Meet Hossain Geshtapo!

Meet Hossain Geshtapo!
by Faramarz

If you ever wondered what a torturer looks like, here is one!

These are the people that beat up innocent people and keep this Regime in place. They even go to places like Syria and Bahrain and try to spread their venom!

Whenever you say something about the legitimacy of the IR Regime, think about Hossain Geshtapo. Would you ever invite somebody like him to your house for dinner?



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دوست دارم بچه گی های این آقا را مطاله کنم


A great case study!

what goes around will come around ...


Cousin Framarz:

by Bavafa on

 "Would you ever invite somebody like him to your house for dinner?"

Only if he would accept my invitation and I can almost guarantee that some of my dear friends would not want to be left out of that party, not to mention some of our dear members of IC. 

I don't think I would be day-dreaming if I told you, I could even sell tickets and come out positive from throwing such party.  But the pleasure will be all mine and so should the expense of the party.



I had seen this before

by Cost-of-Progress on

and it is as disturbing now as it was then.

These people will torture their own mother for their "cause", to maintain the islamic purity (let me puke first) of a non-arab nation. If that ain't f'ed up, then what is?




Esfand Aashena

The dictator and his goons will suffer for their brutalities.

by Esfand Aashena on

One way or another they'll end up paying for their acts right there and then in Iran.  May they rot in hell right here on earth and during their lifetime.

Everything is sacred