Iranian Jogger Missing in Southern California

Iranian Jogger Missing in Southern California
by Faramarz

A search and rescue effort has been launched for Reza Lavasani Dana, 33, visiting from Sweden who went jogging north of Escondido (San Diego County) on Thursday July 15th and never returned.


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Sad News on the Missing Jogger

by Faramarz on

His body was found beneath the thick brush at the bottom of a hill.


Can't help but think something else is going on here

by Escape on

that something else may be going on here.Maybe he was kidnapped (like the scientist) or maybe he is defecting.Maybe he is dead but I'm skeptical when they said on the radio clip (thanks for that link) that someone could not survive the element's for 2 days and calling off the search..? 2 days is nothing..


Search Suspended for Missing Iranian Jogger

by Faramarz on

It doesn't look good at all.


Here is a news clip from today.


Me too

by Escape on

 I hate to say it but about 10 years ago someone got attacked by Lion's down there.I don't know if they even warn people or what.Hopefully he will be found ok soon.

bajenaghe naghi

Faramarz Jan

by bajenaghe naghi on

I pray that this young man is OK and soon will show up.