A Man Called Horse


by Faramarz

I saw this article in the paper the other day about a South Carolina man who was arrested for having sex with a horse. Apparently, this wasn't the first time that he had sex with the horse.  He pleaded guilty last year to having sex with the same horse after the owner found him in the same stable. He was then sentenced to probation and placed on the sex offender list. This time the owner got suspicious when she noticed that the horse was acting nervously around people and the hay stacks were arranged differently in the stable!

In Iran, we always heard jokes about sex with the animals. The jokes were usually about some villager, Daahaati, from a far away place having sex with his prized lamb or goat. Also, under the Shah's regime, the high ranking officers had conscripts, the military draftees from villages who worked as servants at their homes. These servants, Gomaashteh, also were known to have sex with the pets. A good friend of mine swears to this day that he saw their Gomaashteh having sex with a mule under a bridge in Shomal! The bridge, Pol e Kookooreh Sar, half way between Chaaloos and Noshahr was a well-known place for young lovers to meet in the evenings! I guess that the guy was carried away by the ambience!

Some religious figures in Iran have issued instructions about having sex with animals. Some of the leading ayatollahs (Marja e Taghleed) have responded to the question; "In the case that there are no women around and a man feels the need to have sex, is it Haraam to make love to a female lion?" And the answer was; "If there are no women around, it is acceptable to have sex with the female lion. But it is Makrooh." If you are not up to date on your Islamic terminology, a Makrooh act is something that you can repent, pay your dues and not end up in hell. In legal terms, it is very similar to a misdemeanor. It can stay on your record for a while, but with good behavior and some community service, you can sponge it. Now, what I really want to see, is the brave guy who is chasing the female lion!

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They should run that horse out of town

by fozolie on

According to the illustrious founder of the glorious Islamic Republic whose religious thesis did address very important issues of bestiality:


"Fatwas warn of that sodomized animals are impure (#86), should be "taken out of the city and sold elsewhere" if a horse or mule (#2631), or burnt if a cow, sheep or camel (#2632)" 

Mr. Fozolie