Maziar Bahari on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart


by Faramarz

Maziar Bahari speaks to Jon Stewart about his detension, turture and New Jersey!

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ramin parsa

Jon Stewart is a GRADE-A MORON!

by ramin parsa on

The difference between IRI's Evin and the Shah's Evin is that the Shah's Evin was filled with Islamic terrorists (like Khalkhali, Khameini, Rafsanjani, etc.), Mujahed terrorists and communist traitors who wanted to hand Iran over on a silver platter to mother Russia -- whereas the IRI's Evin is filled with innocent everyday people in the order of Sohrab, Neda and Zahra Kazami. 

Even the NY Times "liberal" journalist (and no fan of the Shah), Elaine Sciolino, in her book, Persian Mirrors, documents the huge difference between the Shah's prisons and the IRI's prisons. One broken man (a marxist), in the book, who was in prison for 8 years under the Shah and also in prison as the IRI began its reign of terror, is quoted as saying that 8 DAYS in the IRI prison was equal in pain, torture and anguish to 8 YEARS in the Shah's prison.

There are more testimonials of this nature in the book, if you care to learn more. Simply put, the officials in the Shah's prisons were, like it or not, professionals who sought information and nothing more. The beasts who run the IRI's prisons actually ENJOY torturing people who don't see the world as they do.

Not to mention that this monumentally ignorant jackass, a Jew no less, whose real name is Jon Leibowitz, actually referred to the "reformed" Hezbollahi, aka, Ebrahim Yazdi, as "a lovely, wonderful man." 

And as a Jew, this ratings whore of a dimwit should know better, but sadly, he likes fame and fortune (read: liberal-leaning ratings) far more than his race and country, and so he sells his soul to left, even though the morally bankrupt left almost always apologizes, and at times, even supports Islamic fascism, the mortal enemies of the Jews. 

Stewart must know better, as he swallows his integrity wholesale, cause he can't be this dumb! And to think... that he's a shinning star in the liberal media, in the position to influence millions of minds all over the world!

"Ebrahim Yazdi is a lovely man," according to Leibowitz, aka, Stewart.





by yolanda on

 I am glad that the guy is out of jail and back to be with his family. He is a very charismatic man!

Delaram Banafsheh (Yolanda)

"Cactus in the Desert"


Very smart

by Abarmard on

and it is obvious that he loves Iran.


DK Jaan, Here is how to embed

by Faramarz on

من معمولا يك قل هو والله ميگم و چند تا فوت ميكنم

بعدش همه چى درست ميشه قدرت ِ خدا

Today, I just posted the link, and somehow it got embeded

It must be JJ doing his magic behind the scene 


Darius Kadivar

Faramarz jaan How do you embed this type of video ?

by Darius Kadivar on

Its not a youtube video so  I was wondering how you managed to embed it here ?

What is the code. Could you email it to me ?





by IRANdokht on

I'd better take advantage of the double posting to say thanks again! :o)



Thanks for the post

by IRANdokht on

Great interview. I am glad to see Maziar is safe, well and in good spirit.

Isn't Daily Show the bestest! :o)