It's about rejecting IRI, not supporting Mousavi!


Farhad Kashani
by Farhad Kashani

The chickens have come home to roost!!

IRI is done. It might not happen in 2009 and with this uprising by our brave brothers and sisters, but the beginning of the end of the darkest era in Iran’s history has started.

If this regime had any, and I mean any, legitimacy at all, and if it was able to fool a few people here and there (some of them on this site!) to believe it has any sense of decency , and it has any legality, and it has any logic or reason behind what it says and does, that has shattered. For 30 years this regime organized this sham circus called “elections” to fool a few clueless self loathers and Fascism apologizers in the West and among us Iranians to think it is a “republic”. We asked them not to get fooled by this regime, but they didn’t listen. So they kept writing and speaking in favor of this regime. They said Iran has a “from of democracy” and IRI is a “victim” of U.S policies, and best of them all, “people support this regime!”, well, that has all shattered. All the attempts to dumify the people around the world about the true nature of the regime and what really goes on Iran has been exposed and rejected. The people of the world have awakened.

This is not about Mousavi or that other clown. Mousavi was one of IRIs goons during Iran’s darkest days in the 1980s. Why didn’t he speak out then? He was silent about the mass executions and imprisonments of our people then, but now he’s speaking against it? Ok, you know what, good for him! And I’m glad he has changed his mind. That’s not saying he shouldn’t be trialed, like other IRI goons, for crimes against humanity in Iran, but that’s a different subject. The point is no one gives a flying crap about him. This uprising is not about him. It’s about the regime.

Iranians are revolting against the regime. Mousavi is their excuse, nothing more and nothing less. Its not about “protesting an election”, or being pissed about possible fraud, these all are excuses. It’s about Iranians rejecting this regime, top to bottom. Iranians know well that the regime every few years brings some people and call one a “reformist” and the other “non reformist” so that way the world thinks there is “elections” in Iran and political competition! What did the most reformist of them all, Khatami, do? Lets pretend he had good intentions, the real question is, what could’ve he done? Nothing! The power is in the hand of Khamenei, the religious dictator. The IRI constitution and 30 years of proven history right in front of us prove that.

The biggest outcome of this circus was that this regime and their supporters were exposed. All the IRI supporters on this site who came out and wrote and posted saying that “IRI has majority support in Iran”, and “Its all America’s fault”, and “It is the West who behind all these recent events”, and that “CIA created facebook to control the world”, or that one dude who was proud to “greet Ahmadinezhad in NY as Iran’s president!”, or the one who recently posted news on this site on how “Israeli riot police mistreats Palestinians” at a time when the same exact thing happening in Iran to our people and he’s staying silent about it, or that “West is de-legitimizing the regime” as if the regime had any legitimacy to begin with, well, all of those folks ought to be ashamed of themselves, to say the least. They have to apologize to all Iranians for speaking in favor of such a demonic regime only and only to satisfy their sick and twisted blind Anti American, anti Israeli, pro Fascism leftist desires. They are clearly supporting the oppression of the Iranian people. They have shown how little, if any, regard they have for the dignity of our country and for the lives and undeniable rights of our people. If their support for this Fascist regime continues while it’s murdering our people, they are officially an acomplis to the crimes of the IRI.

Iranians were looking to an event to ignite them. They are not afraid anymore. That’s what IRI is scared of. IRI might be able to crush this uprising as for it killing Iranians is a hobby, one should not be surprised, and the fact is the success of this uprising depends on how much non students support this group by organizing strikes and for the military to sport people’s uprising, but nonetheless, this a irreversible trend that just started.

The Iranian people will tolerate IRIs oppression, fundamentalism, terrorism and dictatorship no more. The world needs to support the Iranian people. It’s in their own interest for this terrorism inspiring and supporting regime to be removed.

Iranians have shown what they want: freedom. It’s their right and desire. IRI has taken that away from them. Let’s support these heroes. Let’s ask the world to support them.

God bless Iran.


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Farhad Kashani

Samsam111 jaan,  Aziz,

by Farhad Kashani on

Samsam111 jaan, 

Aziz, you’re absolutely right.


Also, congratulations on the uprising of the Iranian people.


I don’t call people who disagree with me as IRI supporters for merely disagreeing with me, I call IRI supporters as IRI supporters.


