Barrack, you should’ve bite your tongue!


Farhad Kashani
by Farhad Kashani

Happy Nowrooz to all.

Whatever Obama said today with regards to “Islamic Republic’s role” is devastating to the cause of liberty and freedom in Iran. Recognizing a Fascist regime which is the primary responsible of the spread of Islamic Fundamentalism, the culture of death and martyrdom and blind and irrational anti Americanism will be a huge propaganda victory of the regime and because they have no wisdom or common sense, they will take and promote this gesture as “America bowing down to us”. Mark my word.

I don’t know if Trita “traitor” Parsi, who is clueless about politics and reality but is being viewed by leftist American media as “Iran expert!”, and his IRI lobby gang at NIAC advised him to do that, but at some point, people need to realize that IRI is not about peace and co existence. Why is there this double standard that there is always an expectation from America to make a move, but no one asks IRI to make a move, or a gesture? I’m not sure why people don’t listen to IRI itself, which endlessly talks about the “mission” it has to promote Islam (of course their fundamentalist version of it) around the world and taking over the world by it. Don’t listen to what we’re saying, listen to what they’re saying!!!

Barrack, we greatly appreciate the part of your speech about our liberal and humane heritage, however, the part about the illegal and illegitimate regime will only help the prolonging of IRI’s disgusting existence. Nothing good will come out of this. This will lead to nothing. Now Iranians will feel frustrated that if the U.S is willing to deal with IRI, then they are doomed to live with it! If U.S is not willing to put pressure and confront the IRI, then who will or can? Who will help the Iranian people? IRI itself has said a million times that our problems with America won’t be resolved over negotiation table. Again, listen to what they say! And if you think they’re bluffing, you don’t know Iranians! They will die sticking to their stance! No one is more stubborn than Iranians, from all walks of life! IRI will never ever give up its blind Anti Americanism culture because its part of what it is, it’s actually its keystone!

The path to democracy and liberty in Iran just took a huge blow. Obama, you disappointed us.


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by capt_ayhab on

فروهر. [ ف ُ هََ ] (اِ) در پهلوی فروهر .fravahr

');" id="fn150607"> ۞ ، فارسی باستان ظاهراً فرورتی .fravarti

');" id="fn150606"> ۞ و در اوستا فره وشی .fravashi

');" id="fn150605"> ۞
. در اصل مرکب از دو جزء فره یافرا به معنی پیش و «ور» به معنی پوشاندن ،
نگهداری کردن و پناه بخشیدن . طبق مندرجات اوستا فروهر نیرویی است که
اهورمزدا برای نگهداری آفریدگان نیک ایزدی ازآسمان فروفرستاده و نیرویی
است که سراسر آفرینش نیک از پرتو آن پایدار است . پیش از آنکه اهورمزدا
جهان خاکی را بیافریند، فروهر هر یک از آفریدگان نیک این گیتی را، در جهان
مینوی زبرین بیافرید و هر یک را بنوبه ٔ خود برای نگهداری آن آفریده ٔ
جهان خاکی فرومی فرستد و پس از مرگ آن آفریده ، فروهر او دیگر باره بسوی
آسمان گراید و به همان پاکی ازلی بماند. اما هیچگاه کسی را که به وی تعلق
داشت فراموش نمیکند و هر سال یک بار به دیدن وی می آید و آن هنگام جشن
فروردین است ، یعنی روزهایی که برای فرودآمدن فروهرهای نیاکان و پاکان
اختصاص دارد. (از حاشیه ٔ برهان چ معین ). || به معنی جوهر که در مقابل
عرض باشد. (برهان ). از فرهنگ دساتیر است . رجوع به دساتیر ص 258 شود.





by capt_ayhab on

فر-وهر Ostad, to iran migan

shoma boro DEHKHODA ro check kon mibini





Capt Ayhab

by Socius (not verified) on

Azizam, tooye Iran behesh migan forouhar. فروهر




by capt_ayhab on

your words[I wear forouhar around my neck. But I would still die for my country, Iran, under the current regime.]

I am glad that you think wearing a gold medallion on your neck is a sign of your patriotism but at least pronounce it correctly before [3 shodan].

It is called and pronounced Faravahar and not forouhar.





