as responsible for the murder of Imam Hussein, the revered Third Imam. "If we cannot analyze the performance of the Supreme Leader and Velaayat-e Faghih [the doctrine that justifies Khamenei's rule], sooner or later we will arrive at dangerous places," Gharavian told the website Teriboon-e Mostazafin. Without naming Khamenei, Gharavian added, "Whatever the top of the government cone thinks, and [whatever] his mental state and his thinking pillars and foundation are, the same will be implemented in the society. He issues the orders; he appoints the people to implement his ideals.... We must evaluate the Supreme Leader justly, not evaluate justice according to the Supreme Leader."