A Threat of Protest at Istanbul Meeting!

A Threat of Protest at Istanbul Meeting!
by Faramarz

The P5+1 negotiating team is headed by Catherine Ashton, her top negotiator Helga Schmidt and US State Department's Wendy Sherman. All three have threatened to go nude if the negotiations do not progress!


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Dr. Mohandes

Faramarz jan

by Dr. Mohandes on

Do you happen to have anything to do with this ad saying:

"looking for established men ...Sugar daddy dating" where succeful men meet Torshide Girls?

Sugardaddy ads in IRAN??? Khoda margam!

Would you please give the message that i am already spoken for and taken and not interested. The phone calls are really getting on my nerves!!:)


Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

faramarz, faramarz hemayatat mikonim...

oops...wrong tune. :))

what i meant to say was: In tan kaje....ki mige kaje....madar shoohar...ba to lajeh!!! hala bia das khoshgelaro.


Jenab Framarz

by All-Iranians on

Full Text:


Thank you for your inspirational blog.

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

I just finished reading your take on this whole meeting Bullcrap.

Very interesting and to the point. By the way, Who was that dude who left that Full of specially coded language? I mean how many times has JJ warned people in here: baba Joone abji  hatoon Don't be commenting when you are goddamn drunk or high!!!

Are baba. I have a Khar-parvandeh. Shaffaf maffaf Yokhtoon.

Your hand doesn't ache for the song:)))


جناب فرامرز



با تشکر از تعویض "چلو" با "لبو" ، شعر ما تکمیل و سکسی شد:
نشاندیم بسا کاویانی درفش
به هر جای یک "میس"_  خوش رنگ و بو
سوار ه بر آن اسب_ زیبای رخش
به پختیم کباب و خورشت و لبو

ذره ای ماست و خیار دادیم به او
ناگهان دیدیم ماییم و "میس" زیر پتو
 تا که "میس" گفت آخ و زد جیغ_ بنفش
دعوتش کردیم که نوشد زان سبو

تا که آن می را بخورد و حال کرد
خواند این شعر "هاتف" ، روبرو
 " ای فدای تو هم دل و هم جان
وی نثار رهت هم این و هم آن
از تو ای دوست نگسلم پیوند
ور به تیغم برند بند از بند
که یکی هست و هیچ نیست جز او
وحده لااله الاهو" ...

همه ی ایرانیان 



مرسی مامور




این آهنگ بری باخ رو هم گوش کن و باز بگو امریکا بد جائیه! 




دکتر مهندس




خوب پس چیزهای خوبی رو اونجا بررسی کردی!

ولی تو هم بدتر از من پرونده قطوری تو آژانس داری و با شفاف سازی هم کارت راه نمیوفته!

بیا اینهم یک آهنگ زیبا از احمد آقا به سلامتی آمدنت.




another good one Faramarz

by مآمور on

did some body mentioned( این مرتیکه یک مامور) my name??

oh brother give the business of mamoriet to me not to a stranger!!


I wear an Omega watch

Dr. Mohandes


by Dr. Mohandes on

Howwww are yooou Good ol' budd!!

Ki ssoot zad? ki koor shod??!!!

I vaz beezee teeryying to eesspeereed the meeseg of Feereedom dom dom from IC, veeteen de counteeree... You knows?!

And yes i just got back in town. Man what a meeting we had there. There were babes and babes, I am telling ya, Babezzz...I mean Ash and Those other two started going outta their mind when they saw all their efforts were paying off. At one time She got up and looked straight into ....ehem's eyes and said ... Tell me babe...Who is youu ddaaddy....You want it? come on and Get it!!! ALL THIS while she was waving a whip!

I don't know man. Been having problems connecting to the site since i started using this new, filter buster thingy. Just figured out how to reconfigure it and set it up so it will let me access through IE instead of Firefox. So here i am!

