Iranian Referee at the Center of Controversies – AFC 2011

Iranian Referee at the Center of Controversies – AFC 2011
by Faramarz

In today’s AFC 2011 match between Japan and Syria, the Iranian officiating crew was at the center of the controversies.

With Japan leading the match 1-0 in the second half, Iranian referee Mohsen Torki called a penalty for Syria and ejected the Japanese goalie while his Iranian linesman called the play offside. Syria tied the game 1-1. A few minutes later the Iranian referee called a penalty for Japan and the 10-man Japan scored and won the match 2-1.

Before the end of the match Mohsen Torki ejected a Syrian play.

At the end of the match, the Iranian officiating crew received major abuse from the Syrian team and their Romanian coach and had to be escorted off the field under the protection of the Qatari police. The Brotherly Love of the Syrians for the Iranians!

All the actions are in the clip.


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The ref was right in both cases

by aynak on


Let me readjust my aynak and look again ..... ok I see better:

Those were both very good and quick decisions.   I think this ref will get to stay in.   Of course AFC is different than Europe and South America and politics is the rule, but if they set the politics of it aside, and if he did not make any mistakes during the game (I only watched this clip and not the whole game), based on these two calls, he should get a call to come back and ref again.   Those looked like very good calls to me.  


May we all have good dreams.

Ali P.

Live with it!

by Ali P. on

Democracy 101:

The referee made the call !

Right or wrong, learn to live with it!



by J.S. on



I wish

by Doctor mohandes on

he would have declared all players from bothi sides in the Off side position, given them a Red card and had them suspended for the rest of the tournoment...

THis syrian team Geeevz meee de keereeppssss...

They can create nice offensive opportunities and it can bite real hard/

Red Wine


by Red Wine on

با سلام به خدمت جناب آقای فرامرز خان

بعد از منوچهر نظری و محمد فنائی،ایران دیگر داور خوب به عرصه فوتبال معرفی‌ نکرده است .

بازی را در کانالهای مختلف مثل همیشه دنبال کردم،اشکال عاصی در کار داوری این آقا در این بود که مکث زیادی کرد در اخراج دروازبان ژاپنی و زیاد از خودش اطمینان خاطر نشان نداد و احتملاً آ اف س این جریان را نادیده نخواهد گرفت علاوه برینکه کار داوری عیبی دیگر نداشت و حتی در پنالتی دوم،اگر تصویر کانال دوبی اسپرت را ببینید،کاملا بازیکن سوری را می‌بینید که بازیکن ژاپنی را از پشت دائم هل میدهد و داور به صحنه نزدیک بود !

ژاپن را زیاد قوی ندیدم،سوریه یک تیم دسته دومی‌ قاره آسیا هست و توانست تا هادی درست نتیجه بگیرد،بازیکنان سوریه بی‌ تجربه بودند،ژاپنیها از آن تیمی که سال قبل به جام جهانی‌ فرستاده بودند بسیار فاصله دارند،اصلا آماده نیستند !

عربستان سعودی حذف شد !

ما هم باید آماده بشویم برای بازی بعدی مقابل کرهٔ شمالی‌ !

عزت زیاد.