Judging George W Bush! What’s Myth and what’s reality?


Farhad Kashani
by Farhad Kashani

On Inauguration day, President Obama thanked former President Bush for his services to the country. That raises an important question. How will history judge W?

It is no secret that in the last 8 years, a “culture” of anti Bushism was created by leftist media in the United States and by the global anti American leftist movements. I have no doubt, that many aspects of this culture were false and misguided, and in the midst, truth was lost between all the clichés and all the propaganda. That is not to say W didn’t make mistakes, and this is not defending him, but rather, pointing out the reality that the Left didn’t target Bush only, but America itself.

Once the dust is settled, there will be room to objectively analyze Bush and his policies. Now, when attempting to do that, you will be immediately called an “Extremist”, “Neo con”, and I love this one, “Zionist”!! by leftist thugs and bullies!!! However, this culture is on its way to die out, so, below, to starters, I have categorized some of the most controversial issues in the last 8 years:

- Bush had good intentions, but his bureaucracy (CIA and Army) made strategic mistakes, and leftist media went with the anti U.S cliché’s= Iraq War. He truly thought that with a free and prosperous Iraq, U.S can be safe. However, in order to get to that envisioned Iraq, the CIA and the Army made horrendous mistakes that made it more and more difficult to achieve those goals. The global leftist media never attempted to analyze the situation.

- He had good intentions and did the right thing, but he did not follow up as he should’ve = Afghanistan

- He had good intentions but he showed incompetence in solving the issue, and bureaucracy (advisors, Atty General Ashcroft) failed him, and leftist media used it to engage in anti U.S propaganda= Guantanamo detainees issue. He didn’t understand the consequence of keeping those detainees there, and his legal advisors and Attorney General never seemed to explain their stance clearly. On the other hand, leftist media never attempted to uncover the truth, rather, they used it to bash the U.S and make it look bad.

- He had good intentions, but the Army in Iraq failed miserably, and leftist media used it to engage in anti U.S propaganda = Abu Ghreib.

- He had good intentions but not the knowledge of how to get it done, Congress failed him because of lack of oversight, and media never covered it = financial crisis. He believed in liberal economy, as most nations do these days, and that has proven to be the best model of economy. However, that model needs oversight too, and that’s where both he and Congress failed, and the Media never saw it coming.

- He had good intention, but bureaucracy (FEMA) failed him miserably, and the local New Orleans and Louisiana State governments blamed it all on him = Katrina

- He had good intentions, but not the knowledge, Congress is trying to fix issue, the media doesn’t get it either = Iran’s nuclear issue. He doesn’t understand that the threat of IRI comes not from the nuclear bomb, but rather from it being the center of the Islamic fundamentalism ideology. His persistence on the nuclear issue will lead to nowhere, and Congress doesn’t seem to get it either, but that might change soon, and the media is making no attempt to understand the true nature of the IRI.

- He had bad intentions by engaging in the permanent campaign mode, congress didn’t do any better, and media capitalized on it to create controversy = Polarization politics. He made many enemies for himself by bashing Democrats and people who didn’t agree with his policies. He didn’t make many attempts to explain his policies, and to discuss them with people whom he didn’t like, but had to work with anyway.

- He had good intentions, but didn’t explain clearly and lost his way and did not cover all angles, Congress didn’t do any better, and the leftist media used it to engage in anti U.S propaganda = Patriot Act.

In conclusion, it is important to think objectively, and not surrender your logic to clichés and emotions. There is no doubt that once he’s gone, the results of his policies will become more evident, and the room to discuss them will become more open, and then, many people will realize that it is always important to keep an open mind, and that is not what they have been doing in the last 8 years.


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Takes one to know one

by KB on

So what you are saying is the man was a complete idiot, with no leadership skills, very poor judgment, inability to asses any given situation logically and communication skills of a seagull, but he had good intentions. And its all the leftist media’s fault for highlighting this?

This does not say much about your ability to assess or judge a leader logically.


Splurge misunderestimated!

by Ajam (not verified) on

The "surge" is a euphemism for bribing the Sunny militia. In other words, the U.S. is paying $10 a day to each Sunny militia man to refrain from fighting. This could've been done from the very beginning when they dissolved the Ba'athi army! I wonder what's going to happen when the U.S. troops pull out, who's going to pay the Sunny fighters?! Definitely not Iraqi government!

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Don't forget Poland!!!

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Do you remember, ahhhhhh, when Bushy Joonz was debating that nimrod John Kerry in '04? He got so angry about this statement "u-n-i-l-a-t-e-r-a-l action" that Bush sprung up and said "TELL SILVIO BERLESCONI!!!! TELL POLAND THAT! DON"T FORGET POLAND. Don't piss of the coalition! this was not unilateral." 

