Another burned body of an Islamic Republic rape victim turns up


by FG

As the only child of an Iran-Iraq war veteran who died years ago
Saeedeh Pouraghagi, was an easy target for those in charge of Iran's
so-called Islamic "republic's."  Indeed a peach reading for picking as
Ahmadinejad might put it.   

The gril was quite healthy and unwounded when last seen 20 days
earlier.  The arresting plainclothes thugs surely had a superior
officer who have orders next as to how to dispose of the girl.   Such
men carry out Ahmadinejad's policies, who answered to Ahmadinejad. 
Recall how--just prior to rigging the election--Khamenei publicly
endorsed Ahmadijad, noting that the latter's policies closely reflected
his own preferences.

What "crime" did the poor girl commit to deserve such a "lesson?" She
dared to chant  on rooftops against Khamenei's rigged elections and
Khamenei's longtime policy of suppressing all human rights.  Under
Khamenei such crimes have always justified rape, torture and
murder--long before Ahmadinejad appeared on the scene.  

After enjoying and terminating their "peach," Islamic regime
functionaries applied their trademark technique of burning the bodies
of rape victims to remove evidence of rape, especially the DNA of known
rapists like Taeb, head of the Basilj and Khamenei's long-time favorite

When the mother was called to identify the body, she was pressured (by
whom and does it matter?) to claim the death stemmed from a sudden case
of "kidney failure."  Naturally the woman couldn't be allowed to claim
her child's body, so it was simply removed and buried secretly--with so
many othersThe mother was not allowed to claim the body which would
have been embarrassing to the much-admired Islamic Republic and its
beloved leader.  Instead it was shipped off to a secret burial with
other "vermin."  In this case, she was dumped in Lot 302 at Behesht
Zahra cemetery

Like Khamenei's favorite  and long-protected prosecutor, Mortazawi, who
murdered a female journalist from Canada (long before anyone ever heard
of Ahmadinejad) and who was  allowed to remain free to commit so many
recent crimes (show trial warrants, torture of defendents, rape of
inmates), you can bet your house that the main perps will never get
punished under the Islamic Republic and its immoral Supreme Leader.
He might throw a sop to the masses by punishing a few low-level thugs, but don't
look for whoever supervised the arresting thugs, whoever interrogated
and raped the girl (almost always someone prominet in the regime) and
whoever demanded a falsified death claim from the child's mother and
refused to supply the body.

Any half-competent investigator could find the guilty parties but
Khamenei will never allow it.  He must cover up because he himself
allowed such crimesand worse over two decades.  How many Sadeeds have
suffered a similar fate since June 12th?  How many male victims?  How
many hundreds of victims from the last decade or two of Khamenei's rule?


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