Zob Ahan Advances to Asian Championship Semi Finals

by Faramarz

Zob Ahan survived a tough match in South Korea and advances to Asian Club Championship semi finals.

Khalatbari scored a beautiful goal! 

Nice Shomali Guy!


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If I was the line man,

by JavoonDeerooz on

based on what I saw at 2:18 , I would call Iran's goal an offside. It is true that the Iranian off side player was not in the play, but he was close enough.



by Arthimis on

Khalaaghiat Fardi!!!!

That is the beauty of Iranian people and in this case especially manifested itself through few players that lead Khalatbari complete this magical play!!!

Thanks for the great post! These are the very proud and inspiring moments to view for a change...

Free Iran and Iranians.


Ayyyy Ayyyy Mama Cittaaaaaaaaaas

by Doctor X on

Kalatbari is Daa boss. I wish his deal with FC Odokolon never fell through. he deserved to play in europe.


What has size got to with it all???


Nice Analysis

by Mehman on

Fery jan, very good. Now they will have to play with the winner of Arabistan and Qatar game.



by Faramarz on

Zob Ahan looked unprepared for the match. Although they set up camp in the seaside town six days ago and should have been well adjusted to the climate. They gave up a goal early in the game and could been behind by more goals. The main problem was the side defenders who were not getting support from the defensive halfbacks.


The coach made some adjustments in the second half and the game looked tighter. Khalatbary looked dangerous all game long and you could smell a goal.


You are right. He will have a bright future if his size doesn't get in the way. He also has a great attitude!


خلعتبری، دمش گرم!


جواد آقا، امروز صبح خاگینه و نون بربری خورده بودم سر حال بودم! حالا اگه تا ظهر صبر کنی دوباره مگسی میشم!

I watched the game. It was a tough match, but they survived it

Hamsade, there is another S. Korean team in the semis. Al-Shabab of Saudi Arabia and Al- Halal of Ghatar will most likely qualify because they won the first round very easily. I think that Zob Ahan will paly one of the Arab teams







by Mehman on

What a goal by Khalatbari! That guy is one of the best and he will have many things to say in future in the team Melli!

Thanks Faramarz for the post, I missed the game again due to its timing, how did Iran play in the whole game?

hamsade ghadimi

eyval farmarz, thanks for

by hamsade ghadimi on

eyval farmarz, thanks for the post.  who are all the teams in the semi finals?

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Haalam jaa ooomad!


Che ajab Faramarz?!

by Javadagha on

Che ajab Faramarz you posted something positive?  Did you watch the game?  I did and I am very HAPPY an Iranian team won.