Then Bushy Joonz won the election, and I did not hear a peep or a tweet from those countries about their proud and fancy help for Mr.Bush. Chi shod?!?!?!?!?! Cat got their tongue? Or when this "surge" aka "exploding gift baskets" thing happened, where were those guys?

Oh yes, mr. bush got a very unfair treatment. What a gift he was for this wonderful nation of mcdonalds, wall street and the Governator! Hahaha. 


The worst president ever!

by satar (not verified) on

Can someone tell us what his accomplishment was for America during the past eight disastrous years? Other than making his rich friends richer and doing Israel the biggest favor (invading Iraq on their behalf), I can't think of anything else. No wonder those who still defend him on this site are usually those who defend Israel too.

Thank God he is gone, and we don't have to see his nasty face on TV every night.


More than learning disabilities...

by John on

I honestly believe that GWB is mentally ill.  Check film of him from his pre-White House days and you will see a man who is confident, quick-witted and sharp.  He presidential personna is diametrically opposite, best characterized by one word: doofus.  There is so much film of him in the past few years where he is grinning idiotically, making absurd grimaces, and generally looking and behaving clueless.



by Anonymous commentor (not verified) on

correction. it has NEVER been documented that bush has a learning disability. it has been SUGGESTED that he MIGHT. bush has adamantly refused to address that question. bush is just grossly inarticulate. it will take a long time for anyone to even WANT to discuss what good qualities (might there be any) bush has. he'd be far better off just slinking back to texas and hoping that time heals ANY wounds.

good intentions my ass.

"the road to hell is paved with good intentions."


It is documented

by farokh2000 on

It is well documented that GW has Learning Disability. I read that someplace.

And smoking all that junk and being on drugs and alcohol has not helped him either.

This is NOT to let him off the hook though.

I am sure he did most of what he did with full knowledge and evil intensions. I am hoping to see the World Court calling him soon.

May God neve have mercy on his guilty soul.


Looking back to Bush's years

by MeyBokhor_Manbarbesuzan on

Looking back to Bush's years is as usefull as looking behind you at a used toilet paper -- folded twice for maximal efficiency.

He was the cheap and rough type that served its purpose, and now people are given a softer roll, all fluffy and suave.

But Bush did and Obama will carry out the same crappy job of serving American interests. Nothing more, nothing less.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

BTW Farokh, don't get me wrong

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I understand what you mean. But calling him "retarded" gets him off the hook. He is perfectly healthy and able to understand. He just doesn't give a damn, he never HAD to. 

Last year, people in USA rejected this usual politics. Iranians were used to it with Shah. The son of the rich establishment can do and say whatever and get away with it. Obama paved his own way and fought his own party even in Illinois to break into politics. His parents didn't pick up a phone or arrange a fancy meeting.  

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

No. He's not retarded. Don't be like that.

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I think this is ridiculous. What people don't get about W and his "type" is that they are not retarded. They are the product of privilege, arrogance and carelessness. 

W never HAD to care about sentences, grammar or anything detailed like that. He was a rich kid like his dad. He was a phony who wanted to be president (God knows why) for no good reason, except HE COULD. I think his presidency started out shitty because he stole the Florida "recount". It was quite sad and then the failures made it even worse.  

I have no problem with Republicans. I have an internet crush on Kaveh and his very calm and fun manner. However, what I hate is arrogance and butt licking when it isn't deserved. Bush hating isn't just because of his party. It's because he is a friggin moron rich kid who did not convey ANY ANY care for the boloney he was feeding America. "MISSION AKOMPLISHED" indeed. 


Good intensions!?

by farokh2000 on

The man was/is a retarded. He cannot read, talk, think, or act.

He was a 100%  puppet for the puppet Masters, end of the story.

It will take years to recover from the disaters he caused.

The sad thing is everyone knew what he had done to Texas when he was selected there by his Daddy to run it . 

They hid all his records and shoved him right to the WH, with help from the Supreme Court, of course, so that he would carry on the orders for the Big Oil, Military Industrial Machine and AIPAC.

You say he had "good intensions"?. I guess if you compare his intensions to Hitler's, maybe.

What is a good bet is that he will go down as the worst in this Country and maybe  top 5 in the History of Mankind.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Oh and since you mentioned Katrina in your blog

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

I think it was just fantastic and great that he was cutting big cakes for McCain's lovely Birthday party when his citizens were drowning in water. (Hey it's just water).