I agree with Gordzade

by Iranyvaliazad on

Barack is taking the initiative away from mullas, portraying US overture of peaceful even to be the first to extend a hand for friendship.  It seems like Barack left moslem akhonds with two obvious options 1) grasp the extended hand of US and make friends and then open up your nuclear facilities for inspection (i.e. stop A-bomb making efforts) 2) Reject the olive branch and expect to be accused of war mongering nation and be open for preemptive strikes to its industries including nuclear facilities.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

Kashani jamesh kon

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

You have really stunk it up this time. So let's see. If we ignore the sheet out of IRI, they will magically disappear. Out of sight, out of mind. Sip your tea and eat your cheese my friend. You're in for a LONG, fun ride on the policy rollercoaster. This is the part where we go down after the big hill and you get to scream your guts out. Enjoy!

Ignore button is now out of order. It's funny to hear you upset about "acknowledging a brutal regime." Hell yes we should acknowledge them. We need to open up to them up and expose them. I love to hear you and your "crew" call Obama green, considering your years of experience, kar shenas, in these matters of policy and foreign relations. Submit a resume ASAP to the Oval Office please. 

Mr. Supreme Leader is very against US -Iran relations, but he also doesn't want a confrontation, the kind you are itching for in your dreams.  


I love all the Iran haters.

by Socius (not verified) on

You see Americans who strongly oppose their government actions, but you never see them wish for anything bad to happen to the country. Well...with the exception of Rush Limbaugh.

I am against Islam as I am against anything Arabic in origin. I wear forouhar around my neck. But I would still die for my country, Iran, under the current regime.

Iran is a Democracy. It is a flawed democracy, meaning things take longer to change...but change from within the system is possible. So I will work within the existing system to promote changes which I think are beneficial to the country, but I will never work 'against' the government.

No country (other than Germany) has been able rebuild itself so far and so fast after a war. Iran is just 20 years out of a devastating 8 year total war, which happened during a brand new revolutionary government, in a country that was so reliant on foreign imports that it was unable to manufacture anything on its own.

But after the war...look at all that Iran has accomplished. The Savak is now rated as either the #2 or #1 intelligence agency in the world. The Iranian proxy wars/control through influence structure has made America and Israel not dare lay a finger on it. The country is manufacturing its own weaponry, including small/medium arms, APC's, Tanks, Helicopters, Missiles, Satellites, Torpedo's, several indigenous fighter jets, and many more.

Despite sanctions, the state-owned Iran Khodro is 'THE' largest automobile manufacturer in the entire region, and saw a 10%+ sale growth during the recession which is hitting every other automaker.

There are a lot of problems with the current regime, but they are also doing a lot of things correctly. And as time progresses, so do their views. I look at Iran today, and compare it to the Iran that I left some 18 years ago. Change happens...albeit a little slow.

As a Persian, I would not be content with being a nobody like the arab states. Back when I first moved to Canada I was somewhat ashamed to say that I was an Iranian, and because of my light complexion people always thought I was Italian or Greek. But today...I can honestly be proud of the accomplishments of the people of Iran, and proudly wear my Forouhar pendant in public, and tell people that I am Iranian.

So please...for the sake of those of us who love our country unconditionally, don't post any hateful articles which serve no purpose other than to separate the Iranian community into those who support the regime, and those who are against it. We are all Iranians and we all want that which is best for the country.



Dick is back!!!

by shirazie (not verified) on

I did not know Dick Cheney's real name was Farhad Kashani.

Apparently you missed it. Pres. Obama said he wants commerce with Iran, wonder why? If you live in USA just look around you. We need every market we can get. Unless you live in Beverly Hills or Brentwood then you are just out touch.

Iran Oil and Aero market is about 200 Billion. the sanctions are hurting US businesses not Iran


Farhad Jan Dammet

by Republic of Goh (not verified) on

Farhad Jan
Dammet Garm!

Hussein Obama is gullible and an idiot for thinking mullahs will budge. He is green and stupid.

He will learn the hard way by getting shafted by IR of Terror in Iran in the damned negotiations he is planning to have with those a-holes. And yes, the Iranian peole will pay the price for his appeasement of the mullah regime.

Unless...the people rise up and finish the mullh regime and its lapdogs like Treason Parsi in US once and for all.

