Iranians and the Conspiracy Theories

Iranians and the Conspiracy Theories
by Faramarz

Iranians are completely intrigued and consumed by the conspiracy theories. Our usual conversation about the politics and the world affairs generally ends up in saying, “it is all a British or American plot!”

A few nights ago, on Andisheh TV, there was a great discussion about the conspiracy theory in the Iranian psyche by Dr. Farhang Holakouee, one of the foremost authorities in the subject of the Iranian culture, psychology and sociology. In my opinion, at this point, he is the foremost Iranian scholar, intellectual and social icon.

In his analysis, he covered a wide range of items including Machiavelli, Daei Jaan Napoleon, the hostage crisis and the Iranian revolution. Please take the time and see what you think of his analysis.

The first 10 minutes of this clip is also very important. It is an interview by Masih Alinejad (one of my favorites) with a relative of one of the victims of the Iranian Spring.


Here is Black and Magic Woman by Santana



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Inteligent analysis

by MRX on

The man is too inteligent and too logical for Iranian society which is deeply rooted in shiekh o omati psychee.  His statement about his students going to hozieh after school tells it all! reminds of me of the saying "saly ke nekost az baharash peydast"

we can now put aside this wacky lefty rubbish sayings like revolution stolen, the goal was to establish progressive secular society, blah, blah. iT was doomed to fail from the beginning. 

smart people were the ones that could read between the lines, analyze the situation and jumped the ship several years before it with their life and their belongings. 

Mehrdad A

No wonder...

by Mehrdad A on

No wonder most Iranians don't like this guy! He goes right to the heart of the Iranians' cultural insecurity, when they blame everybody for every misery they go through. Dare to say that the revolution was not the work of "khareji," and you are toast. He is just too bold for most of us.


it stands to reason !

by Shemirani on

Thanks Faramarz for sharing it !

Usually i don't watch his "family advices" program because i get bored very quickly, cultural gap or not my cup of tea what ever is it! But this time i liked it !!!!! smart socio analysis everything he said make sense and his pedalogical way to explain things with the simplest example makes his talks cristal clear ! it worth watching  !! and i share his view on conspiracy ! even if it does exist, it can't be succesfull if we don't let it happen ! being aware yes but not staying inactive about it ! our national destiny is in our hands !

ps: when he said most of the students back then (before 79) were running to hozieh after the class, its shows once again that they weren't looking for a secular system like they want us to believe it today after 3 decades !!!!! Did Dr Halokouee ever did a show about our national lying issue ?

ps: his example about 1 second sooner or 1 second later things can lead you in very different direction ... reminds me of a good movie "sliding doors" :D

Shazde Asdola Mirza

Other way to look at it: We Know What Is Really Going On!

by Shazde Asdola Mirza on

Here is a video, to let you dear (but naive) Faramarz on some of the realities of international political intrigues (by the English, Zionists and Freemasons).