Nekounam Scores 2 Goals

Nekounam Scores 2 Goals
by Faramarz

Great performances by Iranian duo Nekounam and Shojaie as Osasuna destroys Espanyol 4-0.

Nekounam scored two goals and Masoud had one assist.

Salute to the brave and courageous Iranians that made us pride today and every day!


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by Doctor mohandes on

Oh my god that one was funny.


Faramarz, Thanks, Red Wine you are spot on.

by KB on

Great job by Iran's best player/s.

Not every one appreciates intracacies of football(soccer) in top legues. You guys do, I have read your other posts.




by Doctor mohandes on

It is you. I for one , do not see myself on the "edge". definitely u.

Negative comment? so i can not say what i think because it is gonna be thought of as a negative comment???? Okkk! If That makes you come up with the conclusion that i am in a bad mood. Then suite yourself there cowboy.

Should you write... hmm. Gee, I dunno. Do you Have the time ?

Maybe!! By The way: fix what?:))

Dude. All i am saying is that i do not see it worthy of jumping up and down and/or getting excited over two players scoring goals in a regular soccer match. Had it been on the national level, then I would have told you about where my emotional state of my mind was precisely at.

Any other  questions?

ebi amirhosseini

Faramarz jaan

by ebi amirhosseini on

Sepaas for sharing.

Ebi aka Haaji


Dr. Mo.

by Faramarz on

Is it me or all the folks on the site are getting real edgy lately?

I see all these negative comments going back and forth and everyone seems to be in a bad mood!

Should I write about another one of my episodes with the “ehem” and try to cheer people up?

Spring and Norooz are about a month away. Maybe that will fix everything!



by Doctor mohandes on


If beating a number 6 team does not change their overall status and ranking then so what...? But i see how you feel, And don't wanna rain on your parade:)




Don't Give up Dr. Mohandes!

by Faramarz on

They beat the no. 6 team, so that's great and the Iranian guys played well.

I agree with Red Wine that Camacho was too defensive minded. They are no. 5 on the goals allowed and tied for the last place on the goals scored! Hopefully, they will change their style and attack more.


Oh really?

by Doctor mohandes on


So all of a sudden they remembered they had to score some goals here and there! Too little too Late!

Thanks faramarz :)

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

طرفداران اساسونا دلواپس بودند و اندکی‌ دلگیر که مبادا هنوز زود باشد بازی گرفتن مسعود و جواد ! (به خاطر جام آسیا!)

همین امروز عصر فهمدیم که کاماچو را عوض کردند...واقعا جان خوردم اما تشخیص مدیریت تیم شاید تا اندازه یی درست بود،کاماچو بیشتر تیم را دفاعی کرده بود،ولی‌ مندیلیبار (که خودش اینجا بازی میکرده قبلا!) کاملا فرمول بازی را عوض کرده بود... (کاشکی‌ این را آقای قطبی هم می‌دانست!) ایرانی‌ها حالا راحت در جای خودشان بازی خواهند کرد،این را مندیلیبار بعد از بازی گفت.


ممنون از بلاگ فرامرز جان.