I’ll be more than glad to have a civilized discussion about this. In that spirit, let me reply to couple of your points:


Offcourse I’m in rush to get rid of the IRI regime, I don’t want the Iranian people to live another second under this savage regime. However, that’s not blinding my judgment. Maybe you’re misinterpreting me. I am very well aware of the realities in Iran. However, you should always have a goal and work towards that goal no matter if initially it looks impossible to achieve. I said, in this article as well as elsewhere, this uprising might be crushed. But, the goal should remain the same. I know how IRI has been controlling all aspects of Iranian life and I understand the limitations because I lived it, saw it and analyzed it. That doesn’t mean that people are giving up hope. Also, when we say get rid of the IRI regime, we’re saying what this IRI regime is, not what is called. Sure, give me a representative government and parliament and institute secular laws and ensures people basic rights, and you can call it “The very very Islamic Republic of Iran” even if you want to all day! The name doesn’t matter, although obviously a democratic government would not call itself by any religious name, rather we’re talking about essence.


I agree with what you say about IRIs desires, and that’s why I said, and Iranians are “saying” which is clearly what they really believe in, that this is about some “rigged election”. But in reality, they are pursuing something else. Like you said, they know if they openly and bluntly ask for a free, democratic and secular Iran, they’re movement will be crushed mercilessly. That’s why they are holding to the Mousavi card, and that’s one of the points of the article. A Nezahd represent the regime and its core values and wants to be the next Khomeini, Mousavi someone who is not. You think this unprecedented global solidarity with the Iranian people is for Mousavi? No, it’s for supporting Iranian people’s basic rights which have been crushed by this brutal and illegitimate regime. Mousavi is the gateway for the Iranian people for a far greater goal, establishing a free and democratic representative government and establishing human rights principles in Iran. All those means an Iran without the IRI. And sure, maybe the man has a total change of ideology and opinion than what he used to have in the early days of revolution, and that’s good for him.


Hope this clears some.


To the Iranian people

by United States (not verified) on

For those souls that crave peace, democracy and the end to the black dictatorship of Iran. Strength be with you and your children to break the bonds of oppression and terrorism. I pray you keep up the good fight and get your freedom.

The voice of one American that speaks for millions of Americans.


Reformist is the way

by ali_UK on

Kamenei and IRGC will have to agree to make some fairly fundamental changes , so they can live another day.

If this is done , this jonbeshe khod-joosh , would have achievd a great deal.This first step , would prove the reofrmist idiology I take my hat off to all those hamvatans who are taking part in this in Iran.

Well done hamavten azadeh


F. Kashani. I have read some

by Just coming (not verified) on

F. Kashani. I have read some of your posts in this site and I should say that you are typical of persons whom suffer from black and white mentality and entirely stranger towards the realities of today Iran. While most of the opposition groups in abroad has been entirely unable to do a damn thing for Iranian people in the past 30 years, they become jealous when they see a popular movement inside of Iran has been led by reformists so enthusiastically. Sorry sir, the young generation of Iran won’t buy your jafangiat. The movement inside Iran has been in direct touch with youth and as a matter of fact has been evolved by their participation. Similar to thugs of IRI, I bet likes of you would die to see this movement is derailed or suppressed in order to prove that reformism is not a solution LONG LIVE THE GREEN MOVEMENT OF IRAN. LONG LIVE MOUSAVI.

Ali P.

In Reality...

by Ali P. on

how many are there to reject IRI ? 


We know, many protestors in Iran, are:

1) those, who are not really against the regime, but they do not recognize Ahmadinejad as Iran's President. They really like Mir Hossein mousavi, and think he should be, and is, Iran's President, because they like him and his ideas,

and many are, 

2) those, who hate the Islamic Republic Establishment, and, without endorsing Mousavi, or Ahmadinejad, they support the recent Iranian movement for democracy and are showing solidarity.

 Anyone who is for the first proposition, should, and does, wear green.

 But if I wear green, would they know, that I belong to the second group, or should I come up with my own color?

What do you think is the percentage of the members of the first group vs. the second group in Iran?

I have no idea.



by Roshanbeen (not verified) on

You are mistaken one more time as usuall, your assesments are full of errors, then you call people who point out those errors IRI supporters. Would you have realistic discussion without labeling your opponents?

You are so much in rush to get rid of IRI that it is blinding your judgment. For your Info, there are two things that IRI would like the most
1) foreign support esp American 2) Demanding regime change. Both of those will give IRI excuse to crush the movement with all .

good analogy would be , as if one skips middle school and high school and go to College straight from elementary school. If you were in Iran at time of 79 revolution , the demands were small at first and once they were achieved, then there were more bigger and bigger by days weeks and months, then within few months Shah was gone.

I give Mir Hossein Mosavie alot of credit for staying with people and asking for political prisoners to be freed, and demanding new election. After those conditions are met there would be others after whicht eventually regime will not look anything like Islamic Republic at all. I am sure as long as people stay and want to continue this revolution demands will be higher and higher.