Long Live Freedom and Down with Islamic Republic of Terror in Iran!



by capt_ayhab on

don't make fool of yourself[although you are 100% entitled to] by calling me names without knowing me.

But then again, who am I to tell you what to do or what not to do? 

get my drift dude? [Wink]


P/S still it is spelled Barack and not Barrack

Farhad Kashani

Capt-ayhab, ./., and other

by Farhad Kashani on

Capt-ayhab, ./., and other pro Fascist-IRI Islamo Socialists,


I posted this blog right after Obama's message, and said not only nothing good will come out of it, if anything, it will embolden the IRI even more to continue on its path of terrorism, war mongering and human rights violations.  


Well, hallelujah! The first sign came out with Khamenei brushing off Obama’s message. More is to come.


I really hope you can see the truth one day!


And btw, cpt Ayhab, calling anyone who is anti IRI (majority of the world) a “pro-zionist” and changing the subject to Israel every time someone talks about IRI, is a sign of series mental illness. That is caused by irrational over pride of being an Iranian, enviousness towards Israel, not having a character, being brainwashed by the left, and most importantly, lack of ability to understand politics. If you know anyone who acts like that, please make sure they get help.



The ball is in Iran's court

by Gordzade (not verified) on

Does anybody reading this (including Barack :-)) really thought that his speech would be greeted with open arms by the Islamic regimen in Iran? The mullas need an enemy to blame everything for to survive, even after 30 years in power. Barack is telling everybody that US is not the enemy, making it difficult for Khamenei & CO to blame the US. Forget the small parts, the move by Barack was quite sophisticated, indeed. And as expected, Khamenei dismissed it. Now everybody can see who the troublemaker is.

Farhad Kashani

MRX1, Samsam111, Parsipour

by Farhad Kashani on

MRX1, Samsam111, Parsipour and Tsion,


Happy Nowrooz guys and hope you have a wonderful year, and hope we can this year finally see a free, peaceful and prosperous Iran.  


Sherry Safari,


I guess I kind a sorta agree with you and thanks for your kind words, however I have to say I do not see everything in black and white. Its actually te opposite. What I do is I see black and white whenever something is black and white, and I see gray when something is gray. You cannot always see things in black and white nor you can always see them gray. And to be honest with you, I think this is a huge part of the problem. We tend to overcomplicate things when the truth is right in front of us, and we tend to oversimplify things when there is more to the story. Not everything in politics is a “conspiracy” and not everything is as simple as it looks. Offcourse we Iranians are famous in the conspiracy theory category! One of our beloved Iranian posted something on this section couple of days ago saying that “facebook is a CIA conspiracy!!”.




Thanks (I guess!!) for correcting it. I speak 6 different languages so sometimes I get “lost in the translation”!


And also, hopefully someday you see the truth!




by capt_ayhab on

I see neo-con are  pissed AGAIN.

Not to worry guys, 8 years from now, when Rush Limbaugh is the Pres. with Sara Palin the VP, and Sean Hanitty the secretary of states,  you will get another shot at bombing Iran and killing Iranians. Meanwhile start kissing up to BiBiyahu, he might is your new messiah. He needs you all's help. ;-)

Peres the criminal has to wait few more years i suppose, unless he is indicted for genocide, rape, corruption or something, you never know.


P/S btw , it is Barack  and not Barrack, be kasi nagi ha....



by Anonymously this time (not verified) on

Neither you, nor Khamenei liked Obama's message.
Don't you feel all warm and fuzzy now?


Hussain's Message to Iran -- a Coup Against Zionists ?

by ./. (not verified) on

Obviously president Obama's message being followed by an audio message from the world gangster, a hated thug and a war criminal (President of Israel) means a lot. It means that the American president is fully aware of the degenerates in Israel who are pulling USA down with them as they face a world that hates them and does not want any part of them (i.e., zionists). No wonder it has also put the pro-zionist camp on this forum a bit on the edge.


Good observation, Farhad

by tsion on

The only difference between this message and similar ones in previous years (like this one:
// )

is this one sentence:
"The United States wants the Islamic Republic of Iran to take its rightful place in the community of nations."

