3 Great Dec. 7th videos expose regime's "unworthiness" & suggest more trouble on the way

by FG

VIDEO #1: An old woman recovers from a beating by Khamenei's thugs (This one deserves lots of circulation in case any member of the republic still thinks the Supreme Leader deserves respect or obedience)


VIDEO #2: The opposition finds a clever new tactic: Students waving money at Khamenei's well-paid thugs.  (It's a great way to demoralize any Basilj who was under the illusion he was serving a worthy regime.  Like graffiti, the opposition needs to use this tactic everywhere).


VIDEO #3: WOW!  Demonstrations even spread to Iran's high schools (It looks as if the next generation gets ready to carry on and support for the opposition is almost unanimous.   What is Khamenei going to do now--arrest everyone? Meanwhile the number of people who defend this regime's  crimes and misrule continues to dwindle).



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khaleh mosheh