Khalatbari Gets a Hug from Maradona!

Khalatbari Gets a Hug from Maradona!
by Faramarz

Iranian footballer Mohammad Khalatbari scored a great goal and assisted on the second goal as UAE club al-Wasl beat Sharjah 2-1. Al-Wasl’s coach, Diego Armando Maradona gave Khalatbari a big hug after he scored!

Khalatbari has said that playing for Maradona is like a dream coming true.

Iran will play its final round one World cup qualifier against Qatar on Wednesday February 29th in Tehran.


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Exageration is fun.

by Farfromheaven2002 on

It was a nice warning.  I have to be careful not giving you a hug :)

Come on dears.  Maybe, you both have that special talent (and/or appearance) to stimulate others just by a simple hug.  I really don't think majority including me have that types of talent.

I am on the opposite side of the spectrum I guess.  I have to touch their butts firmly (for couple of hours) if I want to stimulate them by a  hug :)  It's not hug though.



You Know Souri

by Faramarz on

That posting by Tapesh about the girl who fell all over Enrique and then tried to justify it says so much about us Iranians and our culture.

I enjoyed every second of that clip. But I am surprised that it did not get all the attention that it deserved here on IC. Only AO had a really good comment about it.


Na Faramarz jon

by Souri on

man fekr mikonam, inja digeh khoda komak nakard ! pas kam-kari az khodavand motaal boud.....taghsir Khalatbari nazar :)


راست میگی سوری جان


منهم همش نگران بودم که نکنه خلعتبری پیرهنشو در بیاره و سینه شو نشون بده!

ولی چون مرد شمالی و مهجوبیه کار رو با یک بغل خشک و خالی فیصله داد.


It is crazy......

by Souri on

How this Khalatbari is devoid of love and respect for Maradona? Why he didn't fall into Maradaona's arms? Why he didn't fall on Maradona's feet? Ajaba.....


مصاحبه با دختر ایرانی که سال پیش به روی صحنه کنسرت انریکو رفت