[Peres has a similar message, without the stupid and pathetic suck up to the Islamic Republic, and of course he immediately becomes a War Criminal.]

and we see the crowd here jump in joy! Yet some of them still claim they do not support IRI, that they hate it or whatever.

Funny. ;-)



Obama's lame speech

by Parsipur (not verified) on

Mr. Kashani, I couldn't agree with you more!!! This naive president comes off so miserably weak and misguided, even going so far as to call Iran "the Islamic Republic of Iran," several times, somethin no other US President has ever done! -- all in an effort to lick the filthy asses of the akhunds! How pathetic!!!

For all the Bush-bashing by the leftist loons and the IRI agents, at least when he talked about Iran, he talked directly to the Iranian PEOPLE, but more importantly, he talked about freedom and liberty. This shmuck gets into the White House and what does he do? He directs his messages to the MULLAHS, not the PEOPLE, and not once does he mention freedom or liberty in his message! How pathetic!!!

Obama is indeed the second coming of Jimmy Carter, who was BY FAR the worst US President of the 20th century, not just because he screwed the Iranian nation, but because when he left the White House, there was double-digit unemployment, inflation and interest rates over 20%. And he was the war-monger who gave Saddam Hussein the green light to invade Iran, a war that cost the lives of hundreds of thousands of Iranians!

No, it's not just Republican Presidents who start wars! Johnson started Vietnam! Truman started Korea! Roosevelt got the US into World War II. And that pathetic Carter started the bloody Iran-Iraq war. Who knows, maybe Carter II (Obama) will start another war in Iran???


Another nonsensical post

by KB on

I usually do not bother reading your childish, one dimensional tripe but I made an exception this time because I listened to Obama’s speech.

I am so annoyed with myself for reading your post. You demonstrate all the signs of real ignorance and inferiority complex in your writings.



Farhad jaan

by SamSamIIII on

Noroozet beh shaadi va arezouyeh piroozi Iran-eh raastin .

Best wishes for you & all true Iranians . We shall see the triumph of true Iran over Zahaak once more .

MRX1 , you too pal !






obama meant well

by MRX1 on

problem is he simply does not underestand the psychee of these omati islamo facists. They don't take what obama said as a nice jesture. They simply interpet it as a sign of weekness. it will only make them stronger.


response to Farhad Kashani

by Sherry Safari (not verified) on

I read your article :” Barrack : You Should’ve( or Should??) Bite Your Tongue”
You , Farhad ,seem to be a black-and-white person when it comes to world politics and you do not delve into the gray areas very much. This trait of your personality may very well be because you have a pure heart like many many of us Iranians. Having such transparent mannerism one should not concern himself with the dirty world of politics. Don’t strain yourself in outguessing the convoluted minds of the politicians in Tehran and Washington. The West has now adopted a new policy vis a vis Iran and they are going down on that path. You can re-arrange your vocal chords and nothing will stop that.
Obama was not elected by the people of the US rather by the leaders of the country. He is an American “Khatami” who is going to drag the hope and inspirations of American people for 8 more years. He is a front man just like Agha Mahmood in Iran.

When someone’s mission is over he is removed no matter how powerful he is. Look, you know that during World War II the prime minister of Britain was Churchill. What happened after the war ended? He was kicked out of office because they did not need a war prime minister for post-war era. The same people who installed the Shah and Saddam Hussein to power brought them down when existing political currents necessitated it.
When I was in Germany 2 years ago I got into a discussion with a German whose attitude toward the “feud” between Iran and US was this; he put his foot on the ground and pretended that he was crushing a bug under his shoes. Then he said this to me” We Germans ,who are in the top 5 economic powers of the world, are like a bug under the shoes of Uncle Sam. What the hell do you Iranians think you can to the US?”
Also stop name calling such people like Trita Parsi. I loved his book on the “ Alliance” It could someday come back and bite you somewhere you know what I mean. It is not constructive to treat each other rud



by Q on

Kashani, your time is SO over.

Who is "us" ? You and your dream followers?

Nobody likes Chalabi's be they Iraqi or Iranian. Pack your bags and try France.


It's "should have bitten"

by Anonymous77 (not verified) on

which is why I shan't read the rest of whatever you've written.
you see there is a lot to read on the internet and if you can't write properly, people will switch off unless they are seriously bikar.