Iranian-American San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi Suspended

Iranian-American San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi Suspended
by Faramarz

After pleading guilty to misdemeanor charges, SF mayor suspends Mirkarimi.

For those of us who care about this case and follow it closely, here is the latest twist.

Yesterday after the sentencing hearing, San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee gave Iranian-American SF Sheriff 24 hours to resign or get suspended. This afternoon after Mirkarimi refused to resign, he was suspended and a replacement was named by the mayor.

The case will now become a legal matter between the City and Mirkarimi in unchartered legal territories which will mean more legal fees on top of the six figure legal fees that he has already accumulated.

I believe that the people who genuinely care about Ross Mirkarimi and his family should open their hearts and their wallets and contribute to his legal defense.

Here is his tearful pubic apology after his sentencing.




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by Raoul1955 on

Does he refer to himself as Iranian-American?


Some day we'll learn.......

by پندارنیک on

........if they pull us up for their "affirmative action" thing, we can only stay up on our own merit............

Mohammad Ala

Justice ignored for all is justice not served equally to all.

by Mohammad Ala on

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi is accused of bruising his wife’s arm!  Is this worse than what Mr. Clinton did?  Maybe that was office violence not a domestic violence?  Justice ignored for all is justice not served equally to all.

I am against any sort(s) of abuse by both men and women.  However, based on US police reports 90% of men do not report, but 90% of women report the abuses.  Men have been harassed, threatened, and objects thrown at them at home.  The 90% of men tolerate these abuses and do not report them (or if neighbors video tape the incidents, do not turn them to police).

Women reporting abuses dramatically increase in relations to husbands’ wealth and/or fame. 

As a non-believer, I cannot say God is fair, but I would like to say vicious people will be punished eventually and rejected by the community and friends in the long run.




by yolanda on

Thank you for the update! Wow! The guy's personal life and professional life are in shambles! He just finished the litigation, now he lost his job! I hope he can rise from this mess!

Wow! SF is truly culturally diverse! In this case, there are Iranian-American sheriff, Chinese-American mayor, and a Latina victim!

He seems to be very contrite!


P.S. I hope your blog does not get closed this time!

Oon Yaroo

Best wishes to him and his family!

by Oon Yaroo on

Life is full of turns and twists!