Racism in Iranian Football

Racism in Iranian Football
by Faramarz

The top scorer in Iranian Football League (League Bartar), San’at Naft Abadan forward Fonike Si complained about the racism by opposing Iranian players. The Mali-born player who has been playing in Iran for 3 years discussed the problems in a recent interview.

He stated that although he is a Shia Muslim and understands Farsi, he is still the subject of racism including, “You are black and smelly.”, “Siaahi, Boo Midi!”

Fonike Si was also involved in a Sigheh situation where he is being sued.

Here is the article.


Here is BooShoo BooShoo



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Mohammad Ala

Enough non-sense

by Mohammad Ala on

I am surprised that he has learned to speak Persian which is good for him, but he also has learned to use dirty Persian words which 90 Program showed that he used against Teraktor players.

Every country has racial problems.  For those of who live or work in the Western countries, there are racism there too.  When the doors get closed, one can hear ethnic jokes.

Iranians are Iranians first then Lur, Azeri, and Baluch second.  As a person who speaks several languages and dialects inside Iran, Azeri’s are no saints.  I do not have accent but I know the language, all I can say that they should not complain.

Many African players who came to Iran remained in Iran and married Iranian girls.  They learned the Persian language and are making a living in Iran.  Mr. Sy is no saint as his team mates have reported.


صنعت نفت مسئول پرداخت مهریه بازیکن!



Here is some details about Sigheh/Mehrieh lawsuit.




by UrmuFarzin on

Racism is a real problem in Iran. It is seldom discussed outside of Iranian circles. I'm glad this is coming to light. Iranians who hold on to the ideology of Aryanism are racist not only to foreigners, but their own ethnic minorities, such as calling Azeris "Tork e khar" etc. 

Just check out soccer matches when Tractor Sazi plays away games in Tehran. 

Good for Fonike Si for coming out about this. Let the world know of the disgusting racism pervasive throughout Iranian culture. Then we can actively work towards building a more tolerant society.

Maryam Hojjat

No surprise!

by Maryam Hojjat on

What do you expect from players who called their Iranian turk names.