Omid Norouzi Wins Gold Medal in Asian Games

Omid Norouzi Wins Gold Medal in Asian Games
by Faramarz

Iranian 60-Kg Greco Roman wrestler, Omid Norouzi wins the gold medal in 2010 Asian Games.
This is the 9th Gold medal for Iran. This victory is significant because he defeated the Olympic champion. Now that the wrestling competitions have started, Iran is looking for several more medals.


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گل خوبی مسعود شجاعی زد!


Thank you Red Wine!

el Goal, el Gashang, el Masoud, el Shojai, el Irani!



by yolanda on

Definitely, more medals are coming.......Iran's v-ball team beat China to advance to the quarterfinal:


Iran's basketball team is defending Asian champion..... they will medal for sure.....

stay tuned....

thank you for the update

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

همین الان مسعود شجاعی گل زد .

اساسونا ۱ - ۰ اسپورتینگ خیخون

ایول طلای ایران،ممنون فرامرز جان