WHat a load of crap. They say that things will get a lot better when we will get the Scrubbed and clean version of the eeenternet!!! now would they friggin' lie to anyone?? LOL.



دکتر مهندس، کجایی لوطی!



خوش آمدی که اینجا در غیبت سوت و کور بود!

نکنه تو هم مشغول مذاکره با گروه چند + ۱ بودی!



by Faramarz on

جناب تماما ایرانی،

بسیار زیبا گفتید و صحبت از دل همه ایرانیان کردید.

با اجازه شما خط آخر رو عوض کردیم و شد:

به پختیم کباب و خورشت و لبو!!!

Dr. Mohandes

Ashton Gone wild??!!

by Dr. Mohandes on

Chakereem Dash Fari:))

Na khabar... Keyfi yakhchidi?:)

You know we just got live images of these honorable and Globally conscientious Genleladies, that once they got the word of cooperation from the Eyeranians in the meeting, they were so ecxcited that they decided to get Hejabified and sing:

da da da...NOW DO YOU LOVE ME....DO YOU LOOOVE me...Noww..that i can dance...Watch me now!!!


استقبال از شعر جناب فرامرز



نشاندیم بس کاویانی درفش
به هر جای یک "میس"_  خوش رنگ و بو
سوار ه بر آن اسب_ زیبای رخش
به پختیم کباب و خورشت و چلو!!!


oon yaroo jaan

by Faramarz on

I am with you my man!

But it is time to negotiate and get along, so check this clip out and work with me to get along!




Oon Yaroo

Faramarz Jaan,

by Oon Yaroo on

This sick guy seems to me is smelling something!?

And he is looking down to see where it's coming from!

These sick nadeed badeed sexually repressed IRR thugs!


شازده عزیز، شراب جان



این بدبخت های ندید بدید واقعا مایه آبرو ریزی هستن!

ولی خوب بقیه ماها جوانان غیور و برومند ایران باید بیشتر زحمات بکشیم و حفظ آبرو کنیم. به قول معروف:

بسی دیت رفتیم در این سال سی

بلوند و لوند و زن پارسی

بیاموختیم به آنان درفش کیان

کباب و خورشت و فرهنگ ایرانیان 

دست همه تون درد نکنه، واقعا که زحمت کشیدین!

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

مردکه هیز پدر سوخته را باش ... خوب مچش را گرفتی‌ آ میرزا فرامرز خان.


با تشکر از شما :) .

Shazde Asdola Mirza

IRI goon is practically undressing the lady diplomat already!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on


Roozbeh Jaan

by Faramarz on

These Islamists are now all cornered and are willing to do whatever they need to do to survive.

I think the US and the European's strategy of sending three women to negotiate with them is rubbing their faces in the mud and telling them, "If you want to deal with us you better learn to deal with women!"

Just Brilliant! But not sure if Trita would approve!



Thank you DK Jaan

by Faramarz on



I am really amused by the pictures of Baroness Ashton and Jalili.

She looks like one of those American or European women that marries a Middle-eastern man, puts on a scarf, learns the language and culture and becomes an obedient wife!

Jalili looks like a confused Muslim man who is fascinated by the western women and sees dating one of them as conquering the west!

The body language in their pictures is so telling. She is standing there completely relaxed and understanding, knowing that men at the end of the day are all the same and all want the same thing!

And he is standing there trying to figure out how to get what he wants without others finding out!


بقول خامنه‌ای دزد و ترسو؛ بمب اتمی‌ مال خر است.


این مرتیکه یک مامور بدبختی که بیشتر نیست. غلط میکنه توافق نکنه. توافق میکنه که هیچی‌،  "حلوای" هر پنج تا ارباب اروپایی و امریکایش  رو هم خواهد خورد، که خدای نکرده رهبر دزد و رئیس جمهور ترسوش آخر و عاقبتشون مثل قذافی نشه.

Darius Kadivar


by Darius Kadivar on

Good One Faramarz Jan