A Wild Wedding Party

by Faramarz

This is what happens when you put men in charge of a wedding party!

Happy Valentine's Day!

May all wedding parties be as fun as this one! 


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by Golinedairani on

"چون ايران نباشد تن من مباد" Dash bashiza dushsun..ajahb adamlar var va...


Holy Cow!

by Latina on

What in the world happened at the wedding? How funny that the men just loved the way the men celebrated. LOL

I would stay so far away from this party. LOL


Top Wedding

by divaneh on

This is a top, top wedding. I wish I was there although I am not sure I would come out in one piece out of that dance floor. Thanks for posting Faramarz.


The day after IRI fall out. Maybe?

by Midwesty on

I noticed at least one casulty. Hope the groom made it ok. The TV anchors didn't seem any better.


THIS IS THE BEST WEDDING EVER!! Amen to all weddings like this!

by Anonymouse on

Everything is sacred.



by HollyUSA on

Thanks for the clarification, I wasn't sure what you meant. I agree with you. And wow, you are right about the man pushing the woman out in that scene. What a royal A**.


Holly jan

by Souri on

Thank you. Happy Valentine's Day to you an all.

No matter what's the name ( I believe it must be in Turkey) but from the look of that wedding, it seems to be a society ruled by men, only for men! Did you see how many men were dancing there Vs the number of women? BTW, there was a man (probably the husband) who asked the only woman at the scene to leave. Look more carefully please (minute 0.53/0.54), you will notice that scene.


lezginka dance + Azeri wedding + Russian vodka = this video

by MM on



سکس و حمله قلبی در اقایان


تحقيقات اخير دانشمندان نشان مي دهد خطر حمله قلبي در آقاياني که ٢ بار در هفته سکس دارند نسبت به کساني که يک بار در ماه سکس دارند ٥٠ درصد کمتر است, در واقع سکس منظم به سلانت قلب و عروق کمک شاياني مي کند. محققان هنوز اثر سکس را روي خانم ها بررسي نکرده اند.


Souri jan

by HollyUSA on

Hi. Long time and Happy V Day.

What 'societies' are you referring to? I'm curious.


These men definitively need sex ;-)

by Souri on

In the societies like the one at the video, it is obvious that men get wild after couple of drinks!