Also, I think it was very classy and nice to take nice pictures smiling and shaking hands as evidence! Of course, out of respect, in 2008 McCain had to cancel the RNC convention and all fancy parties to atone! Poor them. 

I also found it good and well that Bush defended his reaction to this disaster by yelling at the press that he did not do enough. Saying sorry is for SUCKERZZZZZ. Go Bush. Woohoo!

Oh and also, I loved that he bought a ranch to look cool with the rednecks. Brilliance! 


I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Personally, I am grateful to George W. Bush

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

1. That I'm alive. I'm so happy the Saudis "cracked down" on their madmen hard enough to stop them from bombing me and my friends while we shopped for new fashions at the CROWDED fancy malls.

2. Thanks for showing us the wonder of war. Thanks for making war so attractive and effective. WOW. Go George. To quote Meghan McJackass the Blonde Babe of Foxy News, "Thanks for stickin' to your guns" aka your finger double gun salute. WOW. What a President.

If it weren't for madmen like George and Dick, we would NOT understand why peace doesn't happen. We will never understand the root of conflict until insane leaders rush to them. Thanks also to Saudi Arabia for showing us the way to get away with Murdering Americans - Wage PR WAR ON IRAN and promise oil oil drill baby drill.  

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Do you remember how 5-6 years ago

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

Mr. Bush and his gang would blame Clinton for all the mud we were in? "BUT I INHERITED THIS! WHAT DID YOU EXPECT! 2000 was a secret Great Depression. 9/11 = recession!"

It's interesting, considering what gifts Obama has inherited from Prince George the Genius Mission Akomplished (wooooweeeee). 

By the way, I think George W. Bush was a genius. I'm sure one day, there will be books written about the latent genius of all his actions. We're all dumb, NOT W! How dare we think of him as a failure! That goes for Sarah Palin too, btw. Genius, all of them.  Us = Dumb. 


Dear Farhad

by Zion on

Great piece. Thanks.

Big Boy

April fools in January?

by Big Boy on

Good intentions will not bring back half a million dead Iraqis, four million refugees, and the millions of children that have been psychologically damaged for life.  Small price for a war of choice (Iraq was not threat to the US)? 

His "good intentions" were what made Europeans consider the US a bigger threat to world peace than the president of Iran. 

Next you will rationalize Hitler's "good intentions"?  Please don't.

It is only Farhad and G.W. Bush who think history will look favourably on this misreable failure of an American President.

The world celebrated Barack Obama's inauguration not only because of this brilliant man finally taking the office, but also (and perhaps mostly) becuase the world felt it had survived George Bush before he did even more damage to all humanity.

So take your own advise and look at all the damage "objectively" instead of acting more republican than the average high school drop-out (republican masses)...you'll never be one of them. 




by John on

Your commentary is ludicrous.  Where have you been for the last eight years?  In a coma?  Bush has been an unmitigated disaster from his first day right through to his last day.  The United States has paid a terrible price for having had him as its president, and the pain and suffering that he is responsible for will be with them for decades to come.

Wake up man!

Kaveh Nouraee

Very well written

by Kaveh Nouraee on

I think that the current hostillity towards him will subside over time. As much as W made mistakes, even some big ones, it's wrong to put all of the blame on one person.

Anonymous-that: You seem to not know the cause of the gas prices spiking then falling. The same investors who were making a killing speculating on real estate, buying these mortgage backed securities that unraveled on them were driving gas prices up with their price speculating.

Then when the credit market dried up, they weren't able to keep driving up the prices, and the prices fell.

That, plus the reduced demand for oil has pushed prices down.



by Anonymous-that (not verified) on

I guess even the worst of all presidents can look good thru rose colored glasses.

What you are saying is yes George W was responsible for millions of deaths in Iraq and Afghanistan but his intentions were good??? How so??

You said:
"He had good intentions, but not the knowledge, Congress is trying to fix issue, the media doesn’t get it either = Iran’s nuclear issue. He doesn’t understand that the threat of IRI comes not from the nuclear bomb, but rather from it being the center of the Islamic fundamentalism ideology. His persistence on the nuclear issue will lead to nowhere, and Congress doesn’t seem to get it either, but that might change soon, and the media is making no attempt to understand the true nature of the IRI."

Ok so why don't you get them to bomb there too and set up prisons like Abu Ghraib and then the world can see pics of naked Iranian men in homosexual poses while the American army is laughing at them. But let me guess your response..."His intentions were good..."

I guess his intentions were good that we were paying 4.00 a gallon for gas and as soon as Obama is elected we are paying less than half that. Maybe his intentions were good for the oil companies but not the American people.