Just remember I always maintained the only thing that would take care of IRI is the power of people not foreign interventions especially militarly which by the way you were advocating and I was against. If things go well, there would be lasting genuine democracy and not the one imported from west through force.

Kourosh Aryamanesh

گور پدر همشون

Kourosh Aryamanesh

ما بدون اينکه وارد جر و بحث شما بشيم فقط عقيدۀ خودمون رو ميگيم علی الخصوص به اين چند تا حزب اللهی بسيجی . اين جناب سيد حسين موسوی مثل بقيۀ رهبران پفيوز اسلام زدۀ بدبختتون دستش به خون پاکترين فرزندان ايران آلوده است. زبانم لال بايد گند زد به اون ملتی که دنباله رو اين شياطينن . پايۀ و اساس نظام مطلقۀ ولايت فقيه تو فاضلاب اخلاقيات بشرتيه. اگر مردم ايران هنوز به اين ذلت تن بدن لياقتشون همونه 

روز خوبی داشته باشين. 


NO Farhad , Iranians don,t want "Regime change"

by SamSamIIII on


Absolutly not!!! What they are chanting for is the removal of;

Velayateh motlagheh faghih

Shorayeh negahbaan

segregated Majis foghaha & khebregan

Judiciary run by mullahs

Financing jehadists & more Arab jehadists in Tehran

Their country run by buncha Iran hater foreigners

....... etc

Eventhough IRI without the above attachments is no longer relevent but for the sake of not annoying ansar Imam , lets not call it "regime change" ;)

Cheers !!!


Big Boy

The image they carry is of...

by Big Boy on

Mousavi!  Unless you're blind. 

Farhad Kashani

I see that the desperate

by Farhad Kashani on

I see that the desperate and confused and misguided pro IRI loonies are not willing to take their head out of the sand! Keep your head there. We don’t need it. It’s useless anyway, since it’s apparently unable to perform its core function, thinking!


Mousavi is just an excuse. Even for the sake of argument we consider he has “good intentions” like Khatami did, in a government that according to its constitution and 30 years of dark history has a religious dictator on top, what could he do? Was Khatami able to do anything? NO!


Sure the Iranian people hope and seek any kind of change and they “hope” that Mousavi can challenge the regime. But the way the regime treated this so called “election” is what ignited people and people were looking for a trigger.


All the chanting has been that “we want freedom” and “death to dictator”. You think they’re talking about A Nezhad? NO! Think again! The lack of equality and fairness are institutional policies set by the IRI regime. It’s the type of regime it is. When on earth are you going to see that? How blind can you be not to see this? If they want lack of fairness and equality to be de-instituted, the IRI regime needs to be removed.



Khameini's Double-Speak

by Hugh J Church (not verified) on

I'm sure there are lots of people demonstrating because they think Mousavi, their candidate, was cheated, and that there are lots of demonstrators who are just plain fed up with the so-called "Islamic" government and who see the events of this week, begun by the particularly ham-fisted - and one could even say Stalinist - tactics of the regime, as an opportunity to protest against the entire system. The Ayatollah Khameini seems to recognise this, and I'm with them! Who can argue, after 30 years and especially after Khatami, that there is really any possibility of "reforming" such a system? It can't be "reformed," because it "knows" it possesses the TRUTH! Therefore, the only hope for Iran in the long run, and I have a lot of hope for Iran in the long run, is to get rid of the whole cruel mess and all those who've profited from it!


Big Boy

by Bavafa on

I think you left out "delusional, stupid, khial baff" in your response.  Every one, let me qualify that, every sincere, honest person knows that the so called recent uprising in Iran has not been about regime change and it has been about the election, lack of equality, fairness, etc. and not about regime change.



Big Boy

Only if you're deaf and blind

by Big Boy on

Seems like the people who are dying in Iran, the young brave men and women of that country are actually saying Mousavi we will die for you...literally...some of their chants.

And yet the deaf (and blind) armchair analysts seem to hear differently.  Those aren't Mousavi pictures, or the colour of his no, those pictures and colours are (insert whatever interpretation you like).  *sigh*!



Our Platform - Change For Iran

by IB on

I concur. Personally, I'm not a Mousavi fan because I believe he too has a shady background. I take part in the demonstrations not because of Mousavi but the message of 'Change For Iran".

My observation has been that that holds true for the majority of demonstrators. After all, most of the slogans are about "democracy" "death to dictator", "change for Iran" and are anti Ahmadinezad but not pro Mousavi. I think that is the platform that unifies us all. We need to retain that solidarity.