Osama’s Body Found on Kish Island!


Osama’s Body Found on Kish Island!
by Faramarz

Ahmadinejad was not happy about the way Rahbar had treated him after he dismissed the Information Minister. So he decided to go away and not talk to Rahbar for a while. He ended up on Kish Island on the Persian Gulf with his family for a well-deserved vacation. Rahbar finally called him and they agreed that they needed to get along and save the Regime. Rahbar said that he was willing to show a conciliatory move by going to Kish and bring Ahmadi back!

Ahmadi and Rahbar were all relaxed and sitting at the beach front Hotel Hoseinieh catching some rays and patching things up. Rahbar had taken his robe off and was in his stripped pajamas. Ahmadi wore his Members Only trunks! The wives Zaeefeh and Safiheh were in their stylish French Burkinis playing beach volleyball over in the women’s section of the beach when the Basiji waiter came. He brought two cold virgin piña colada Sandis and placed it on the table and then quietly gave Ahmadi and Rahbar the news.

“Last night the Global Arrogance killed Bin Laden and then in complete adherence with the Islamic tradition put his body in a white coffin and dropped it in the Sea of Eden off the coast of Yemen.”

Ahmadi and Rahbar looked scared. But then they decided to keep face in front of the Basiji waiter and the staff and went for a dip in the shallow waters. After a few minutes of quiet and reflection, Ahmadi saw a white thing floating on the water and coming towards them. “We are in luck Rahbar! Here comes the dinner fresh from the sea!”

As they approached the white floating thing they realized that it was the bullet riddled body of a man with a bottle around his neck. There was a message in the bottle.

“You suckers better be careful now and don’t kill innocent people! You might be next. If I were you, I would sleep with my eyes open!”

Here is Summer Time by Renee Olstead.


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Great Sound Track to your Story

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

Dear Faramaz,   Thanks a lot for adding this great music that so nicely suits your story. A wunderful song by George Gershwin, performed by a great american jazz singer, broadcasted by german TV and posted on Iranian.com.     This is really global culture.


A Few Thank You Notes!

by Faramarz on

I greatly appreciate your funny comments.


This foursome was nothing like Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice!

Real Bites,

I like the way you think!

I am a fan of the Guardian Council doing synchronized dancing in the shallow pool!


I trust IranMilitaryForghoon’s assessment of the IR capability!

Divaneh Jaan,

Sting is the boss!

Ladan was not going to come to the US alive!

It was going to be a circus and a lengthy trial and all kinds of hostage takings to swap for him. The message from Obama from the beginning was Osama is not going to surrender, therefore he was going to be killed in action. Dumping him in the ocean was a quick way of bringing this whole thing to a closure.


We have a dress code here on my blogs!

You may keep your bikini on as long as you have your smile on!


I usually have time to read

by comments on

I usually have time to read Faramarz comments not the blog.  It was so funny welcoming readers!  Am I welcome as well if I keep my burkini on?! :) You funny man.



by divaneh on

That is my new theory. He was too precious to kill and right now is being interrogated somewhere. I think some of the highest ranking individuals in the Saudi Arabia and Pakistan governments are behind the Al Qaeda and Osama is the key to those secrets.

Thanks for the funny story Faramarz but as you see I don't think that bullet riddled body was Osama. And here my choice of alternative music for your story.



supersonic submarine driven

by radius-of-the-persian-cat on

The stories is a really good one (shows the private side of the bastards). But the rather fast move of the coffin from the Gulf-of-Aden to Kish suggests, that one of the recently developed iranian supersonic nanoscale submarines (as presented by FarsNews and kindly brought to our attention by IranMilitaryNews.com) was used here.



by Reality-Bites on

Sorry Framarz, but I'm having a hard time believing this story!

Rahbar's favourite holiday spot has always been Chah Bahar, where he regularly goes snorkelling in his "amaamehs r us" logoed mankini. Or at least it was until Jondollah started killing IRI people in Sistan/Balouchestan.

Rumour has it, now Rahbar prefers snow boarding in Shemshak, followed by the entire Guardians Council members, who invariably end up in snow fights with each other to win the right to line up first behind Rahbar.

Also, Ahmadi doesn't like skinny dipping in the sea, since the short ass can't go more than a few yards in before the water level passes his head and he is forced to do his "aab tani" with "koodakestani" level school kids.


Thanks for ...

by aynak on

"Ahmadi wore his Members Only trunks! The wives Zaeefeh and Safiheh....."

Thanks for sparing us the orgy scene Faramarz, I thought it was going to get nasty :) 

May we all have good dreams.


کیش، کیش مگسینا!


Thank you!

Statira, I always look forward to your comments!


All-Iranians, this nightmare will be over soon.


حیف خاک کیش


حیف خاک کیش که آخوند و آخوند دوست و عرب پرست روی آن خوش گذرانی کنند و . . .


So funny

by statira on

I was laughing my belly out! What imagination!


مرزبان ایرانی


Thanks for your comment and what a great day!


good one faramarz and nice

by IranMarzban on

good one faramarz and nice song :)  





Sun, Sand and Sandis

by Faramarz on

Thanks for reading Azadeh and Anahid!

Anahid Hojjati

How funny Faramarz

by Anahid Hojjati on

Beach Volleyball with Burkini, now that is a good one.

Azadeh Azad

Kish Island, LOL

by Azadeh Azad on

Thanks for this funny story.