Motivating Iraqi Policemen to Fight

by Faramarz

An American soldier is trying to motivate Iraqi policemen to get tough and fight!


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anonymous fish

abbas agha

by anonymous fish on

this would be considered a day at the park if it were the marines... drill instructors are a WHOLE lot 

so what if they're humilitating them a little.  if they want us out of there so bad... start taking care of business.  THAT should be their motivation alone.  the fastest way to get the US out is to get their shit together.  screw being nice to anyone.  yes, it was a huge cluster fuck.  but are you trying to say that NOTHING good came from it?  do you really consider the iraqis that much worse off with americans in iraq? 

in other news, iraq just acquitted tariq aziz.



I put myself in the Iraqi soldier's shoes

by Abbas agha (not verified) on

You have Americans, who have occupied, and hopefully will leave soon.
Then you have those who benefit from chaos in Iraq, agents of foreign regional powers and alike. Those who want it their way or highway. Those who kill innocent civilians in the nme of freedom for Iraq.
Then you have the democratically elected Iraqi government.

I should be looking out for a free and democratic Iraq. I am going to use everybody and everything to achieve that; including American military training.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek


by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

but you're right. This is the military occupation. This is how military works. They don't have psychologically kind and sensitive methods to say "get your ass out there and defend your f**king country!" At the same time, however, do you think Iraqis want to kill each other over Americans? I don't think so. Maybe a few do but not all.

This is war. I'm glad we have youtube at least. People forget what is going on here. Ifyou watch Fox all you hear is "there is progress! Rush Limbaugh: 50 million Muslims are free!" 


F***ing Desperation...LOL

by Majid on

I have a f***ing Idea!

Why don't you call f***ng Bush to get his f***ng a** there and f***ng clear the f***ng mess that he f***ng started just to f***ng finish his f***ng dad's f***ng war?

F***ng desperate huh?

You had no f***ng business to go to that f***ng country to f***g begin with!

NOW....f***ng deal with it! and shut the f**k up!


Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Abbas Agha, an American officer can talk tough to American soldiers. But not to Iraqis who are under occupation. These Iraqis don't have any loyalty or respect for the American forces. Iraqis need to take care of their own business and as long as the Americans are there, they never will.


JJ, No insult intended

by Abbas agha (not verified) on

LOL...they shouldn't take the tone personally.They talk the same way to American soldiers.He's not talking like this, because they are Iraqis.
This is the way drill sergeants talk to soldiers. Common among all military trainers in the world.

Jahanshah Javid


by Jahanshah Javid on

Good luck "motivating". All you are doing is humiliating and insulting them. Yes they are policemen and they should fight crime. But under occupation and a terrible economy, these Iraqis are just glad they have a job to feed their families.

I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek

LOL @ Abbas Agha

by I Have a Crush on Alex Trebek on

not politically correct. but what do you expect? Anyway Abbas if you invade and do the revolution for them after installing the dictators, what do you expect? participation? feeling good about government? Look at Iran! Tikkun nemikhoran for the same reasons.



by Abbas Agha (not verified) on

Motivate the bastards..!